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Are binary options trading robots able to consistently increase traders’ deposits? Or is it just an illusion of earnings? We will help you figure out what you can trust. We will tell you what they are and whether they will meet the expectations of the players.

Types of Options Robots

The main question when trading is a free or paid robot?

A free robot is often in no way inferior to a paid one, and sometimes has undeniable advantages. The most important advantage is loyalty to its users. Any player can get a robot and evaluate its work on a demo account! To do this, you do not even need to replenish your trading account. You can test the robot, and only then decide whether it suits you or not. It can only be used on exchanges with which the robot can synchronize. Otherwise, it won’t work. Synchronization occurs at the time of registration of the robot.

When it comes to paid robots, unfortunately, you don’t know what to expect when you buy a robot with your money! You can’t know if a trading robot is written to make a developer’s money on buyers, or if it is really able to help the player make money. You are assured of huge profits and a beautiful future. After the purchase, your dreams may dissipate as soon as you realize that the robot is fixated on a primitive indicator, and your balance does not change for the better.

Only a trader is able to write a really working robot, a programmer without knowledge of the financial market can lure money out of a miracle program from gullible traders.

Binary Options Robots - Abi Expert Advisor

Choosing a trading robot

Are you able to learn the basics and basics of financial markets yourself? If yes, then we recommend that you plunge yourself into this industry of earnings without spending money on multiple trials of various programs for profit. Another option is if you don’t have much time to study the market, economics, charts, and economic literature. In this case, we recommend that you seek help from a free binary options bot. It will help you make the right decision in trading.

In the network, their number is not measurable, and it is constantly growing. For example, we have chosen several programs:

  • Algobit
  • Auto Binari EA
  • U-bot
  • Algosniper
  • Robot ELLY
  • Robot for OlympTrade
  • Robin Hood Automated Trading
  • Robot Options iq Option
  • Binary Autobot
  • Robot Rebus Pro
  • Norbert binary robot
  • AutoBinary Robot
  • Option bot
  • Night Bot

The capabilities of most of these robots are to mark time and slowly drain the deposit. This is what most robots on the Internet do. Their task is to show not only losing options, but also some winning ones.

The team of our site has tested many robots on their personal experience. We opted for the Abi Expert Advisor. We can recommend it to you as a free and useful robot. There is a possibility of automatic operation. To work with it, you need to go through a simple registration and choose a broker for synchronization from the proposed list.

Abi Advisor

The Abi robot will be an excellent advisor for players who do not have free time and skills for a detailed analysis of events and graphs of the past day. He will become an unmistakable assistant in a hopeless or confused situation. It will also accurately indicate when it is worth opening an option with the best entry point into the transaction. For a beginner in the world of trading, Abi will be the best robot. He will always be able to help you make the right decision. I leave a link so that you can view and try its work. You can get the Abi binary robot for free HERE.

About the pros and cons of the Abi robot

Let’s describe the main advantages of the Abi bot robot:

  • Automated trading that does not require trader supervision. In the included automatic trading mode, the robot itself analyzes the market and opens trades itself. This will save a lot of time on analyzing the market situation.
  • Trading in semi-automatic mode. You are guided by the signals of the robot, confirm whether the robot should open an option.
  • The opportunity to watch the robot on a demo account.
  • The most accurate signals.
  • Prompt technical support in Russian language.
  • Trading only on the sites of reliable brokers who have the appropriate licenses.
  • There is no need to download a trading bot to your device. The robot’s cabinet opens in your computer’s browser.
  • The exact instructions on the official website of the robot will help you perfectly set up the work of Abi on binary options. It is also possible to adjust the trading parameters based on your wishes.
  • Any user can adapt the robot for themselves by selecting the required expiration time, indicators, trading strategy and assets.
  • The robot’s algorithm contains the best and most advanced trading tools.
  • Predominantly positive reviews about trading with Abi.

To the disadvantages, we can add that Abi is a robot, not a person. And in any case, you need to look after him. It may turn out that he suffers defeats in trading several times in a row. In this case, you should turn it off for a while and try to edit the settings a little. It is also worth taking into account massive economic events, the news of the economic calendar has not been canceled. The market at this time becomes uncontrollable, and even an ideal robot is capable of making mistakes.

The robot is able to make transactions in two modes:

1. Giving accurate signals to the player. The trader makes his own decision. Semi-automatic operation.
2. Independent trading without the participation of the player. Automatic operation.

Brief information on setting up the Abi robot

To get started, you need to create an account on the Abi website. Registration is free and easy.
Not all binary brokers work with the Abi bot. Choose the right broker from the proposed options.

We prefer 24option and uTrader. They are among the best brokers and have a good reputation. There is Russian-speaking technical support. This will greatly simplify the use of the site and save you a lot of time if you encounter problems.

Let’s take the first steps in the settings:
Choose a system for trading: Fibonacci, Martingale, or a classic strategy.

About the pros and cons of the Abi robot

Specify the size of the bet. The minimum bet may vary from broker to broker.
Set the expiration time of the options.

Decide on the maximum number of simultaneous trades. A large number of trades can be set with a large deposit.

You can read more about the settings on the official website of the Abi robot.

Examples of successful trades of the Abi robot

Here are screenshots of successful work with the Abi robot advisor:
screenshots of successful work with the Abi robot advisor
Examples of successful trades of the Abi robot

Learn more about trading strategies

When working with Abi, it will offer you three methods or strategies for the game. We will describe each of them a little:

  • The classical strategy is the most limited system. Uses only the most reliable trading indicators. Trading does not happen often, as the system trades only in very confident situations. This avoids large losses. Most players write in the comments that by trading on this system, investments can be doubled in half a month. To work with the classic system, there is no need for a large initial deposit, unlike the Martingale method. According to multiple studies, it is known that positive transactions are several times ahead of negative ones.
  • The Fibonacci strategy uses Fibonacci levels for trading, hence its name. This system has an advantage when the price has a one-way direction. The robot starts trading in the direction of the trend movement when the desired Fibonacci level is reached. I advise you to choose this system with a constant price movement in one direction.
  • The Martingale strategy is based on a simple mathematical calculation. The Abi robot trades starting from the minimum bet. With winning positions, a new bidding begins with the same bid. In case of losing trades, the lot is doubled until a positive trade occurs. Then the bot carries out a chain of actions from the very beginning. To trade on this method, it is worth monitoring the balance so that the robot can always double the amount with a large number of unsuccessful transactions. But as we noticed, the robot Abi was wrong a maximum of three, four times in a row. With a minimum deposit, this may be enough.

What they say on the Internet

After searching the net, we found a lot of real reviews about the work of the Abi bot. People are satisfied and often share screenshots of their achievements. I will post some of them.

Feedback on the work of the Abi bot

Reviews about the robot Abi




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