A broker that offers traders its own terminal for trading binary options, a demo account, fast withdrawals, etc.

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A company called PocketOption, which operates in the binary options market, started its operations in 2018. It was then that she received a certificate from the RNO “Center for Regulation of Relations in Financial Markets”. If you carefully study the documentation that is publicly available on the site, you will find that the broker’s parent company is registered in the Marshall Islands.

The interface of the pocketoption.com site is offered in 16 languages of the world. In fact, a trader can start his activity on the resource from anywhere in our planet where there is access to the Internet. But the fact that the text of the public offer agreement is set out only in two languages (English and Russian) suggests that the target audience of the binary options broker is also considered to be Russian clients. As far as you can trust PocketOption and whether it is a scam, it is worth figuring it out step by step.
PocketOption Broker Review
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Trading rules with PocketOption

The conditions that the broker offers to its users are quite simple. With careful reading, even a beginner will not get confused in them. Pocket Option has a wide range of assets. Among them are currency (from the most popular on the world market to exotic, including cryptocurrency), raw materials and metals that are in demand on the market (for example, gold, oil) and securities of the most popular organizations in the world (cryptocurrency trading on eto-razvod.ru). The trading rules on the site are clearly described and available in Russian language.

Pocket Option Terms of Transactions

In addition, the owners of the trading platform offer customers to take advantage of the “Free Signals” options, participation in tournaments, as well as a social trading service (binary options signals). It is worth paying tribute to the developers of the site. Its interface is quite simple and easy to navigate. The transaction can be carried out from the very first visit to the pocketoption.com, without exhausting yourself with a long search for information about the functionality of the terminal (success in binary options trading). The broker has also provided for the option when his client may not want to immediately risk his funds, inviting him to try himself in demo mode. You can’t lose your money in it, but at the same time you can get acquainted with the rules of trading, gain invaluable experience and a few key tips that will help you learn how to trade binary options (how to trade binary options).

pocketoption.com Benefits

Pocket Option Trading Platform

Considering the opportunities for trading binary options provided by the company, you can make sure that this is one of the most convenient trading platforms on the market (10 ways to learn how to trade binary options). You can use all its functions without installing additional software on your computer directly in a web browser. In general, all tools are placed on the resource comfortably and intuitively.

Pocket Option Platform
If we compare the program with the offers of competitors, the presence of a wide range of indicators is striking (there are also oscillators available for viewing under the main chart). This helps to see the really important signals about a potentially profitable deal.

Pocket Option allows you to make an in-depth analysis of the situation on the market of certain assets (stocks, currencies, etc.) and even overlay one chart on another in order to predict further price changes. For this function to work correctly, you need a high-quality Internet connection. It is important that this broker offers its clients binary options with different terms of execution under contracts (expiration). It can be 1 minute or 4 hours. This means that you can make not only forward transactions (hedging), trying to neutralize the consequences of price fluctuations, but also try your hand at long-term investments.
Pocket Option Signals
Hedging is usually used by fund managers who, when buying an asset, are insured and purchase an option directed in the opposite direction. Of course, in such a case we are talking about real market option transactions. At the same time, the 4-hour deal available from Pocket Option gives you a chance to try out professional ways to increase capital.
Pocket Option profit from trades

Quotes pocketoption.com

Data on the source of quotations is not disclosed by the broker. In addition, the company clarifies in the terms of use of the site that all kinds of comparisons of this data with other quotes and charts are not accepted for discussion. The players take into account the data that is presented on the pocketoption.com website and it is impossible to challenge them.

Demo account

The advantage of this account is that there is no need for the user to register on the site and verify his personal data. To use the demo account, you just need to switch to the demo version. You need to understand that a demo account makes it possible only to get acquainted with the site, the conditions for its use, but not to fully use it for trading binary options. The user can resort to the services of a guide to the resource, which will tell in a convenient form about how to use it correctly and what tools are provided on it (training in binary options trading).

In this mode, you cannot count on the adequacy of the demonstrated quotes: they are generated spontaneously in random order and only for example. You can verify this by going to the platform, for example, on a day off. Despite the fact that trading is not taking place at this time, the charts will display price changes as if trading was in full swing. You should not use these values when making real transactions, as this may adversely affect the result of the trader’s trading and his assessment of his capabilities.
Pocket Option demo account

Terminal for mobile devices

The presence of a mobile application for any company today is a business card of the project, an indicator of its “advancement”. Pocket Option has developed its user-friendly mobile online trading application for devices running on iOS and Android operating systems. It is freely available for download on the Google Play and App Store marketplaces. The application offers an adapted platform for comfortable work with the market on tablets and smartphones.

pocketoption.com mobile app

Bonuses from Pocket Option

Various bonuses and privileges become available to customers of the platform immediately after the first deposit (the best bonuses in binary options). Thanks to them, you can build up your trading potential well. True, only beginners can double the size of their account. The more intense the user’s activity on the resource, the more profitable the rewards from the broker become.

Account replenishment and withdrawal of funds

You can transfer money to your virtual account in the most popular ways:

  • bank cards;
  • transfer from a bank account;
  • transfers through popular mobile operators (MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Tele2);
  • e-wallets (Yandex, Qiwi, WebMoney);
  • cryptocurrencies.

As a rule, there are no problems with replenishment of the account, the payment is credited automatically, but if something still did not work out, then it is possible to transfer money manually. To do this, you will need detailed information about the payment made and contacting the PocketOption support service. The required minimum for replenishment is 50 US dollars. Information about the mechanism for cashing out funds is reflected in the terms of the public offer. This process takes place exclusively in manual mode and it takes 3 days (only working days are counted). The maximum period is two weeks. If the process is delayed, the user is notified. You can withdraw at least 10 US dollars. An important point: money is withdrawn in the same way as it is credited to the account.

Traders’ reviews of Pocket Option

To form your initial opinion about the binary options platform, it is worth reading on the net what other users write about it. As for Pocket Option, impressions of the broker can be found both sharply positive and sharply negative. Complaints have, as a rule, similar content and indicate the same reasons for dissatisfaction with the system, for example, banning an account when trying to cash out income.

Clients complain about the many nuances for the implementation of this operation. For example, too many supporting documents. If you take a critical approach to such reviews, it is obvious that none of them refers to the broker’s violation of at least one of the clauses of the “Terms of Use of the resource”. There are quite a lot of positive reviews about the work of the PocketOption broker and they are all similar to each other: long-term cooperation, ease of cashing out money, quick learning to use the terminal in comparison with other similar sites.

Broker Regulator

The company’s ability to engage in brokerage activities is secured by a certificate of conformity. The document was issued by the Center for Regulation of Relations in Financial Markets under the number RU 0395 AA Vv0124. This is a non-profit organization and it should be borne in mind that if ambiguous moments arise in the course of working on a virtual platform, you can contact this company for help. It is important to know that the FMRC is not authorized to bring to any kind of liability a company operating in Russia, but registered abroad.

Rules for cooperation with pocketoption.com

The broker-trader relationship on this resource is established by the rules reflected in the User Agreement. After reading it, you can find answers to questions about how to behave in a particular controversial situation. The presence of this document does not exclude the emergence of a situation in which an individual approach to resolving the issue will be necessary. When studying the agreement on the pocketoption.com website, which is a public offer agreement, it is worth paying attention to a number of points. The company warns that it claims the right to request documents from the user that can confirm his identity, provide information about financial and economic activities. What kind of documents these can be, none of the paragraphs is specified.

Pocket Option User Agreement
Each client should have at his disposal only one single account for trading activities on the PocketOption platform. Any attempt to violate this rule leads to termination of the contract and zeroing of the account. This applies to both individuals and legal entities.

PocketOption account for trading

The agreement deals in particular detail with the rules of trade. It is indicated that in the process of trading, the company uses exclusively its sources of quotes. For a simple trader, this means that the price fluctuations reflected on this resource may differ from those presented on the real exchange.

Pocket Option Quotes

The owner of the resource suppresses all attempts by traders to carry out fraudulent actions. For obscure reasons, hedging of transactions (in other words, risk insurance) is also included in such actions. Speculation on bonuses, trading in collusion with other users is also not allowed. If the broker has doubts about the client’s account and the “purity” of his activities, this threatens to reset the account, terminate the contractual relationship and ban the account.

PocketOption scam

The same sanctions threaten clients in cases of “unfair attitude” towards the broker company. These include insults and unflattering statements about the company and its employees, blackmail attempts, false and negative information disseminated about the company. That is, the company openly announces that it is ready to ban anyone who writes a negative review about the experience of cooperation with it. It sounds ambiguous.

pocketoption.com termination of the contract

The company warns that at any time it may prohibit the user from copying the transactions of other players if it suddenly turns out that he is trying to speculate on small volumes (with a bet amount of less than one US dollar).

Pocket Option: a ban on copying trades

Special attention should be paid to paragraph 4, which refers to the formula by which the price used in the purchase and sale transaction is calculated. In addition, in accordance with it, transactions for opening and closing contracts take place. It should be noted that the principle that PocketOption demonstrates also differs from the generally accepted one in the field of brokerage services. This means that traditional approaches to predicting price fluctuations cannot be used to work with this platform.

Pocket Option Prediction

PocketOption does not hide the fact that the size of the bonus in case of a positive outcome of the transaction is not a constant value. In each case, the company approaches this issue individually. The client can see the interest for payment only at the time of the transaction and there is no guarantee that they will be equal to the originally declared indicator. This gives reason to believe that all the terms of transactions can be interpreted in two ways and as a result they will be in the hands, first of all, to the broker, and not to the client.

Pocket Option Premium

Clause 5 of the company protects itself from liability for maintaining the correctness of the transaction price in the event of failures in the operation of the resource software.

Pocket Option Responsibility

Is PocketOption a scam and a scammer?

Despite the fact that the resource appeared on the brokerage market not so long ago, it should be recognized: it provides customers with a lot of offers to generate income from binary options. A well-designed interface of the resource, a lot of ways to deposit and withdraw money, a demo version of the account, the presence of a mobile application: all this speaks in favor of the PocketOption broker. This resource has done a good job of becoming competitive in the market. In particular, it provided an opportunity to learn the basics of trading on digital options and introduces the client to market analytics.

As for the specifics of the relationship with the trader, Pocket Option leaves some questions here. The company does not disclose data on the sources of quotations and a number of other points, recalling that the broker has many options for how to “get rid” of the client in case of emergency. In this case, it is enough for the company to point out the suspicion of an attempt at fraudulent actions or to set an uncompetitive quote that will lead the client to a loss. Does this categorically say that PocketOption is a scam? More likely no than yes. After all, even those brokers who are officially registered in Russia, while maintaining trade secrets, do not disclose data on their quotes. It is worth remembering that this type of income generation is always risky. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, you should carefully study the contract and consider all its points from a critical point of view.

It is important to understand that the company carefully monitors all the actions of the client within the resource. It is impossible to ignore the fact that most of the reviews about the activities of PocketOption on the network are positive. And this inspires confidence in the broker, as well as the fact that there is regulation on the resource. In many ways, all this gives the trader hope that the activity on this site is protected and does not pose a danger in the form of disclosure of information or theft of funds invested in the account. The company still has a lot of opportunities to prove itself in the brokerage market and it clearly has the potential for this.


The digital options market today is quite a popular platform for generating income. In many ways, the reason for this is a simple scheme of work. In order to start earning, you do not need to have any serious training, it is enough to have a gadget connected to the Internet and the necessary minimum of funds for the initial replenishment of the account. PocketOption is a new name in the Russian brokerage market. The company is ready to offer many opportunities for a trader to earn income by investing in options. Is it worth relying entirely on this broker, and how will it perform with users? It’s not an easy question. One can only hope that the application for success, which the company demonstrates to date, will meet the expectations of traders and achieve great success in the options market.




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