Access to the Binarium trading room with a deposit of $100 or more

A fairly large number of binary options brokerage companies today in the market of Russia and the CIS offer their services. Traders naturally identify several companies and share their opinions about brokers on the Internet. Among the best companies, the clear leader is the binary options broker Binarium. Binarium is a broker that was registered in 2012, the first five years of Binarium’s work in the market can be considered quite successful. The number of Binarium traders is growing daily, investors choose the company for its stable and reliable service.

Access to the Binarium trading room with a deposit of $100 or more

Binarium is a service and customer service built on trust

Binarium offers investors a convenient trading platform for trading. The speed of the trading platform is excellent, each transaction on the broker’s site opens without lagging.

For interesting and diverse trading of Binarium clients, a sufficient list of trading assets is presented, there is a choice of currency pairs, indices, commodities, and there is also a list of shares of world famous companies.

For almost a decade, binary options have been known to traders, this trading tool became available to Russian investors after the appearance of the first brokers in the financial market of the Russian Federation.
Binarium positions itself as the first Russian broker, the company offers excellent service for traders at the level of alternative services of foreign companies, but taking into account the wishes of compatriots.

To start trading on the Binarium platform, you don’t need much, first register on the company’s website, then deposit the first amount into a deposit account.

For complete confidence in your abilities, after registration, take some time to study using Binarium materials. The company took care of novice customers, allocating a whole section for materials for self-education. For novice investors and already established clients, the broker has prepared several trading strategies, 6 video lessons and a manual with basic concepts about binary options trading.
Both novice investors and experienced players will also appreciate Binarium’s service – a trading room. This service from Binarium will certainly appeal to every trader.

Trading in the Binarium traders’ room

Every trader understands that opening trades on binary options, although simple, is not quite elementary. Because, before opening an order, you need to analyze the behavior of asset quotes, and not everyone can do this. Binarium traders’ room is a great opportunity to make money with professionals.

In the trading room of Binarium there are not only investors of the company, but also a professional trader of the Binarium broker. Thanks to the analysis and tips from a professional trader, it is much easier to open deals, and most importantly, it is easier to earn amounts.

The company’s investors suggest ideas to each other for buying options, share thoughts and trading ideas.

The traders’ room allows the Binarium investor to see in front of him not only his screen, but also the analyst’s screen.

The company’s clients who are in the trading room receive real-time trading signals from a professional analyst. By opening trades on Binarium trading signals, a trader gets a good chance to invest his money in a knowingly profitable lot. After all, the company’s analyst makes a high-quality technical analysis before generating a signal.

Binarium: how to work competently in the trading room

There are no strict regulations and rules for working in the Binarium trading room. There are only a number of recommendations, for example, follow the messages from the professional trader Binarium in the chat, this will contribute to a timely response and opening the right deal. Pay attention to the strength of trading signals, several stars are indicated next to the trading signal from the analyst, by the number of these designations you can determine how confident the specialist is in the signal.

Investors who have deposited $100 or more into their trading account can become a member of the traders’ room.

Trading signals are a great opportunity for traders to open trades after qualitative analysis. If you decide to trust your money by investing amounts in options based on signals, then remember that signals may not always be true, there are also false ones. That is why you need to invest in transactions wisely, there should not be a rate per transaction with a volume of more than 5%.

Members of the Binarium trading room, without exception, undergo identification before starting work, this is a very quick procedure. To do this, you need to contact Binarium support specialists in the chat on the Binarium website.

In the screenshot below, you can see what the traders’ room is and what the chat messages on the right look like.

Chat messages on the right

On the left in the trading room, you can see the same trading signals from the Binarium analyst.

Trading signals from the Binarium analyst

The screenshots below show the history of trading operations from the Binarium platform of one of the company’s investors.

History of trading operations from the Binarium platform

On the right, we have already paid attention to the chat with the Binarium analyst, where the professional indicates which trading ideas he is considering in the near future.

Signals from the analyst

On the left, you can see a number of trading signals from a specialist. It is not difficult to navigate by Binarium signals. The signal includes the exit time, the asset (index, currency pair, commodity, stock) in short designation, the forecast, the expiration time and the strength of the signal itself.

Expiration time and the strength of the signal itself

To enter the transaction in a timely manner, prepare an option on the broker’s platform even before the signal is released. You need to follow the publications from the trader in the chat.

Follow the publications from the trader in the chat

If you calculate the amount of investment in the transaction according to the rules of financial management, you can be sure that you will not be able to lose the entire deposit if the option is incorrectly predicted.

There are also peculiarities with the values of bets in trades opened by signals from the trading room.

If the trader sees a number of 4 stars, then the rate must be chosen in the amount of up to 3% of the amount on the deposit.

If the trader sees a number of 3 stars or less, then the rate must be chosen in the amount of up to 2% of the amount on the deposit.

If the trader sees the number of 5 stars, then the rate must be chosen in the amount of up to 5% of the amount on the deposit.

How to make a profit from a Binarium account

How to make a profit from a Binarium account

How to make a profit from a Binarium account

It is very easy to withdraw profits from your Binarium account, you need to contact the support specialists on the broker’s website and leave a request for withdrawal.

The screenshot above shows the output to the Webmoney electronic payment system.

The company Binarium (view site) promptly withdraws profits for its customers. Depending on the trading accounts and the method of receiving the amount, the speed of withdrawal of money may vary.



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