How did I become a successful trader or why options trading?

Olga’s success story, 32 years old, Yekaterinburg

Hello! Probably, my success story is typical and there are many of them on the Internet, but I have long wanted to talk about it and finally decided to send it to this portal to tell you the whole truth about options. I’ll start from the beginning.

My name is Olga, I am 32 years old, I live in Yekaterinburg, I have a red diploma of higher education and have been working as a trader for 2 years. How did it happen and how did I come to options?

When I was at university, I always thought that it was enough to have education and work experience, and it would not be difficult to find a job. When I finished my studies and received the long-awaited red crust, it seemed that I could handle everything. I was looking for a job (by profession I am an advertising specialist, a PR specialist), I tried myself in new areas, for example, as a journalist, proofreader, and promoted sites on the Internet. I kept quitting my job, looking for something again, at first I wanted an interesting job to live on, then I realized that a salary is also important to me. I was looking for and quitting my next job until I was 27 years old.

And when this date came, I began to have some kind of crisis, I thought that I would not achieve anything, I could not do anything and I was not interested. Then I was sure that I would become a housewife, just my husband and I planned a child. After giving birth to him and trying to return to the search for work, I eventually realized that I had lost my professional suitability and it would be very difficult for me, I could only be an office manager.

Then began a boom in work on the Internet, freelancing. I became interested in this, began to sort out suitable ways of earning money (writing texts, reviews, proofreading), but all this did not motivate me to work because of the low wages. And although the idea of remote work inspired me, at the age of 30 I realized that I was left behind. What to do? I advise you not to lose heart and always search.

Quite by accident, I saw an advertisement about remote earnings using options trading. It became interesting, I went to a bright site, where they talked about trading and its capabilities and that I, it turns out, can influence my income myself. It was something new, scary, but very interesting, and I took a chance, began to study the topic, try to trade, and over time everything began to work out, little by little, but it turned out.

Now, after 2 years, I understand that I did everything right, looked for myself in something new, reached some level of success. I can afford to buy my son what he wants, I can fly to the sea and much more. I am glad that everything turned out this way and I want to tell you about my secrets, which may help you find your way in life, or maybe vice versa, you will not believe me, so judge for yourself.

Binary options are reliable and affordable

Yes, I chose binary options trading because this activity is certified and safe. Of course, I was scared, especially from the constant warnings about the riskiness of transactions. And yet, for some reason, I wanted to figure it out, study the principle of the market, get the first, at least small, but income.

I studied the sites for a long time, wrote down something useful, studied the ratings of brokers, read a lot of reviews, tried to trade again and again. Trading, as it turned out, is also affordable: I didn’t need money to learn and get started. Only when opening a real account, I transferred funds to a deposit.

The principle of trading in options is simple and understandable, I think everyone – these are transactions on the stock exchange that take place online. Market participants, such as traders, should determine the forecast of the movement of the asset’s quote (this is a currency, stocks), and indicate this forecast in the form of a bet: down or up. By correctly predicting it, you get money, which you can then withdraw from your account to the card and spend as you wish. As you can see, it sounds simple, but there are subtleties here.

Why do I work with Olympus Trade?

When you start getting acquainted with options, the first thing you need to do is decide on the broker with whom you will trade on the site. There are a lot of brokers, there are popular ones, there are less well-known ones. I admit that it was your reviews that helped me decide.

I immediately realized for myself that I would choose a site with a good rating and a minimum of negativity. This turned out to be Olympus Trade (you can go to the broker’s website here). It was important for me to find the platform to which I could transfer a comfortable amount to start trading, because at first I was scared.

Why do I work with Olympus Trade?

Olympus Trade has an initial deposit of 350 rubles – the amount is lifting for me, and I was not so scared of losing it. The minimum bid that you make to participate in the auction is 30 rubles, generally a penny, bread is more expensive. On the main page of its website, the broker promised profitability of up to 90%, in general, and this fact was interesting to me. What else can I say about this company: this is the availability of support in Russian language, a convenient personal account and the platform itself, many ways to both deposit and withdraw money, promotions, training materials:

Olimp Trade has a convenient trading terminal

A demo account is a necessity

Yes, I agree with this fact. It is necessary to start trading options only with practice. Most brokers offer a demo account. Having registered with Olympus Trade, I immediately received a free demo account with a virtual $ 10,000 and on the same evening, as I remember, I began to try to trade. My first results were not very positive, but that didn’t stop me from exploring the market opportunities further. So, it turned out that many tools can affect the effectiveness of my transactions: indicators and strategies of varying complexity.

I tried my hand at technical analysis, studied indicators in the MetaTrader 4 platform (download). After working for a little over a week on a demo account, I felt confident in my abilities and decided to move on. I opened a real account, which turned out to be done with my broker very quickly and began my real journey as a trader based on mistakes and victories.

What to do next?

This is also a question that is strategic for me. Stopping at the first victories was not my option, and again I set a goal to earn more, to try the possibilities of long-term trading. Also, most portals advise you to always look for a strategy that would bring you a good income and cover all expenses. That’s what I did, tried strategies that are suitable for beginners, watched something more complicated. Now I have a set of tools that I trust more (for example, these are Stochastic, MACD, Alligator , etc.).

Look for your way to make money

Look for the opportunity to earn money that will bring you the right amount of money, and will bring pleasure from the process. That’s why I’ve been in trading for so long and I’m not going to stop. Options aren’t just up-and-down bets, it’s much more for me. I am looking for new profitable strategies to reach my highs again and again.

I want to tell you about one profitable strategy that I use often, and which brings me good results. It is simple, gives clear signals and will definitely help you get a good income.

Bollinger Bands Strategy

Bollinger Bands is a popular indicator, primarily because it clearly defines the dynamics and direction of the market. I chose it for trading because it is easy to use, its signals are quite easy to interpret. Strategy yield: more than 75%.

How I work:

I go to the website of the broker Olympus Trade. I add the Bollinger Bands indicator to the price chart. It is convenient that you can set your settings, but here I leave the standard indicators:

On the Olympus Trade website, I add Bollinger Bands to the chart

Now the graph looks like this. For a convenient search for signals, I work on a candlestick chart:

For convenient search of signals in Olympus Trade, I work on a candlestick chart

Then it remains only to find signals, which is done very simply.

Buying a CALL option

I buy call options when the bottom line of the Bands crosses the price chart. An important reference point here is that the color of the bar has changed from red to green, this is an indicator of a trend change to an upward one:

I buy call options when the bottom line of the Bollinger Bands crosses the chart

Buying a PCI option

I do the same when buying a PUT option: the upper line of the Bands should cross the price chart, the color of the bar has changed again, we observe a change in the trend to a downward one:

Buying a PCI Option Using Bollinger Signals

What are my goals now?

Now I’m 32, and I consider myself a mother and a successful businesswoman who can afford a lot. Now I have a serious but achievable goal: I am raising money to buy a car and a family vacation this fall. That’s one goal.

Another goal is to develop my trading capabilities, I look at new books, look at strategies, read reviews. If you want to change your life too, I think there’s nothing stopping you from trying options trading. Look for something interesting for you, believe in yourself and change your life.


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