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Welcome to the INVESTMAGNATES.COM portal, which is created by traders for traders. We offer you a rating of brokers according to surveys of traders and specialists of the INVESTMAGNATES.COM portal, the best strategies, effective indicators and reliable tools for conducting financial trading.

What are Binary Options? First of all, it is a tool that allows you to determine in advance the size of potential profit, can bring a solid income in the shortest possible time if the trader correctly determines the movement of the market.

Have you just started to be interested in trading opportunities or a professional who has a basic income from binary options trading? Each of you has your own story of coming to trading, your own goals. We are traders just like you, and in this area we see great opportunities for ourselves, we learn, we bet and we win.

We have seen from our own experience that success in trading is, first of all, knowledge of the market and its players, understanding of trading tools, tracking news and the economic situation. It is now difficult to find up-to-date and reliable information on the Internet, so we are opening a large portal with advanced features to help you.


Rating and reviews on binary options brokers

When creating a rating of binary options brokers, the main parameters of brokers, traders’ reviews and our experience, complaints about each of the brokers, as well as regulation and license were taken into account. The quality and reliability of a binary broker is reflected in your results. Therefore, it is very important to choose an honest and trusted broker for trading.


RECOMMENDED Binary Options Brokers


Брокер Бонус Мин. депозит Доходность Регуляция Обзор Открыть счёт



INVESTMAGNATES.COM is useful material, detailed instructions, effective strategies, blogs, reviews, forums and current market news. Here you will find detailed reviews of the tools you need to work on marketplaces. The material about binary options scammers is constantly updated, you can influence the ratings of brokers by leaving a review about the broker.

Become more productive with material about the psychology of binary options trading. The Academy of Traders was created specifically for beginners, the material will increase your level of knowledge, tell you about the basics of trading and market patterns, and gradually immerse you in the fascinating world of trading.

Review of Binary Options Brokers

Брокер Бонус Мин. депозит Доходность Регуляция Обзор Открыть счёт

Your review affects the broker’s rating in the table. Contact us »


The rating is based on a survey of traders, reviews and complaints about the broker’s work. Reviews about the binary options broker are sent to the editors of the site. Negative reviews affect the broker’s position in the rating, up to the transfer to the black list of companies (not recommended binary options brokers)

Are there honest options trading brokers?

The answer is unequivocal. Traders can fall for scammers and lose all their money. Based on this bitter experience, they draw the wrong conclusions about all binary options brokers .

To start earning, we need to be sure that our result depends only on us. If the broker is honest, he will help us make money, since he himself earns from the volume of our trades.

The honesty of a binary broker, for often, can only be learned from experience. Therefore, it is important to read reviews and choose only recommended brokers!

How to start trading binary options?

To start trading, you need to choose a broker from the list. Open a free account (account). Make a deposit and you can start trading. If you don’t have the knowledge, brokers can provide you with training and send you the right materials.

Some brokers offer signals and analytics that will accompany you during trading.


Get an extra bonus and free signals after signing up with a recommended binary options broker

Which binary options broker is reliable?

To define a broker as RELIABLE, we consider several important characteristics of each broker:

  • Technical parameters of the broker – It is important to know that our transactions are displayed on time and our orders to open transactions will always be executed
  • Honesty towards the trader – It is important to check the license and terms of cooperation with the broker before depositing
  • Deposit methods and withdrawal time – the broker must immediately give information on how to withdraw money and how to enter it
  • Traders’ reviews are, in our opinion, the main thing to check when choosing a reliable broker. Read only bad reviews, because good ones are almost always written by the broker himself. If there is a lot of negativity with the same problems, most likely they are real.

How to find the best broker based on reviews?

The main point to start trading binary options is to find a broker. The task of the broker is to provide the trader with the opportunity for fair trading and the security of the trader’s financial assets.
Each trader decides for himself what is important to him from the broker and by what parameters to choose where to trade.

Here you can choose a broker according to the following criteria:

  • Regulation – what license does a binary broker have?
  • Payouts – the payout percentage of bets
  • Bonuses – increase the deposit due to the bonus
  • The minimum deposit is the initial investment amount
  • Minimum bet – risk management
  • Marketplace or Platform

Each binary options broker from the list provides additional tools because. training, webinars, signaling, etc.

Licensed Binary Options Brokers

Binary Options Brokers: Rating and Reviews of TradersIs it important to open an account only with a binary options broker that has a license? There is no definitive answer to this question. Having licenses with a broker does not promise us that this broker will be 100% honest with us. We have seen more than once how brokers who are on our BLACK LIST – having a license, turned out to be not honest with traders. And on the other hand, brokers without a license were honest and withdrew earnings within 24 hours.
Therefore, one of the most important indicators of the honesty of brokers is the reviews left by traders. Read in our blog how to choose and test a broker for trading binary options.

Binary options brokers with a minimum deposit

The choice of a broker by the size of the minimum deposit is very common among novice traders today. At the same time, professionals do not choose a broker according to the size of the initial deposit.

The minimum deposit with a broker depends on: strategy, risk management and the purpose of opening an account.

If your goal is just to get to know the broker, then you can make a minimum deposit. But if you want to make money, you need to choose a broker based on the above parameters.

Getting Started with Binary Options

Even a professional knows that in order to trade successfully, you need to constantly learn and improve your skills. In the library of books on the theory of economics and technical analysis, you can download books online for free. The blog of a professional trader is the answers to the most popular questions: how to withdraw money from a broker, the features of a deposit and a demo account, what to look for when trading, learn how to become a successful trader, improve your skills and earn steadily.

The wide possibilities of the INVESTMAGNATES.COM portal – your reliable assistant, will increase your chances of winning. Want more? Start earning with us!



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