Demo account of the broker Binomo

The company is the operator of brokerage services Binomo, which specializes in the binary segment of exchange trading, provides a number of professional services and technical tools that help non-professional investors achieve high results in options trading. Today, the object of our analysis and evaluation will be the training simulator that the company offers to its customers. We will evaluate the usefulness of the broker’s demo account for online beginners and professionals of online binary options trading, as well as describe the main list of available technical and trading services in this mode of using the company’s platform.

So, a demo account (open) for training and technical processes of binary trading on the Binomo broker service is offered free of charge. To open a demo account, the broker does not require any payments and investments, in addition, the use of the simulator does not oblige the company’s clients to further cooperation, which is a very attractive moment in working with the simulator.

Demo account of the broker Binomo

Open a Binomo demo account

The main advantage of a demo account from this operator is the fact that it is issued as a means of working on the main trading terminal of the company. Thus, novice investors and professional traders get a full range of technical and service capabilities to work in real market conditions. Among the toolkit of the broker’s demo terminal, as well as its service capabilities, the following should be highlighted:

  • A large amount of initial capital of virtual funds – 1000 USD with the possibility of unlimited replenishment of the balance
  • Real market quotes of underlying assets
  • Trading operations using a full set of technical indicators
  • Service of graphical tools for technical analysis
  • Full functionality of trading chart settings – timeframes, scaling, market history
  • Access to the main list of underlying assets
  • The use of a specialized indicator to assess the mood of traders
  • Absolute access to the broker’s auxiliary services: binary options training, analytics and news reviews, a collection of trading strategies

Demo account of the broker Binomo

This functionality is indispensable in the process of obtaining professional skills in binary trading. For the same reason, the company includes a demo account as an integral part of its binary options training system. Training on a virtual account contributes to the growth of the investor’s professionalism in the process of acquiring skills.

For successful and professional data investors, the tool is also the best tool in terms of the service set, which is conceived to be used to build proprietary trading systems, test strategies, as well as analyze and correct errors when working with options.

Open a Binomo demo account

In addition to the direct purpose of the technical simulator, the Binomo broker provides additional opportunities when working in demo mode. We are talking about customer access to tournaments that the company holds on this format of a working account. By taking part in the weekly competition, novice investors can earn initial capital in the form of a prize pool on their skills. Here, in order to receive real trading funds, which, by the way, can be immediately monetized on an electronic wallet, investors need to demonstrate high activity in the market and get the highest possible trading result on virtual funds:

Tournament on a demo account

Thus, when using the demo account of the Binomo broker , the investor receives not only an excellent technical opportunity to work in the binary market and a service for professional growth, but also a good payload in financial terms.



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