Broker VIPTRADE – a brief description and review

VIPTRADE ( is the first licensed forex broker registered in Georgia (registration number: N 2-19 / 1292 dated April 17, 2018). He has been engaged in brokerage activities since 2016.

Viptrade broker reviews


The Company submits an annual financial report to the National Bank of Georgia, which is posted on its official website in the section “Financial Performance of Brokerage Companies”. Also, since the Georgian legislation in the field of the financial market is fully consistent with the European one, VIPTRADE sends its report to ESMA – the European Securities Market Supervisory Authority. The reports are compiled by the 10 best auditors in Georgia with an international license (rating of forex brokers).

Viptrade Software

The company has acquired a license for the most popular international trading platform Metaquotes MetaTrader 5. Therefore, it can guarantee its traders constant updating of it through updates from the developer and technical support 24/7. In addition to MT5, VIPTRADE has developed its own customer relationship management (CRM) system for more effective interaction with customers.

Feedback on cooperation with

I have been trading forex with VIPTRADE for six months now. There are no comments. A European-level broker, but with a more loyal spread and various commissions. Excellent technical support. Fast and hassle-free deposit and withdrawal of money. Of course, I will continue to work with this broker.

Trader with 4 years of experience Zurabi Gelashvili.

Branches of VIPTRADE

Thanks to honest relationships with its traders and good conditions for them and the availability of a license, VIPTRADE already has more than 300 active traders and several branches. There are five branches in Georgia – three in Tbilisi and one each in Batumi and Kutaisi. All branches have from ten workplaces for traders, halls for training in trading and seminars, recreation areas. Branches have a modern interior of the premises, which contributes to productive work.

In addition to these five branches, VIPTRADE has branches in the following countries – Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Georgian branches operate under a European license, foreign branches operate under an offshore license for the respective country.

Registration in Vipttrade

Traders wishing to work on the trading floors of Georgian branches need to register, which complies with European standards. That is, for this you need to come to one of the Georgian branches or send your passport data certified by a notary there. Traders who do not want to comply with these requirements can register at one of the foreign branches under a simplified procedure.

Feedback on cooperation with the company

I live in Tbilisi. I have been interested in forex for a long time. And then an interview with the head of the first brokerage company in Georgia, VIPTRADE, was shown on television. I immediately highlighted that the company has a European-style license to operate in this market, registered with the National Bank of Georgia. So without any fraud. And this is very relevant now. I came to the nearest branch on Melikishvili Street. Beautiful office, everything is modern. They were warmly greeted and recommended to sign up for free face-to-face trainings. In general, everything is very, very worthy. I have been cooperating with the guys for the fifth month. There is almost no profit, but the main thing is that he did not drain his money. The company says that now the main thing for me is to learn not to lose money, and I will always have time to earn money.

Novice trader Georgi Lomidze.

I live in Kazakhstan. From the advertisement I learned that we had a branch of the Georgian broker VIPTRADE. At first, I was skeptical. Like, where is Georgia, and where is the global financial market. But still decided to analyze the information about this broker. And she convinced me that it was possible to deal with him. There is a license, several branches in Georgia and in other countries. The commission for traders is average. By the way, low commissions are very often a sign of a false broker, that is, a scammer. In short, I took a chance. I registered and transferred $10,000 to my personal account to open a “Regular” trading account. This is their basic trading account. Tell me, a high threshold? And you ask European brokers what are the thresholds. By the way, this once again convinced me that VIPTRADE is a real broker who knows that there is nothing to do with a hundred dollars on Forex. A waste of time. After 8 months, I am glad that I was not mistaken in VIPTRADE.

Trader Igor Suleimenov, Kazakhstan.

Trading accounts

The VIPTRADE broker offers the following trading accounts for its traders:

  • Regular: 10,000 USD, 15% discount, 10% SWAP discount, 10% discount for master class, 30% discount for VIP class.
  • Premium: 25,000 USD, 25% discount, 20% SWAP discount, 20% discount on master class, 40% discount on VIP class.
  • VIP: 50,000 USD, 40% discount, 30% SWAP discount, 40% discount for master class, 50% discount for VIP class.
  • VIP+: 100,000 USD, 60% discount, 40% SWAP discount, 30% commission discount, free master class.
  • Gold: 250,000 USD, 80% discount, 50% SWAP discount, 30% commission discount, VIP class free.
  • Platinum: 500,000 USD, 100% discount, SWAP discount individually, commission discount individually, VIP class free.

This broker allows you to trade on its platforms in two ways:

  • Without their participation, interacting directly with the liquidity provider, that is, working according to the No Dealing Desk option. But in this case, order slippage is not excluded.
  • With its participation, that is, VIPTRADE acts as a liquidity provider for the trader, that is, working according to the Market Maker option. Since VIPTRADE directly controls the process in this case, order slippage is excluded.

The spreads and swaps for all trading options are the same. It should also be noted that, since Georgian trading platforms operate under European law, the leverage averages 1:20. On offshore sites, leverage can be 1:100 and higher.

Feedback on cooperation with Vipttrade

I am satisfied with trading with the VIPTRADE broker. The main thing is that everything is honest, without any scam. Here you will be taught the basics of trading, and if you want, welcome to the master and VIP class. If you doubt your abilities, you can use auto bets. Choose one of the company’s successful traders and automatically repeat the bets after him. At first, I did this – I was afraid to merge my money ineptly. A couple of months of such a regime, I felt confident in my abilities and began to place bets on my own. After a year of cooperation with VIPTRADE, I consider myself a real pro in forex. I am sure that I will always earn my piece of bread and butter now.

Trader Irakli Khevi, Georgia.


Vocational training is VIPTRADE’s strong point. Firstly, a lot of educational literature is available for free. Secondly, free training sessions are conducted, both online and offline. The company also offers master classes and VIP classes. This can be called a trading academy. On them you will hear the most valuable and freshest of the theory and practice of forex trading.

Feedback on cooperation with the company

Before VIPTRADE, I had been trading for 2 years. He did not show particularly outstanding results, but, thank God, he was not in the red either. And then VIPTRADE appeared in my life. The company somehow immediately has to itself. It can be seen that he does not spare money for his advertising, equipping offices, and most importantly, he does not spare time to educate his traders. After taking three free trainings, I was stunned. How many new things I learned for myself. Right wings behind your back have grown! Profits began to grow. I could afford to pay for the master class. If after the trainings I began to feel like a professional, then after the master class I moved to a completely new level. Now forex has truly become my whole professional life. I live by it, it is very interesting for me to do it, and also very profitable!

Trader Oleg Salnikov, Tbilisi.



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