Binary options “10 minutes”

What are 10 Minute Binary Options?

Binary options trading is popular today. There are more and more of those who are looking for ways to earn extra money, anyone can learn the basics of trading, the basic tools are freely available, and you can get income in a minute. So, among professional market players and especially beginners, express expiration is especially popular. By setting an expiration time of 60 seconds when trading options, a trader can, in case of a positive outcome, receive income in a minute.

“10 minutes” options are a type of short-term expiration that can bring income in 10 minutes. Intraday expirations allow you to find out the results of the forecast in the very near future. In addition, they are applied in high-frequency trading, which allows you to give a good income in just a few hours, which you would achieve by trading for several weeks. One of the advantages of this expiration is that you need a minimum deposit amount to trade.

Such expiration is popular not only among beginners in trading, but also among professional market players, who are also attracted by the possibility of quick income. There are many traders who like the feeling of increased risk and excitement, they choose short-term expirations for intensive trading. Despite the fact that fast trading is similar to a lottery, its outcome can be predicted by applying special strategies and referring to indicator data.

What time to trade 10 minutes options

The peculiarity of binary options trading is that you yourself can choose a convenient time for trading, this will be influenced by your strategy, the choice of instruments. And yet, traders, based on their experience, do not recommend trading short-term options during periods of important news, when the exchanges open after the weekend, with a flat state of the market (a market with a very slow movement), which is observed in the early morning and late evening (Moscow time). Such tense periods do not have the best effect on short-term trading, characterized by sharp price drops and jumps, the dynamics of which are difficult to predict.

Also, the schedule of the trading day will help you find a convenient and profitable trading time for you:

  • The trading day starts from the eastern part of the hemisphere (Australia-Japan; from 02: 00-12:00 Moscow time)
  • Then the Asian region enters the auction (04:00-13:00 Moscow time)
  • The baton of the trading day is taken by Europe (09:00-17:00 Moscow time)
  • The end of the working trading day takes place in the United States (17:00-02:00 Moscow time).

The most active period for transactions will be from 09:00 to 13.00, from 16:00 to 18:00 Moscow time.

Advantages of short-term options

  • The main advantage is the ability to easily and quickly generate income,
  • It is possible to make money with an unlimited number of trades,
  • High profitability,
  • Minimum investment and low threshold for entry into trade,
  • Fast deposit payments,
  • Improving the trader’s experience.

Disadvantages of short-term options

  • This is one of the riskiest and most unpredictable ways to trade,
  • It is almost impossible to predict the dynamics of the market,
  • It is almost impossible to apply the data of the main economic factors when forecasting,
  • Market noise that makes it difficult to see high-quality signals,
  • A great chance to stay “in the red”.

Risk management during short-term trading

Rules aimed at reducing losses in short-term trading:

  1. It is necessary to exclude emotions and force majeure,
  2. Start getting acquainted with options by working on a demo account,
  3. Choose a reliable broker by studying the ratings of brokers,
  4. The maximum number of losses per transaction should be no more than 5%,
  5. Capital should not be borrowed, it is psychologically calmer to work with your money.
  6. Do not trade during unstable periods of the market (the release of important news, for example),
  7. It is not necessary to recoup in the event of a series of losses. Exit the market after 3 unprofitable trades,
  8. Keep a trader’s diary with trading results, record profits and expenses.

10 Minute Binary Options Strategies

Technical analysis. That is, using the behavior of oscillators to accurately determine the dynamics of the trend. Most often, traders work with the charts of the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal (download), the advantages of which are: accessibility, a large database of tools for the trader, the ability to install the necessary oscillators in the terminal.

News. Such binary options strategies are based on the analysis of market dynamics by influencing economic events on it. Based on the materials of the news calendar, options trading participants determine the price movement.

Trend. The trend is the direction of price movement. Such trading in the direction of the trend is one of the most popular among traders, since it allows you to clearly define signals using strategies and indicators and earn a good income on it. And yet, this is a rather complex trading strategy, because Inside the trend, most often there are a lot of price fluctuations and oscillators will help remove false signals.

Rules for trading binary options “10 minutes”

  • Be aware of price noise and check the data with indicators.
  • Always learn new tools, test new strategies.
  • If you want to achieve a stable income from trading, set yourself up for mastering a new profession, where analysis plays an important role.
  • Trade on the trend.
  • Observe discipline and self-discipline. Tune in, when you start the trading platform, for a working day.
  • Do not forget about the basics of money management: trade with investment minimums, do not bet on the entire deposit, exclude emotions. So, you will save your money.
  • Do not trade impulsively (according to the “what if you’re lucky” method), which will eliminate risks.

Trading binary options “10 minutes” with the broker Finmax

In order for 10 Minutes options trading to be productive, work with a trusted broker Finmax. The platform of this broker is distinguished by a convenient and comfortable personal account, the availability of the tools necessary for a trader, a large selection of options, expiration dates, and quick withdrawal of funds. To get your first income, you only need to prepare an option, and it doesn’t take long. You can see what the workspace of the site looks like by going to the website:

Binary options

To buy a CALL option in the Finmax terminal, do the following:

1. Go to the broker’s website and prepare an option by specifying:
2. Asset
3. Expiration
4. Bet size
5. Forecast of quote movement: UP
6. Click the “buy” button and wait for the results of the forecast.

Take advantage of the upward trend of the market at the Finmax broker

To buy a PCI option in the Finmax terminal, do the following:

1. Go to the broker’s website and prepare an option by specifying:
2. Asset
3. Expiration
4. Bet size
5. Forecast of quote movement: DOWN
6. Click the “buy” button and wait for the results of the forecast.

Take advantage of the downward trend of the market at the Finmax broker


Trading binary options “10 minutes” is one of the most profitable and popular among traders. In order to get the most out of such trading, always remember the risks, strategies, and the use of oscillators. The effectiveness of such an expiration is also affected by which broker you work with.



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