Binary Options Trader’s Tools

Trader's tools for binary options

Binary options trading differs from casinos in that decisions are made based on analysis and information. Based on this data, the trader makes a prediction of the behavior of the trading asset.

To predict price behavior, additional tools are used: calendar, charts, economic indicators.

The trader chooses what to use and how to trade. At the same time, there is a generally accepted opinion – trading should be according to a system or strategy.

Here you will find live charts with a full explanation of usage, a calendar of economic news and market hours

Economic Calendar

There are two main types of market analysis – fundamental and technical. Fundamental analysis studies the influence of economic factors on the behavior of trading instruments. Earnings on news trading are based on the analysis of fluctuations as a reaction to the release of news. To do this, you need to get information from the calendar of economic events. In our calendar you will find all the economic news, historical indicators and explanations of the impact of news on trade.


Live charts online

For technical analysis of the market, you will need a chart. The charts show the history of the movement of a trading instrument. One of the main postulates of technical analysis is “History repeats itself”. The analysis of charts takes place with the help of technical analysis indicators.


Working hours of the exchange

Trading volumes depend on the number of trades that traders make in one unit of time. The larger the volume, the greater the volatility and, accordingly, the amplitude of market fluctuations.


Binary Options Traders’ Signals

Trading in financial markets is a very popular type of earnings in our time. Many rely only on themselves, some are looking for the opinions of several more traders.
Get the opinion of traders and make a decision on your own, because only you take responsibility for yourself.

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Fiscal Calendar


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