Broker CFT-Partner, reviews of its activities

CFT-Partner ( is a brokerage company registered in an offshore zone. CFT-Partner offers its clients to enter into CFD contracts, trade securities, currencies, precious metals. The company does not have a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. There are problems with withdrawing money from the account.

CFT-Partner is a scam

Broker CFT-Partner, reviews of its activities

CFT-Partner offers its clients to enter into CFD contracts, trade securities, currencies, precious metals.

Lack of licenses

There are no licenses on the CFT-Partner website. In the lists of brokers and forex dealers (rating of forex brokers) published on the website of the Central Bank of Russia, CFT-Partner does not appear.

Geography of CFT Partner audience

According to the service, 100% of visitors to the broker’s website are from Russia.

Traffic to the broker’s website

In January 2020, the attendance of the CFT-Partner website decreased markedly: from 9700 to 2300 people. These are the data of the service.

Addresses in the offshore zone

CFT-Partner is a subsidiary of SharkcatcherLTD and is registered in the Marshall Islands. This state, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), is an offshore zone.

Coincidence of the address of the KTF Partner broker with the addresses of other companies

Other brokerage companies are also registered at the address indicated on the CFT-Partner website: ExoCapital Markets Ltd., Europe Markets, ProfitTrade (binary options scammers).

Clients’ rights in documents

Under the terms of the “Client Agreement”, the company may unilaterally suspend the client’s account. The broker may, “at its sole discretion, close all open positions in the client’s trading account and write off or charge a penalty (equivalent to swap and/or profit) on all transactions currently open and/or previously executed, and reject subsequent requests from the client to cancel the accrual of swaps” (Forex trading is a “fertile ground” for scammers). If the company provided the client with bonuses, then before withdrawing profits, he must work them out in multiple sizes.

How CFTPartner Broker Works with Clients

From customer reviews, it is known that CFT-Partner places tempting ads on social networks. Then employees make calls to potential customers, talk about the benefits of working with the company. To start trading, you need to deposit $250 into your account. After that, the client’s contacts are transferred to a personal analyst who trades instead of the trader using the AnyDesk remote access program. Analysts recommend that clients regularly replenish their trading account by providing details of individuals for transfer. They make a trial withdrawal of funds for $ 100. When it comes to withdrawing larger amounts, the company’s analysts require you to pay a commission, taxes, insurance, which were previously unknown (binary options and forex scammers).

Как вернуть ваши деньги?

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Feedback from the company’s traders

(names have been changed for privacy reasons)

Alina, the total amount of losses is 667,326 rubles.

This story is dedicated to my cooperation with CFT-Partner. Two months ago, the employees of this organization began to call me. Even then, there were problems with money, but I didn’t even think about working with a brokerage firm. They constantly called me and told me about bright prospects and good income thanks to financial trading, but I did not succumb to persuasion. On the Internet, it was already possible to read reviews about CFT-Partner, but, unfortunately, I did not do this.

On June 7, 2019, I received another call from this organization. Then I was returning home after a hard day’s work and got into a traffic jam in which I stood for the second hour. The caller’s name was Yevgeny Petrovsky. He and I talked about life and the opportunities that would open up to me if I agreed. I remembered my children and thought that this was my chance to become a wealthy person. As Eugene said, you need to invest a certain amount, and then you can receive interest on trading. Ultimately, I agreed.

To start trading, you had to identify yourself and get an account number. They sent me documentation by mail, including a declaration. Everything had to be filled. In addition, Eugene dictated the account number during a phone call. I had to transfer $ 250 to it, which I did on June 10, 2019 – 17,736.28 rubles were sent. Unfortunately, now this number cannot be viewed, since in the history of Sberbank Online it is reflected as Q*R3 MoscowRus. The check that I received after the operation was sent to Evgeny Petrovsky by his e-mail ([email protected]). That same day, he called again and said that I was now registered on the platform.

You can log in to your personal account and see your balance. There I really found my funds. The numbers from which I received calls were different from each other each time. They always started with 499, then 3805994, 3809819, 3802139, 3805457… In general, there were a lot of them. On June 17, 2019, I was verified, and Evgeny began to constantly call and offer to buy insurance contracts from Gazprom, Pfizer and Sberbank. As it turned out, it was possible to pay for two contracts of $ 5000, and receive the third as a gift. In total, such an acquisition cost 650,000 rubles. I immediately abandoned all this, since I did not have the required amount. But Eugene constantly put pressure on me, saying that a loan was needed. Everything will be insured, so it will be possible to repay the loan in two months.

Eugene did not want to accept my refusal and began to call every fifteen to thirty minutes. And yet he managed to persuade me to take a loan from Sberbank for 5 years. The total amount is 853,700 rubles (including insurance and interest on the loan). I transferred 650,000 rubles to the bank card of a certain Nadezhda Borisovna D. (Eugene dictated the number by phone). For 2 days, the balance on my account was 17,600 dollars. Eugene supervised all the processes, said what and where to press. Thus, I managed to earn a profit of $2400 and I liked it of course. On June 20, 2019, as usual, under the guidance of Eugene, I made some purchases. At one point, he was distracted, and then he began to accuse me of disrupting the deal. It turns out that instead of the green button, I clicked on the red one. But I remember very well that I didn’t touch anything at all, but just waited for Eugene to give the command to continue.

The money from my balance began to slowly disappear to no one knows where. All I had to do was sit and worry. After that, Eugene began to put pressure not only morally, but also psychologically. With his calls, he took me away from work and important matters. He outlined the prospects for a carefree life for me and my children. All this, of course, subject to taking a second loan, but for a smaller amount – 25,000 rubles. According to Eugene, this was the only way to save the first loan and compensate for all losses. And he managed to persuade me to do it. In the end, I still didn’t see my money. Now I have loans that need to be paid off somehow. And it’s all my fault.

I still have $18,000 on the platform’s balance sheet, which cannot be withdrawn. This is due to the fact that you need to pay income tax first. And not to a tax institution, but to an individual unknown to me. I was required to make this payment, or to continue trading. I was also warned that in the absence of any action on my part, $ 300 would be debited from the balance weekly. I would not have lost so much money if I had found reviews about CFT-Partner in time (is it possible to return money from a broker?).

CFT-Partner payments

Vyacheslav, the amount of losses is 636,660 rubles

My story is about how in six months you can lose more than 600 thousand rubles if you fall into the clutches of scammers such as CFT-Partner. Reviews about them on the network at the beginning of March 2019 were pretty good. But that’s because the company opened shortly before the period when I was actively looking for a side hustle. Naturally, I surfed the Internet. On the VKontakte social network, I came across a contextual advertisement for the Enigma 2 platform for trading in financial markets. I clicked on the link and wanted to register. However, it did not work out. But apparently my data managed to be saved, as the account manager of CFT-Partner got through to me. His name was Vladimir Belov.

The man advised me to trade with his broker. I wanted to give it a try, so I agreed to work with a simple algorithm: I open an account on the platform, send $500 there, and they connect a robot to me. As Vladimir explained, I will always have a modest income. At the start, I was satisfied with it. Therefore, I transferred the amount I needed to my Qiwi wallet on April 2, 2019, and the next day I sent them through Interkassa to an account 79092883121 three amounts: 9779.10, 14,081.91 rubles and 14,081.91 rubles.

After that, the manager immediately suggested that I enter the data into the declaration and be verified in the system. I did all the procedures and this time everything ended correctly. Because Vladimir helped me (his number is 8 (499) 609 14 54) and I submitted all the documents upon request: a passport with a note of registration, a bank statement, a declaration with my signature (which I mentioned above) and even my photo with a passport. Apparently everything was satisfied that they did not even require a receipt for payment of utility bills.

After all the procedures, a trade and investment account was opened in my name. For all the time I worked with the CFT-Partner broker, I transferred 636,600 rubles through the Worldwide Payment system to this account. Translations were carried out exclusively at the request of specialists who worked with me. For example, I gave a remote connection to financial analyst Arthur. It was he who justified the decision to transfer through Worldwide Payment: he said that payments are made without commission and just in time. I’ll immediately clarify on the rest of the translations:

  • to 79660722485 account: 66,660 rubles (May 7, 2019);
  • to 79645981084 account: 165,000 rubles (June 10, 2019);
  • to 79645969218 account: 100,000 rubles (June 25, 2019);
  • To the account 79092883121: 75,000 rubles (June 26, 2019).

As soon as the deposit was replenished with the next amount, I was informed about it within 15 minutes. I checked the balance on the trading and investment account, all the amounts were in place. The calls came from Alexandra Alexandrovna Smirnova (her number is 8 (495) 162-12-08), whom Belov introduced to me on April 5, 2019. According to Vladimir, the woman suited me as a personal mentor, as she was an experienced economist. Everything was arranged in such a way that the CFT-Partner team acts for my benefit. Belov suggested that it is better to build further work under a trust management agreement.

Finally, all the organizational nuances were left behind and we started trading. I withdrew my first small earnings of $ 53 from the site without any problems under the guidance of Alexandra (I did not touch 90 cents, but to be precise, I received $ 53.9 from operations). Economist Smirnova explained various details to me. For example, she said that the trading platform of their company is the brainchild of the French bank Credit Agricole, that is, a branch from St. Petersburg. When I found out this, I wanted to cross paths with her in St. Petersburg in order to get to know her personally. But she immediately indicated that she does not practice such contacts with clients and does not even give out a personal phone number to anyone. I never saw her face, and other employees too: there was not a single photo on social networks and instant messengers. Even in Skype, which Alexandra installed using AnyDesk and logged in under her own name, there was no photo on the avatar.

Here is the woman’s mail: [email protected], [email protected]. When I withdrew 53 dollars, Smirnova did not trade for a whole week, but only complained that there was so little money in my account. And at the same time, the woman asked me to go into debt and still find the money. She saw that I had no progress in this matter, so she offered her help. Alexandra assured me that we could take the amount we needed for a week at the broker’s cash desk and grow my account to $5,000. On April 23, 2019, she did so, because I saw the amount announced earlier on my balance. And after that, no gestures followed. For three days, Alexandra did not open a single position. To all my questions, she replied that she was in the mode of waiting for news in the world economy that would bring us income. By the way, she flooded both my mailbox and Skype with links to all sorts of novelties in the field of finance and changing stock prices. I recalled a treaty that we had not yet concluded. Smirnova explained that lawyers are creating a new version of the document that we will sign, and the outdated one is no longer in use.

After 7 days, the woman was worried about the return of money and began to constantly ask me about them. She kept repeating that in fact she had no right to take money, and if the precedent was revealed, she would be asked to leave the company. I had a normal desire to partially withdraw money from the platform. Trading UBER stock generated income, so I wanted to take $10,000. I created an application, it was accepted on June 11, 2019, but after the holidays, Smirnova stunned me. She told some incredible story. You see, as soon as my application on the platform in the amount of $ 5553 was approved, unknown people tried to hack the payment system and transfer money to another deposit. This incident served to the fact that trading on the platform was suspended for 14 days. Alexandra was very worried about her reputation and was so afraid of being fired that she openly asked me to erase our chats.

She tried to come to my computer through AnyDesk. I didn’t forbid it, I regretted it. Alexandra deleted the entire history in the chats. But I still have our correspondence on my mobile device. To return to trading, I had to transfer my money to a duplicate account. I did not have time to ask whether it was necessary to create an application for this, and Smirnova had already taken the initiative and opened a mirror account herself. She also begged me for money. I deposited 100 thousand rubles there. And I saw $17,148 on the new account, including $15,553.43 credited from the old account.

In August 2019, manager Romanov (I don’t remember his name) said that additional payments needed to be made to cover commissions and 13% taxes on the amount I requested in 5553 dollars. He clarified that it was in his competence to help me with the conclusion. And then, provided that I have $10,000 left in my account, he can trade with me. For some reason, he informed me about the location of the CFT-Partner office in one of the buildings of Moscow City. Then he generally moved out to threats. He said that outstanding tax arrears could lead to the blocking of my trading and investment account. I did not discuss and immediately answered “no”. He offered to deduct 13% from the amount of funds in the account. And he went on vacation.

As soon as I returned, I looked at the platform, and the account was only 45 cents. All the money disappeared somewhere. It turns out that the CFT-Partner broker brazenly robbed me. I tried to take the money on request, they could not transfer and answered something indistinct. And then overnight they leaked the whole bill. I do not give up trying to return the money: every day I dial their support line from various phone numbers, but I have not yet heard real answers. I’m still waiting for a live person to answer me instead of a robot that reports that all operators are busy. By the way, until recently, both Vladimir and Alexandra were invited to the phone after the first mention, and now everything is deaf. No answer, no greetings. It remains to scribble reviews on CFT-Partner that compromise its activities.

KTF Partner transfers to fraudsters' accounts

CFTPartner Card Transaction Confirmation

Julia, the amount of losses is 1,638,945 rubles

I became one of the many victims of scammers on the Internet. We are talking about the so-called CFD trader CFT-Partner, by whose will I lost over 1.6 million rubles. Unfortunately, I paid attention too late to the negative reviews about them on the network. Sometime in June, I saw an ad on Facebook with a photo of Telegram founder Pavel Durov. I came across a link with the address of the brokerage company CFT-Partner. The site described their successes on international exchanges in trading stocks, currencies, and raw materials.

The broker called himself an expert in CFD trading – receiving income when the value of certain assets falls. Only after losing a lot of money, I realized that this is just a scam and a deception of gullible citizens. But it was in the final, and at first I easily left my contacts on the site to contact me. Soon I received a call from a CFT-Partner manager named Andrey Zlatov (mail: [email protected], phones: +7 (499) 875-00-26, +7 (495) 162-12-08). On July 4 and 5, on his advice, I replenished my account several times with 1200, 3000 and 12,000 dollars. The money was transferred from the Sberbank Visa card to the Transcoin deposit and the account of an unspecified individual. I also experimented with withdrawing money in the amount of $ 100. In general, nothing aroused my suspicions: everything was quite correct and civilized.

For a while, I went on vacation and did not follow the situation with CFT-Partner. When I arrived, I could not contact Andrei Zlatov. According to his replacement, Alexei Maryanov, Andrei went abroad. Now Alexei has become my curator, who raised the issue of withdrawing money. Only a month has passed since my registration on the broker’s website, while the contract was signed for three months. I asked a completely logical question: why withdraw funds in this case? According to the manager, this requirement was put forward by Barclays Bank to combat fraudsters and increase customer loyalty. After a written request, my money disappeared from my personal account.

For a while, Martyanov was out of sight. But some woman from the Prague number began to actively call me. On behalf of CFT-Partner, she demanded three contributions. One is turnover tax (13%, about $ 1800), the second is a broker fee of $ 500 and the third is a bank commission of $ 950. It seemed to me incomprehensible why these amounts could not be debited when replenishing the account. The woman said that only the trader has access to the account, and taxes are paid after the withdrawal request. Taking them into account, $19,500 appeared on the deposit at that time.

Martyanov repeated the fate of Zlatov and also evaporated. Allegedly, he went on vacation, said Andrei Bondarenko, my third manager. If I communicated with the previous ones by phone and mail, then I also communicated with this on Skype. He cheerfully stated the need to withdraw money. To do this, using the AnyDesk remote access program, the manager opened a Blockchain wallet for me (for sending and storing electronic money). But in order to use it, I had to pay a fee for activating the wallet in the amount of $ 700. In the line, instead of my $ 21700, there was an amount of $ 22334. The difference was $634, and Bondarenko agreed to reduce the fee to $650. But I refused, because I realized my unenviable role as a wallet for the needs of scammers.

The total amount of my losses amounted to 1,638,945 rubles. Realizing that there was nothing to take from me, the thieves from CFT-Partner closed my account. It’s good that Barclays Bank has preserved the data of my transactions. Perhaps they will be useful for the court. Today, according to reviews, CFT-Partner appears in all blacklists of unscrupulous brokers.

CFT Partner report on the user's card

Victoria, the amount of losses is 372,322 rubles.

July 30 is the day when I made a fatal mistake. It was then that I read on Facebook in a review of CFT-Partner how to earn 13 thousand rubles daily. Then I clicked on the “Find out details” button. After this step, the horrible recruitment of me by phone began. At first, a certain operator Nikita called, number: +7 (499) 609-14-54. Everyone claimed that this was the only company worth cooperating with. There are very fast transactions, partners can be trusted, and so on. After thinking it over, I agreed. I was immediately informed that I needed to transfer $ 250 to the company’s account in order to make sales automatically. On July 30, I received a phone call from a woman who introduced herself as Sophia Voskresenskaya. She recommended using a special program of Ani Desk. I downloaded the platform where all my information was stored. Sophia called me about two or three times a week, and during this time my invested money multiplied daily.

Joy knew no bounds. In early September, the deposited amount of funds increased to 3000 thousand dollars. At this time, Sofia asked to transfer another $ 5000, to which I refused, because at that time there was no money. Then she confidently demanded to make a deposit, taking a loan from the bank. Allegedly, we will work out everything, and we will get 2 times more. She assured me that in a month I would withdraw the money and repay the debt, thereby preventing an increase in interest. Despite such a tempting offer, I still refused. Because of this, Voskresenskaya and I quarreled. transaction history

Seeing an increase in my income on the platform, I was the first to write to her by mail, apologizing for the insults. She, in turn, did the same. After a while, Sofia reported that she had a free amount of money of 5 thousand dollars. She offered to transfer them to my account, taking into account the return of the debt in 10 days. This time I have already agreed. The girl sent me licenses and a contract by e-mail. After scanning them, I signed the papers and sent them in the same way. Even before that, I asked her to teach me how to withdraw funds online. Under her leadership, I withdrew $ 50, so I finally believed. A week later, I needed money, as I had to repay a debt of 400,000 rubles. I already had 350 thousand, so only 50 more were needed. I contacted Voskresenskaya to withdraw the required amount. To my disappointment, she replied that she could not transfer the money until I returned $ 5000. We had a long discussion.

CFT-Partner Istria Transactions

I claimed that she could take the money she earned on the platform, because there were already more than 13 thousand dollars. The girl argued that they could not be removed until the debt was returned. Sophia justified this by the risk of being deceived by me. I was already tense and said that she could also mislead me. This was followed by the answer: “How can you say that? I’m a believer!” After this dispute, I still transferred 300,000 and 55,000 rubles to the cards of two different people. On July 30, there was the first transfer – 17,322 rubles from the card, the recipient of funds was Q*R3. In turn, on 06.09.2019 they sent me 50 dollars, a little more than 3 thousand rubles. On September 12, I sent 300,000 rubles from my bank card to account 5479****9619 (Sh. Anna Petrovna), as well as 55,000 to card 4276****1062 (M. Alexander Sergeevich).

Then I began to have doubts, so I decided to ask for whom and for what purposes I need to transfer money. To this, Voskresenskaya replied that she had withdrawn $ 6900 to my account. To get them, you have to wait a bit. When I opened the transactions, I saw that there was this money that I did not receive either that day or later. I called the hotline at +8 (499) 609-26-64, demanding to connect me with Sofia. All to no avail. After a few calls, they began to be rude and swear. I watched my account on the platform on a daily basis. After my last transfer the next day, he was charged about $6,000 and left with only $555. The moral is that you don’t need to be fooled by wonderful reviews about CFT-Partner. Check carefully and think three times before starting cooperation.

KTF Partner Trader's Transfer Statements

Nikolai, the amount of losses is 504,000 rubles

This unpleasant story began in September. I got a call with a job offer. I was just looking for a source of additional income on the Internet, so I listened carefully to the information. On the other end of the line was analyst Danila Bergman. He represented CFT-Partner, a reputable broker with many satisfied customers. I convey this from the words of Danila, I myself have never heard of such a company. Of course, it was worth being curious about what reviews about CFT-Partner, but this sensible idea came to me too late. Then, without much hesitation, I agreed to try. I pecked at stories about good incomes with minimal effort and risks, who would refuse this.

CFTPartner personal user account

I registered on the trading platform using the link from Danila and then we immediately got down to business. The analyst did not want to be exchanged for small things and offered to invest big. With a deposit of $ 5000 or more, you can enter into profitable commodity transactions and conduct transactions with securities. So he explained his agility to me. Well, the specialist, of course, knows better, I did not argue, but I did not have such money. The pension is only 9000 rubles, what kind of dollar investments are there. Danila offered a way out – to take a loan. I filled out an application. They didn’t give me much, but still approval came. Received 227,000 rubles. Then I also issued a credit card for 84,000 rubles. I added all my modest savings to this money and sent the collected amount to the details received from my broker. The translation was made on September 5. The money was transferred to the card, the number of which is 5479 **** **** 7714. The result was a deposit of $5600.

By and large, Danila managed all my funds. That is, I myself did not decide anything, I gave everything to him at the mercy of. He told me what to do, and I followed all his instructions, I did not open a single transaction on my own initiative. The operations carried out were displayed in my account, so everything was in plain sight and seemed to be without deception. On September 11, I replenished my trading account again. I transferred 195,000 rubles to the broker. The details were already different: the cardholder Anna Petrovna Sharantaeva, number 5479 2700 1044 9619, account 40817810938296184956. I transferred it through the Sberbank cash desk.

CFT Partner transfer to fraudsters' account

We traded until the end of September. Then Danila said that he needed to provide a report on the work done. I should have withdrawn money from the account. And there ran a lot – $ 11,500 or 740,000 rubles. From this amount, it was required to pay income tax in the amount of 13%. It came out 96,000 rubles. Where can I get so much when I’m already head over heels in debt. At the same time, the company’s accountant called me, powdered my brains with clever terms and advised me to take a loan. The same solution was offered by my broker-mentor. On September 27, another call – this time from the analyst himself. He allegedly entered the position and secretly added 66,000 rubles from the security service. I had to get 30,000 rubles. With grief in half, I found the right amount and still sent the money on Friday, September 27. The transfer went from my Sberbank card to the card **** 8882 Raisa Mikhailovna P. a check with the transfer of funds

Danila promised that no later than Monday I would have the full funds. Days passed, but money did not. I tried to get through to Danila – silence. He also does not respond to e-mail. It turns out that I was deceived. Read user CFT-Partner reviews before contacting them. The broker is dishonest (is it possible to return money from the broker?).

CFT-Partner remittance amounts

Ilya, the amount of losses is 500,000 rubles

I succumbed to persuasion and became a CFT-Partner trader, who positioned himself as an online broker. However, instead of receiving the promised profit, I lost half a million rubles. I confirm the opinions and reviews about CFT-Partner – we have financial scammers in front of us. On May 7, 2019, I talked to a previously unknown employee of CFT-Partner. He called and told about the exchange activities, the services provided, and customer loyalty. I replied that I was unlikely to be able to do this on my own, for which I was promised to provide a qualified broker. In the end, I agreed and paid the $250 entry fee.

KTF Partner cheques for transactions

Already on May 14, I replenished my account again at the direction of my curator from CFT-Partner Alexander Filatov (phone 8 (499) 609-26-64). He persuaded him to invest more money and transfer 180 thousand rubles to the card of an unknown individual (her number is 4279 3100 1330 5151). With the help of the AnyDesk remote access program, we opened orders. Sometimes Alexander did it himself, as he had access to my trading account. After a while, Filatov reported some kind of failure in the network. To restore the account, I had to transfer 72,000 rubles. After the money was credited to a private card, my curator promised to return the invested funds to my account. But that never happened.

After a while, Filatov suddenly announced the good news. It turns out that my income has reached $ 10,000, but to receive it you must pay a tax of 88 thousand rubles. I agreed. However, my broker hesitated: according to him, it would be very expensive to withdraw funds, it would be better to close the account. And in general, you need to pay 65 thousand rubles for the translation. This began to alarm me, but I complied with the request. After that, Alexander said that problems arose again and it was necessary to enroll 42,630 rubles.

I fulfilled this requirement, but again I did not see my money. Filatov again reported some difficulties with the withdrawal of my funds, but stressed that CFT-Partner had found a way out of the problem. It consisted in the fact that I would withdraw money through the corporate account of the company. I was required to send “a little”: to send 60,000 rubles in two payments: first 50,000, and then another 10,000, after I finally received my money. After the next tranche in the amount of 50,000 rubles, everyone was gone. More than six months have passed, but neither my broker nor other employees pick up the phone. And they have reasons for this – I lost 500,000 rubles. It is better to learn from the mistakes of others, so it would be necessary to read real reviews about CFT-Partner on the network, which, unfortunately, I did not do.

Alexander, the amount of loss is 194,070 rubles.

Now, reading reviews about the broker CFT-Partner, I understand that I stumbled upon charlatans. Therefore, I also want to share my story. An attempt to earn money led to a loss of 194,070 rubles. I am a pensioner, I receive military seniority, I previously worked in security. The pension is small, but there are a lot of debts, loans, and you have to live on something. I heard that you can also earn income on the Internet, but I didn’t know how to use a PC. I asked my friends to teach me. I immediately started looking for a job and came across the website. They offered a high income and free tuition. I didn’t really understand anything, I left my phone number on the site.

CFTPartner reviews

The call was received on July 25, 2019 from the number +7 (499) 490-65-65. The girl called, said that her name was Diana, and she was ready to tell me about additional earnings. I agreed. She talked a lot, to be honest, I didn’t understand much. I explained to her that I was not a particularly experienced Internet user, so she offered her help. Together we installed AnyDesk on my computer. It allows you to remotely connect to any computer. Then Diana registered me on the company’s website on her own. Then she offered to familiarize herself with the portal, to think for a while. Diana called back the next day. She said that to get started, you need to replenish your trading account and go through verification. I agreed. She independently entered my personal account Sberbank Online through the AnyDesk program and paid 8263 rubles from my card, and then another 8951 rubles. After that, the girl said that a letter about verification should be sent to my mail and I could already start working.

CFT Partner reviews

I received the letter at the beginning of August, on the same day I received a call from a certain Ivan Izmailov. I kept his number – +7 (499) 609-14-54. He introduced himself as my analyst and said that he would help me in everything. We immediately got to work, I learned what’s what, how currency pairs work. The deposit account has grown significantly, it has become even more interesting for me – easy money is tempting. The next day, Ivan called again, said that he needed to make another payment in the amount of $ 1000. I didn’t have money, especially such a large amount, so I immediately refused. Ivan began to persuade me, advised me to take a loan or borrow from friends. Together we tried to get a loan via the Internet, but the bank refused.

Then I decided to try to withdraw money from the site, created a request for withdrawal of $ 250. The application was being processed. The analyst called again and began to talk about forex, how big money is made on it. I refused, after that Ivan was rude to me and hung up. The analyst did not get in touch again. I tried to log in to my account on my own – it worked. But I didn’t have access to trading. I created an application for the withdrawal of another amount – 275 dollars. Several months passed, the money was not withdrawn, I did not receive calls from anyone else. But in October, they still called. This time – a certain Andrei Blagov. He introduced himself as my new analyst. He asked why I hadn’t been trading for such a long time. I replied that I did not have access to transactions. He promised to help. He went to my personal account, looked, then said that additional verification was required. We went through it together. A little later, Andrey said that investments were needed for further work, since there had been no activity on the account for a long time. It was required to deposit $ 1000.

The analyst was able to convince me, my wife and I collected all our savings and replenished the Tinkoff card with them. As it turned out, the brokerage company works with this bank. Therefore, the money could be converted into dollars at 54 rubles. That’s what we did. I sent 54,000 rubles from my Tinkoff credit card to the account of the Sberbank card: 5469520012050357. The owner was Chmyr Tatyana Alexandrovna. The translation was made on October 11, 2019. The next day, Andrew called me again and offered to trade. We made several bets together and made money. Then Blagov suggested that I trade on my own, but at the same time we agreed that more than seven transactions a day could not be made. The next day, Andrew did not call, I decided to trade without him. I managed to earn $28,366. I was delighted and decided to try to withdraw $10,000. But the application again did not progress beyond processing.

The next day, Andrew called, praised me and offered to withdraw all the money, and withdraw the previous applications. I agreed, deleted the old applications and put it on withdrawal. A day later, the application was already approved, but Andrei said that it was necessary to wait for a letter from Barclays Bank. It talked about the need to pay 13% tax. In rubles, the amount was 120,000. I didn’t have that kind of money, Andrei persuaded me, I talked to my wife, and she took out a loan. I made the following transfer to the Sberbank card belonging to Irina Nikolaevna Kalinichenko: 4276520507496855. After that, no one called me for a long time and no money was credited to the account.

The next call came on October 24. The man on the other end of the line introduced himself as David Musaev, an employee of Barclays Bank. He said that $817 is required to be deposited to convert money. This is necessary because Sberbank does not accept currency. At this point, I already knew that I was being scammed, so I refused to deposit funds, and no longer answered calls. I decided to look for a way to return the invested funds. I found a company on the Internet. I worked with Dmitry Nikolaevich, his phone number has been preserved: +7 (985) 267-18-24. I registered on the company’s website, then sent all the necessary documents and paid 6000 rubles for the work. They promised to help, but they quieted down. I think that they also deceived.

On October 28, they called again from the bank, talking about fines for the fact that money was hanging in a transit account. And that you need to deposit 817 dollars. I pretended not to understand well and hung up the phone, after that I did not answer the calls. They still call every day. I don’t know what to do. I wrote this review about CFT-Partner, maybe someone can help me.

Elena, the amount of losses is 850,000 rubles.

On September 9, 2019, while scrolling through the news in the feed of the Instagtam messenger, I came across one post about income via the Internet. I was interested. The announcement was sent to another social network – Telegram. To get the details, you had to follow the link and register. I should immediately look for reviews about CFT-Partner on the Internet (in fact, it was discussed in advertising). But I had never encountered scammers before and did not show vigilance then.

In general, I registered on the resource. The answer came pretty quickly – after 20 minutes I received a call on my phone. The caller introduced himself as Danila Bergman, clarified that he was an analyst. He talked a lot about how easy and profitable it is to make money on the Internet with his company. He recommended that I install the AnyDesk remote access program. And since its service is not available for my phone, this software had to be installed on my computer. I didn’t want to transfer money to an unknown project, so I asked for time to think. But Berman called back on September 10. Interestingly, for some reason, the number was displayed on the screen of my phone not with numbers, but with the word “London”. payout guarantees

Danil said that by the decision of the management of his company, I am provided with special “test” conditions in order to test myself in brokerage rates. $250 was required to open an account. I provided my e-mail address, which was supposed to receive materials for review and training. The next day, when I got home from work, I heard my cell phone ringing again. Bergman was in touch again. He said that the documents should have already been sent to the e-mail. I reminded about the downloaded AnyDesk, and the same evening I used it to transfer money from my Alfa-Bank card to the platform.

The analyst explained that you can buy currency from my account and made the conversion himself. After that, I received an email file with instructions for verifying my account on the platform. It contained all the documents required for verification:

  • civil passport;
  • photo of both sides of the payment bank card.

I have sent the required documents. In the evening of the same day, Bergman received another call. This time he convinced me of the need to increase the capital by another $ 2000. According to him, to acquire a stake in Boeing. For greater persuasiveness, he sent me a profitability calculator. With the help of a remote access program, the analyst again withdrew 250,000 rubles from my card. This money was first converted, then transferred to the trading account. The broker carried out trading operations himself. Reports about them came to me every evening.A month later, my deposit was already $5924. The broker cited these figures in the next report. I could not but rejoice at this circumstance.

A day later, Danil contacted me again by phone. He urged me to replenish the budget with another 450,000 rubles to buy bitcoin and shares of two more companies. By the way, I have never seen their names, I have never heard of these companies. On October 29, 2019, Bergman called and said that I definitely needed to be at my laptop, which I used all the time. I was pleased that we have to withdraw funds from my deposit. At the same time, he explained that I was obliged to pay tax for two amounts: $ 9500 and $ 8900.

And again, through AnyDesk, I transferred 90,000 rubles from my bank card. After that, an application was submitted for withdrawal of funds from the deposit. According to Bergman, it was necessary to transfer another 80,000 rubles to the account for a mirror transaction. On October 30, 2019, I did not receive any funds. The account was never replenished. I still haven’t received a penny. I began to look for information about the company I contacted. At the request of “CFT-Partner reviews”, information was displayed that convinced me that I was a victim of fraud, and the money, apparently, they would not return to me. The total amount of damage is 850,000 rubles.

Alexey, lost – 3 393 000 rubles

I did not come across negative reviews about CFT-Partner, but I came across the company itself by accident. I clicked on the link in Telegram, I thought that this was Durov’s project. In the window that opens, I entered my data. First, a girl called who asked a lot of different questions. I understood: this is how she studied me: what I was, for what purpose I left the application. At the initial stage, in order to check the service for adequacy, I threw $ 250 into the account through the Interkassa system. Then I recruited a new character, introduced himself as Ivan Karasev. He said he was my analyst. He competently built relationships. Under his guidance, I studied the possibilities of the site. He recommended installing AnyDesk, which I did without delay.

CFT Partner reviews

Ivan was emotional about my successes and failures. In one day, he demonstrated the ease of withdrawing funds by transferring $5 from the account to me. Then he proposed a profitable topic. With a business account, he said, earnings will be higher. I pecked. I had a deposit in Sberbank, but if I closed it, then I lost 86 thousand rubles on interest. Ivan persuaded him to do so. According to him, we will return the interest in a short time. He gave me the details, and on May 17 I sent 2.3 million rubles for them. With which he congratulated me.

During our conversations, another detail became clear. You need to make transactions for 50 thousand dollars to get a full-fledged business account. Since much has already been done for this, I agreed. On May 22, I sent 903,000 rubles to the details sent to me. He placed two bets on Amazon stock, each for $20,000. I began to trust him Karasev, we talked a lot on various topics, in addition to trading. On May 31, he received a request for 40,000 rubles to raise his salary at the end of the month. And then he warned that he would disappear for a while. We haven’t spoken since. Ivan stopped responding to messages in the mail.

CFT-Partner reviews

Andrei Zlatov called and warned that Karasev had incorrect calculations. Amazon shares will go down. The new “assistant” offered betting insurance. It will cost, as he said, 5 thousand dollars. He sent me the details, where the name Georgy Eldarovich Mgeliashvili and the amount of 350 thousand rubles were listed. Fortunately, I did not have this money, so after borrowing a little, I sent him 150,000 rubles. Andrew was upset, but insured one bet.

KTF Partner Money Transfers

Shortly before the trip, I thought of withdrawing $27,000 from my account. Andrew wrote off the percentage and gave the go-ahead for the operation. And then the girl called, introduced herself as a bank employee. According to her, in order to withdraw this amount, it was necessary to pay a 6% commission, that is, 1600 dollars. This is supposedly the installation of CFT-Partner. Andrew expressed regret about this. Then I realized that I trusted the swindlers. It was hard to guess. When we corresponded or called each other, they never pressed. They were very attentive. In conclusion, Konstantin Pereverzev called me and offered assistance in withdrawing money for a commission. To get 82,849 dollars, you have to pay 10 thousand dollars. But I didn’t fall for it. I want to publish the phone numbers of these dealers:

  • +7-495-162-12-08;
  • +7-499-380-81-62;
  • +7-499-380-67-41;
  • +7-499-380-61-15;
  • +7-495-181-96-34;
  • +7-499-380-05-33;
  • +7-499-380-77-74;
  • +7-499-380-02-81;
  • +7-499-380-66-28;
  • +7-499-380-86-99;
  • +7-499-380-09-82;
  • +7-499-380-56-49;
  • +7-499-380-95-20.

At the moment, my account is empty, it has 65 cents left. I found myself in a very unpleasant situation, naively lost 3,393,000 rubles. Now I want to give an honest and real review about CFT-Partner. So that they can no longer deceive people.

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