Review of the broker Paladium Trade: reviews and activities

Paladium Trade ( is a trademark and property of the international company Hill Royal Ltd. It offers its clients to trade currency pairs and invest in CFDs.

Review of the broker PaladiumTrade reviews of traders

Review of the broker Paladium Trade: reviews, activities

License Validation

In the lists of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation of trustees, forex dealers (rating of forex brokers), licensed brokers, the name of the company is absent.

Geography of the audience

According to the website, 100% of traffic comes from Russia.

Website traffic

In December, attendance increased by 249% compared to previous months. The number of unique visitors increased by 167%.

Addresses in offshore zones

The registered office of Hill Royal Ltd is GranbySt. 8R, P.O. Box VC0162, Lodge Village, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The Federal Tax Service and the International Monetary Fund recognize this territory as offshore.

Infringement of clients’ rights in documents

If a bank card was used to replenish the trading account, the client does not have the right to submit a request to the bank for a payment report before and after the operation. If this happens, the company will block the personal profile and balance. The money will be sent back to the customer. In this case, the sum of all costs and commissions will be deducted. By signing the user agreement, the client agrees that all subsequent disputes and proceedings will be governed by the laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Complaints will only need to be filed in the courts of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (binary options scammers).

Scheme of work, reviews about Paladium Trade

The broker distributes advertising of its services on the Internet, motivating a person to register on the platform. The client clicks on the link, fills out an application for feedback. After that, he receives a call from the analyst. To start trading, the company asks you to make a small deposit. As a rule, the client is strongly recommended to install the AnyDesk remote access program. Then, with its help, they show how trading takes place (forex trading is a “fertile ground” for deceivers).

After a series of successful transactions, the analyst persuades you to deposit additional funds. As a rule, this amount is already larger. He argues that with a large deposit you can make profitable and profitable deals. Sometimes small amounts are withdrawn. Then the client is regularly offered to replenish the trading account. If you do not have your own funds, they are persuaded to take out a loan. Reviews of Palladium Trade say that when a large amount accumulates on a deposit, the broker recommends withdrawing it. But there is no way to do this directly, and the client is offered a mirror transaction. To do this, you need to deposit the same amount of money into the trading account as you plan to withdraw (binary options and forex scammers).

Как вернуть ваши деньги?

Вы столкнулись с брокерами-мошенниками? У вас обманным путём забрали деньги и не возвращают их? Сегодня это популярная проблема в интернет-торговле, поэтому мы предлагаем помощь трейдерам в таких ситуациях. Воспользуйтесь бесплатными профессиональными консультациями партнёров проекта INVESTMAGNATES.COM. Наши партнеры имеют большой опыт работы, одна из областей их деятельности - помощь в возврате денежных средств от мошеннических организаций. Если вы стали жертвой обмана, ваш брокер не выводит заработанные деньги и не отвечает на ваши письма, заполните форму, расположенную ниже и с вами свяжутся наши юристы.

Traders’ reviews

Maria, the total amount of losses is 923,738 rubles

I invite dear readers to get acquainted with my history of cooperation with Paladium Trade. I myself, unfortunately, did not guess before working with this broker to look for reviews of Paladium Trade on the Internet, but I hope that I will be able to warn other people. So, sometime in May 2019, an interesting article caught my attention. It talked about a woman who successfully made money on the web resource “Code of Success”. The story was so hooked that I found this site and registered. However, I could not figure out what to do next. And almost two months later, on July 15, an advertising letter from the Paladium Trade resource “arrived” to my e-mail.

I typed in the search engine the address specified in the letter ( and ended up on the page of the Internet broker. After reading articles, success stories and other materials, I decided to register. I filled in the items of name, phone number and e-mail. It was not possible to go further again. The very next day, I received a call from Artem, an employee of Paladium Trade. He said that my data is in the lists of registrants. I confirmed and explained to Artem that for some reason it did not go further than registration. Artem said that in order to enter the platform, you need to make an entry fee, which will also be my initial capital.

Artem persuaded him to make a contribution and start working on the stock exchange. He said that now is the right time, the market is growing, the conditions that their company provides are very favorable. And 180 dollars (or 12,000 rubles) is not such a huge amount of money. Moreover, the company will provide me with an individual financial analyst who will not allow me to get lost in stock trading. And by the way, you can earn very good money in a short time. I decided to start cooperation.

On July 17, 2019, Artem called again. I told him the number of my Visa card from Sberbank, the expiration date of the “plastic” and the CVC / CVV code. Artem explained that the data is needed due to the fact that I will not be able to deposit funds on the platform on my own. And then I can see my balance at any time on the site. We replenished the account, and I received a receipt from the Karabas store in the mail. An hour later, I checked the balance on the site, the money came as promised. I began to wait for a call from a personal broker who would teach the intricacies of stock trading.

The next day, i.e. On the 18th, I received an incoming call from an unfamiliar number +7 (499) 371-38-57. The caller introduced herself as Mariana Maevskaya, an employee of Paladium Trade. She said that she would be my consultant and teacher. Maevskaya took a short but detailed “interview” with me. I learned everything about my financial situation, loans, family composition and work. I asked if I had any experience in trading on the stock exchange. Then she said that their company mainly works with cryptocurrency, because this is the most modern direction, there are many prospects in it. You can make money quickly and well. Then Mariana literally demanded to download the AnyDesk remote access application to my PC. With its help, she planned to show the programs that we would use in our work.

On July 22, Mayevskaya called back (this time from the number +7 (812) 740-85-26). I downloaded AnyDesk, and together we looked at the necessary programs – Bitcoin, BTCUSD,, Then, at her insistence, I called the password from Sberbank Online. Mariana logged into my account, studied the movement of funds and changed her password. She told me to change my password once a month. At the same time, I applied to some unknown hedge fund in order to find out how much money it could give. I didn’t even understand what this fund is for and what it does.

PaladiumTrade bank certificate

Maevskaya also looked at my credit card and was pleased with its availability. She said we should try to send an application for a loan. Just to check how much they give. She took and filled out an application for 330,000 rubles. It was preliminarily approved. Mayevskaya immediately began to put pressure on me to go to the bank and apply for a loan. She said that this was necessary to show the bank that I had funds. And then the bank will not block the card. I doubted, there were suspicions that Maevskaya would easily be able to embezzle funds. Then she made a withdrawal of funds for a trial, so that I would not doubt the honesty of the company. I withdrew 5 dollars, they instantly arrived on my card from the Moscow Bank (two transfers for 309 and 308.80 rubles). This dispelled my doubts, and I decided to go and confirm the loan. And then Maevskaya announced good news: the hedge fund transferred $ 5600 to the balance sheet.

On July 24, Majewska logged into my computer via the AnyDesk application. She said that she would need my card details, a scan of the registration page and a photo with a passport and the words BTCBIT NET. All this is necessary to pass the verification procedure. I sent the necessary data to the analyst by mail. Mariana warned me that I would have to speak in advance if I decided to withdraw money. We agreed to call tomorrow when I go to the bank about the loan. The next day, Maevskaya got in touch from +7 (933) 301-83-98. I inquired about how things were with the loan, but it was not approved. She looked at the information on lending in Sberbank Online and made sure that I was telling the truth. Majewska was disappointed, but came up with another plan. According to her explanations, you need to take money from a credit card, show the bank that I am buying crypto, and then the card will not be blocked. I agreed on the condition that we return the money to the credit card no later than three days.

Paladium Trade Statement of Payments

Mariana transferred money from a credit card to a crypto wallet via BTCBIT. But then we failed – the bank blocked the transfer of funds. Mariana warned that now they will call from the bank about the transfer. She persuaded me to tell the bank’s representatives that I buy crypto on my own (i.e. without the help of brokers), and I do not have the AnyDesk application. That’s what I answered. The card was unlocked, Maevskaya withdrew $ 1000 and transferred it to the platform, they sent me a receipt for the purchase in BTCBIT. Majewska said that this is not enough. You will need another 330,000 rubles. Funds are needed to increase turnover. Then the bank will no longer block anything. Then she said that she was leaving, and at that time another consultant, Dmitry, would take care of me. In which case, write to her by mail [email protected].

On July 26, I managed to convince my parents to lend 200,000 rubles for a week. A little later, a new stock analyst Dmitry called from the number +7 (499) 371-58-96. He logged into my PC via AnyDesk and asked if there was any money. I have 200,000 rubles, I replied. Dmitry immediately transferred money to the platform through BTCBIT, I received a receipt for the purchase of $ 3000 in their store. I wondered why I had a new address every time. Dmitry explained that I have several wallets registered to me, and I can check this in “My Balance”.

Then Dmitry began to insist that another card was needed. So it will be more convenient to withdraw funds. He said that a family member’s card would be suitable for these purposes. Relatives do not even need to be told that I will use their “plastic”. I decided to link my father’s card. We agreed that tomorrow I would be with my parents, and we would do it. In the meantime, he recommended taking a look at the platform. It turned out that Dmitry earned $ 3750 on a deal with an initial price of 2500. On July 29, the analyst asked me what time I would be with my parents in the morning. This time I called from +7 (499) 371-58-94. A call was scheduled for 16:00. Indeed, at 16:00 Dmitry showed up from the number +7 (499) 371-50-99. I said that I would link my mother’s card. The consultant quickly went to my mother’s personal account and looked at the history of the movement of funds. Then he offered to get a loan for my mother. I began to refuse, after all, a loan is too much.

The analyst pressed, said that we would return him the next day, my mother would not even know. But we will make a turnover of funds on the card. And while he was broadcasting all this, he filled out and sent an application for a loan in the amount of 340,000 rubles. They called my mother from the bank and asked about the loan. Mom was shocked. And, of course, she gave up everything. Dmitry was terribly angry, saying that good mothers do not do this. At the same time, he earned $2700 on a $1800 deal. The next day, I decided it was time to withdraw some of the money from the platform. I reported this to my consultant. There was already an amount of $11,125 on the balance sheet. Dmitry did not agree, assured that then there would be nothing to trade on. Immediately, without my consent, he opened three trades and lost 450 dollars. True, Dmitry immediately returned the lost funds. On August 1, Dmitry called again, this time from the number +7 (471) 239-36-20. I said I still wanted to withdraw funds. He agreed, ordered to write an application for withdrawal. I wrote for 4000 dollars, the funds left the account. payments

Literally at the same moment, they called from the broker’s financial service and “pleased”. A representative of the financial service said that I could not apply for a withdrawal of funds, since the money provided by the hedge fund had not yet been repaid. I was amazed, but offered, since such a thing, to withdraw funds for the fund from the account on the platform. I was refused to carry out such an operation, since the rules require that I contribute my 370,000 rubles to pay off the debt to the fund. After that, it will be possible to pick up even everything at once. I was very upset. I began to write to my analyst in the chat and to Mariana’s mail. It was interesting to know why I was not told that it is necessary to repay debts to a hedge fund with real money? Finally, the consultant Dmitry showed up (Mariana did not get in touch). The analyst, in response to my claims, assured me that Mariana should have warned. It simply cannot be otherwise.

The next day, I asked my analyst what to do now. Dmitry comforted me, saying that I just need to get 370,000 rubles to pay off the debt to the hedge fund. At that time, he earned me $900 with an investment of $600. After a little thought, I went to VTB and issued a loan of 370,000 rubles. I calculated that I would repay the debt to the hedge fund and immediately withdraw the money. On August 5, I contacted the analyst and asked him to call back. She said that I had the right amount for a hedge fund. The consultant transferred 370,000 rubles to $5500 through BTCBIT and paid off the debt to the fund. A traditional receipt came from the BTCBIT store. Dmitry said that now it is necessary to wait a short time when 4000 dollars “fall” on the card of Sberbank. On the 6th, there was still no money. I started writing to the chat and to Mayevskaya’s mail, but no one answered. In desperation, I even called the analyst on one of the well-known numbers (in particular, on +7 (499) 371-38-57), but to no avail. By evening, Dmitry got in touch and asked him to calm down. He assured that tomorrow there would definitely be money, and he would definitely call. Then I went to the stock exchange, opened 2 positions, one was unprofitable.

On August 7, there was again no money or calls from Dmitry. I wrote to him everywhere, but he didn’t show up. But Mayevskaya got in touch. She asked me not to panic ahead of time. She said that she would figure it out before the evening. In the evening, she called and reassured that everything was in order. It’s just that the transfer is “hanging out” in some foreign bank. To speed up the movement of my $4000, a mirror transaction is needed. This meant that on the card that was assigned for withdrawal, there should be an amount equal to the transfer. In my case, it is 260,000 rubles. I was dumbfounded by such information, and Mariana strongly advised me to find funds for the transaction.

On the 8th, I resorted to the last opportunity to get money – I pawned my car. Maevskaya got in touch, we conducted a mirror transaction. There were 264,000 rubles on the card. She said it wasn’t enough and charged another $200 from her credit card. A check from BTCBIT arrived. According to Mariana, the funds should reach in about a day. But a day later, the money did not arrive. I wrote to Mayevskaya again. Mariana immediately called and assured that everything was in order. But the transaction must be repeated, as something went wrong. You will have to transfer 270,000 rubles. I’m in complete shock, and she’s rushing me to find the money as soon as possible, before the dollar jumps even more.

My eyes suddenly opened, it became clear that these were scammers. They did not warn about any hedge fund, but the money was constantly pulled. And it was not possible to withdraw a penny. I deposited 923,000 rubles on the platform! Realizing this, I began to collect information about them on the network. It turned out that PaladiumTrade does not have a license to operate in our country! And they write everywhere that they have been on the market for 9 years without any problems! Now my only hope is the company that I found on the Internet. These people are helping the deceived clients of such fake brokers. I hope my story will protect other people from being deceived (is it possible to get money back from a broker?).

Valery, the total amount of losses – $ 17,164, withdrew – $ 3792. The remaining debt for the broker is $ 13,372

I want to leave a review about the broker Paladium Trade. Because of him, I lost a large sum of money and got into debt. It all started with the fact that on October 14, 2019, I received an SMS message talking about trading on the stock exchange and good earnings. I was curious and immediately signed up. After that, Anastasia (8-495-285-13-19), an employee of this company, contacted me. The girl offered to make a down payment. I transferred 12,000 rubles to my trading account. A little later, she called back and said that soon they would pick up an analyst for me, and we would start working. On October 14, in the late afternoon, I was contacted by Roman Zotov (8-495-285-13-04).

We talked about plans for the future, what I want to spend money on, and so on. He then talked about the platform and offered to withdraw five dollars. The money came quickly. I made sure that the system works and there will be no problems with making a profit in the future. Roman advised to register on the BTCBIT.NET website. Through this service, they transfer money and do not pay taxes on it. I have registered. On October 15, 2019, Roman Zotov asked to install AnyDesk on his computer. Through this program, he connected to my computer and showed me how to work on the platform. Then Zotov offered to replenish the deposit. According to him, approximately 10% of the funds in the account are involved in transactions. To increase income, you need to invest more. It seemed reasonable to me. Through the BTCBIT.NET service, I transferred the required amount from the card.

On October 16, Roman called again. He said that things are going great and now there is a chance to get big bonuses. To do this, it was necessary to replenish the deposit again. I said there was no more money. Zotov advised to apply to Sberbank for a loan. He connected through AnyDesk and helped fill out the application. The loan was approved and I was given 559,000 rubles. I transferred the entire amount to my trading account. For this, the company gave me $2,000 in bonuses. I didn’t have to trade on my own. All the work was done by Roman. The deals were successful. The balance increased and quickly reached $15,000. Zotov offered to deposit more money so that $18,000 would be on deposit. With that kind of money, he said, we will be able to buy cryptocurrency at a good price and sell it later. I agreed. On October 17, he transferred the money.

For the next few days, we called each other. He connected to me and conducted transactions. On 10/23/2019, on the advice of Roman, I bet $9000 on withdrawal. Almost immediately, I received a call from the finance department. It turned out that it was quite difficult to withdraw such an amount. A mirror transaction must be conducted. That meant I had to deposit $9,000. Then all the money is credited to the card at the same time. As a result, I will have to get $18,000. But I no longer had my own funds. Financiers advised to find a way out, take a loan, borrow from friends. Otherwise, nothing will work. On November 24, the analyst said that the financial department would not be able to help in any way and that it was necessary to look for a solution on its own. I started applying for a loan to different banks, but everywhere I was refused. It’s time to pay the first loan. To do this, I was allowed to withdraw several small amounts: 145, 220 and 160 dollars.

On November 25, the broker went to meet me again. To make it easier for me to find the money for the mirror transaction, they divided the amount into three parts. Now I was only required to get $3,000 at once. They called me daily and tried to push me. Roman contacted me on December 10, 2019 and told me to withdraw $1000. He reconnected to me and started the operation. The mirror transaction went very quickly. I didn’t even have time to blink an eye, as 2900 dollars were debited from the account. At the same time, the same amount was on deposit. Since that day, Roman calls constantly and asks to hurry up, to find another 6100 dollars. After that, he promises to transfer $18,000 to me. He left a contact number +7-931-009-13-20. He changes the number every time. I hope my review will help someone save money and nerves.

PaladiumTrade correspondence

Paladium Trade correspondence communication with the broker

Paladium Trade Deception

PaladiumTrade: Talking to Scammers deception of money

Andrey, the total amount of losses is 717,958 rubles

For several months in a row, I received e-mails advertising a new method of earning. The name of the project is “Code of Success”. When I opened the next letter (closer to mid-July), I still clicked on the link to the company’s website and registered. On the same day, I was contacted by Ekaterina Chekhova (+7 (499) 371-38-57). The girl said that first she would have to invest a little. It only required $200. As she noted, immediately after the transfer, I will be connected to the control system of the robot that trades. Chekhov also explained how to withdraw funds from their platform. If I had known that the network has been discussing Paladium Trade for a long time, the reviews of which are very revealing, then none of this would have happened.

On 23.07.2019, I transferred $ 200 (13,225.3 rubles) from the Sberbank VISA card to the Paladium Trade site. To make sure that my actions were correct, I went to my personal account. But there I saw instead of a translation the purchase of Q*R3. Soon I got a call from Stanislav Savin (+7 (499) 371-38-22). At least, that’s how he introduced himself. Stas said that he cooperates with me as my personal analyst. I needed to download and install the AnyDesk app. Then he began to persuade me to invest in Amazon shares, since their value is growing very quickly and this should be used. To buy enough shares, it was necessary to invest $ 20,000. Stanislav promised that $ 10,000 will be provided by the company – they will be considered bonus. It remained to figure out where to find the remaining 10,000 dollars.

Savin immediately came up with the idea to take a loan in the amount of 710,000 rubles. I did not want to issue it, but Stanislav began to argue that this amount could be recaptured in just 3 days. To further strengthen my trust, he transferred $50 to my bank card. This bribed me, so I still took out a loan. To transfer this money to the Paladium Trade platform, we decided to choose a cryptocurrency exchanger called BTCBIT.NET. On 25.07.2019, I transferred 9800 dollars (654,036 rubles) from a Sberbank bank card. To avoid difficulties, Stanislav helped me in everything. He also demanded to transfer the remaining 900 dollars (59,697 rubles), since they will also be useful to us. On 30.07.2019, I translated them as well. In my personal account, instead of transfers, there was a purchase of BTCBIT57734 and BTCBIT56853. Then we started to go through verification. To do this, I sent photos of my passport and paid utility bills. For the crypto exchange, BTCBIT.NET had to send a selfie with a passport.

PaladiumTrade screenshot of payments

Three days passed. Stas got in touch. He said he managed to raise $8,000. At first, I doubted that it was possible to get such money in such a short time, so I went to my personal account, where I saw 8000 dollars in the “Withdrawal” column. I was waiting for receipts. Stanislav constantly claimed that the money had been sent. I checked the balance every minute, but there were no transfers. Then Savin began to convince me that this was due to the sanctions of Sberbank. The withdrawal of such a large amount is feasible only by performing a mirror transaction. To carry it out, I must have 8000 dollars on my Sberbank card. I didn’t have this money, so Stanislav began to persuade me to take a second loan. He even offered to do everything himself through the AnyDesk program. If the bank does not approve my application, then Stas will have an official confirmation of a negative answer. In this case, the company will easily transfer the entire amount to my card. Such persuasion lasted for 2 weeks.

Each time I replied that I was not going to take a second loan. Then they started calling me from the financial department (+7 (499) 371-50-94). Employees of the Paladium Trade organization claimed that now it is also necessary to pay a commission for withdrawing money. Otherwise, all my money will immediately go to the company’s hedge fund. After another refusal in the personal account, 8000 dollars “turned” into bonus. I wanted to continue trading, but Stanislav refused. He constantly reminded me that the larger the withdrawn amount, the larger the balance on my card should be. Stosh Lika also called from the financial department (+7 (499) 371-58-98). She offered to withdraw $25,100 by paying a 20% commission.
After all these conversations, I realized that I had fallen into the clutches of swindlers. It was worth reading reviews about Paladium Trade first, and only then thinking about whether to trade with them or not.

Paladium Trade debiting funds

Eldar, total losses 4,741,200.5 tenge

Previously, I did not connect my life with earnings on the Internet. I sometimes came across such proposals, but I did not pay attention to them. Everything changed when I read the email from SUCCESS CODE. It was necessary to follow the link and watch the video, which I did. It talked about the possibility of having income through trading on the stock exchange. First, Artem, the leader of the company, spoke. After him, the floor was given to broker Dmitry Borisov. His review of Paladium Trade interested me. I registered through their website. On July 31, I received a letter from an employee of the company, Vitaly Protasov. He was a support specialist. I sent the data if you have any questions: phone +7 (499) 371-38-56 and [email protected] mail address. I needed to log in to the website.

After authorization, a certain Roman Zotov, a manager who was assigned to me, called. He was interested in why I decided to make money on the stock exchange. He said that I was unemployed, only a pension was from income. I would like to secure an outside income, if possible. Roman said a few words about himself: he is 37, his experience in the field of trading is 16 years. He has a family, recently bought a car. He promised to help me if I trusted him. He said that he would conduct business for me for a fee of 10% of the profits. I left mail roman.zotov@paladiumtrade and number +7 (499) 371-38-33 for communication. Such conditions seemed attractive to me, and I agreed.

We got to work. Roman said that first you need to put money into the account. I asked which payment method was convenient for me. I decided to transfer money from my bank card. I had cards from KASPI BANK, HALYK BANK. Roman needed access to a computer. I opened it using the AnyDesk app. Now he could do all the work, and all I had to do was follow his actions. We went to the personal account of KASPI BANK. Roman watched me all the time. I sent $250 as an entry fee. The transfer was designated as a purchase in Karabas. The manager decided to take a look at the second map. There was no money on it.

The translations were carried out quickly. Roman was constantly urging me on. Very soon I fell completely under his influence. I’ve never encountered this before. We have started verification. To successfully pass it, you need to send a photo taken in a certain way. The sample was sent by Roman. The photo was as follows: I was holding a passport and a sheet with the inscription “For BTCBIT NET” and the date. The manager got in touch the next day. We talked several times a day. On the 1st, I received instructions from him. It explained what to say if I saw that they were calling from Riga. They should ask me what attracted me to earnings on the stock exchange and whether it is connected with the fight against money laundering. There were other questions as well:

  • What is the purpose of verification on BTCBIT.NET? — I want to buy cryptocurrency.
  • What are the banks you plan to work with? – I need to give the names of the banks in which I have an account.
  • How did you find out about our company? — Via the Internet.

I didn’t manage to verify the first time. First, I took a photo with my passport, then I had to take a picture with my license and a utility bill. When I finally passed the verification, they called from Riga. That’s how I identified the caller on my phone. I remembered the number: +37 (166) 090-222. I couldn’t find out the name of the person who called me. He just said something quickly about the finance department. None of the questions sent to me by Roman were asked. The man wondered if I was really talking to him.

It was possible to move on to exchange trading. Roman Zotov already knew about all my finances. He convinced me to spend the money I was saving for treatment. He said that we would get everything back and multiply my savings. The manager planned to trade gold, therefore, the amount of the first installment should be greater than or equal to $3000. On the second of August, we already transferred money. In fact, the translation was carried out by Roman. Sent in two stages: $900 and $1450. Then he decided to test the system. We withdrew $10 each to cards from KASPI BANK and ForteBank. We didn’t wait long, only 22 minutes. When the money arrived, I realized that the broker could be trusted. The weekend was coming, and it was necessary to interrupt.

We kept in touch with the company by phone and e-mail. They responded promptly. On August 5, I spoke with Roman Zotov again. He said that the company had sent me a special offer. I opened the email and saw the email. It reported on the action held by the company. Roman explained the conditions: Paladium Trade offered to buy cryptocurrency. It cost $5,000 per unit. And I had to sell them through the stock exchange at a different rate. The manager began to talk about price dynamics: bitcoin was worth $11.75, which means that you can get $6.75 from one unit of cryptocurrency. The offer was really profitable: so I could increase my income and accelerate development.

Roman began to convince me to find money. I could get a loan from a bank or borrow from friends. On the stock exchange, the invested money pays off quickly, we can handle it in a few days. He said that in extreme cases, there is investment insurance. I needed to think about it. Soon I was figuring out which banks were lending to pensioners. Then I left on business. On August 19, I arrived home. He accumulated debts of 3,000,000 tenge ($8,000). I did not apply to banks. I informed Roman, and we got down to business. The money was transferred in three stages: 1000, 6000 and $ 8000. Through e-mail, I found out that the entire amount was credited to the account. Roman was in a hurry again, but tried to distract me with chatter on extraneous topics. The amount in my account was $23,141. The manager recommended withdrawing $13,143. With that amount, I would have paid off my debts. There would be a margin left.

On August 20, I saw a call from Dmitry from the finance department. He asked to transfer money to pay the commission. This was the only way to activate my card. I spoke from the same room as Roman. The number belonged to the company and could be used by other employees. My money has already come to me, but it cannot be obtained without paying a commission. “Your savings, it’s up to you to decide,” he said. Only then did Roman appear. He called, apologized. He said that he was not notified of the change in the withdrawal rules. Now, if you withdraw more than $10,000, you need to pay a commission. This will not be required in the future. For the first time, I thought I had encountered scammers. On August 21, he sent the required amount. I took money from a classmate. I had $12,005 in my account. At the same time, Roman Zolotov stopped answering my calls. I didn’t answer through the mail either.

On August 27 and 28, I spoke on the phone with Lilia (or Lydia), another employee of the finance department. Lilia called from the following numbers: +7 (499) 371-54-97 and +7 (499) 371-50-99. She informed me that the money I wanted to withdraw had come back. This happened because I didn’t pay the $1,000 bank fee. The question arose why Roman began to ignore me.

  • “As long as the operation is going on, he has no right to talk to you,” Lily replied

I realized that I was facing scammers. I was also contacted by Evgeny Polyakov. He was engaged in control over the activities of brokers. He said he could get my money back. His contacts:

  • numbers +7 (499) 371-38-33, +7 (499) 371-58-90;
  • Skypelive:.cid.3f1355c348750be1;
  • Mail [email protected].

Evgeny worked as a Leading specialist of Cy Sec company Yauheni Polyakov. He regretted that I had been deceived so much. He told me about the working conditions: I have to make an advance payment of 14% of the total amount, then he will get down to business. They spoke on August 14, 19, 23, 28, 29, 30 and September 2, 3, 4, 6, 10. Polyakov was interested in how much I spent and whether I could withdraw the money. I received an invoice from him. To verify my identity, I had to send one side of my ID.

David Bykov, who introduced himself as the company’s financial director, also spoke to me. His email address is David Bykov [email protected] and phone +7 (499) 371-3-822. He said that there is a mirror scheme with which you can withdraw money. The last time we talked to Bykov was on the 5th and 10th. Representatives of the company did not contact me again. I decided that I needed to somehow get out of the situation. I began to look for information about Paladium Trade. As a result of cooperation with the company, I suffered heavy losses. I no longer had the desire to work with them. broker's offer

Daria, the total amount of losses is 925,500 rubles

In the summer, around July 2019, I was looking for a part-time job on the Internet and noticed an advertisement for the Paladium Trade broker. I want to write a review about the activities of this company. Their beautiful ads intrigue people because they promise fast and high income without effort. To do this, you just need to invest money and wait for analysts to conduct successful transactions. I wanted to try it and went to the site.

When registering, I indicated my phone number, which was called by a young man from the number +7 (499) 371-38-57. He introduced himself as Kirill and said that he was an employee of Paladium Trade. During the conversation, I was able to better understand what this company does. Kirill’s offer sounded tempting, and I decided to give it a try. On my computer, I installed the AnyDesk program, with which they were supposed to help me work, and a platform for placing deals. An analyst was assigned to me, who soon called.

It was a girl whose name was Kristina (analyst’s mail [email protected]). During the phone call, we met her, and she easily entered into my trust. After the acquaintance, the specialist asked to turn on the program to show how the work is built on the platform. I didn’t understand much from the explanations, so Kristina decided to trade for me at first, saying that later I would understand the scheme and connect to work. I deposited 11,400 rubles into my account in my personal account so that I could start. But Kristina didn’t call me again.

Then I was contacted by another analyst (August 2). It was also a girl who introduced herself as Marianne. She said that she only works with large sums, and insisted that I take out a loan. At first I refused to do this, but she was convincing and promised that with a large deposit she would be able to quickly bring me to a large income and in a month I would cover the debt in the bank. She herself took out a loan for me through AnyDesk, taking 637,990 rubles. Marianna sent this money to the card of some man (Denis Sergeevich D.). For a large deposit, the company pleased me with bonuses.

We continued to work with Marianne, but the income was small. Then she said that there was an opportunity to make good money, because she had some information on prices. To do this, she issued another loan for me in the amount of 167,500 rubles. This money was transferred to Oksana Borisovna M.
Marianne said that the money had arrived and proved it by showing me the bill. The analyst promised that she would withdraw funds to me when she made the transaction, and I would be able to pay the loan immediately. But after that, she didn’t call again.

I tried to get in touch with her myself, but it didn’t work. Then I got a call from Timothy, who introduced himself as the boss of the girls who called me. He said they were punished because they did something wrong when withdrawing my funds. As a result of their actions, my money ended up in the blockchain. To get them, I have to pay a commission of 130 thousand rubles. I was desperate and believed Timothy. I took more loans for 50 thousand rubles and 70 thousand rubles, transferred the money to the card of Oksana Borisovna M. After transferring the money, Timothy also disappeared, and I was left with nothing. I really want to hope that the company Paladium Trade, the review of which I left, will be punished.

PaladiumTrade money transfer

Ivan, total losses 19 600 USD

In September 2019, I wanted to find a source of good additional income. I started looking at information about remote work on the Internet, looking for vacancies. I came across an announcement about a brokerage company, unfortunately I did not think to read reviews about Paladium Trade. It seemed that the company inspires confidence. I filled out a form with personal data, provided a phone number and sent. Almost immediately, I received a call from a girl named Arina. She introduced herself as an employee of the company. We contacted this number +7 (931) 009-12-20. On September 13, 2019, I registered and replenished my account with 6800 and 5000 dollars in two payments. After that, I received my login information with a message.

I fruitfully cooperated with Arina, the transactions were successful, the money in the account grew every day. The analyst offered to deposit even more funds to increase profits. I asked to withdraw the amount I earned. The company’s specialist asked to be verified, provide a passport and a bank card number. Then Arina told me to install AnyDesk to control all completed transactions from my personal account. I was paid $ 100 on the card, and I replenished my account with $ 19500. I transferred funds from a Sberbank card through BTCBIT. The analyst said that it would be more profitable for me. The transactions were successful, it was possible to earn good money. I wanted to withdraw money from my account. Arina refused to do this, saying that there was a chance to lose everything. Then I tried to withdraw on my own, but the administration rejected the created applications.

Cooperation with the specialist continued until December. She always consulted if she made a deal, but did not want to withdraw money. I refused to replenish my account. On December 4, 2019, I saw that a certain amount simply disappeared. I contacted Arina, she allowed the withdrawal, but it was necessary to pay a lot of taxes and commissions to the company, the bank. Their amount was huge, equal to my earnings for all the time. It dawned on me that the company would not pay the money. They turned out to be swindlers. Since December 7, 2019, I have not been cooperating with the company. I can log in to my personal account, but all withdrawal requests are still rejected. To this day, we receive calls from employees asking me to pay the tax. Carefully read reviews about Paladium Trade, do not let yourself be deceived by all sorts of scammers in the brokerage market.

*Date of commission *Place of transaction *Amount in the currency of the transaction *Amount in account currency
Transaction date (filled in Latin letters) Transaction amount Billing amount
Merchant name
20.11.2019 BTCBIT $5000,00 330 250,00 ₽
20.11.2019 BTCBIT $5000,00 330 250,00 ₽
20.11.2019 BTCBIT $1000,00 66 050,00 ₽
20.11.2019 BTCBIT $2500,00 165 125,00 ₽
20.11.2019 BTCBIT $5000,00 330 250,00 ₽
20.11.2019 BTCBIT $1000,00 66 050,00 ₽
Total amount of loss: $19 500,00 1 287 975,00 ₽

Paladium Trade reviews

Ekaterina, the total amount of losses is 850,000 rubles

I want to share my experience of cooperation with a brokerage company. It is called Paladium Trade. It all started on January 15, 2020. It was then that I came across news about Samara residents who were leaving their jobs en masse. They supposedly get money sitting at home. To find out more about this, it was necessary to go to the site “Common Cause” (, where I came across an offer to receive additional income. Interested, I started registering, but then the site demanded to deposit $ 300, and I had to finish.

But that was just the beginning. On January 16, a representative of a brokerage company called me (number +7 (495) 178-41-30) and began to persuade me to work with them. To do this, you had to pay $ 200. I allowed myself to be convinced and threw off the required amount. Now I had to talk to the company’s consultant Arina Raevskaya. She called about an hour later. From the consultant, I learned what our activities would consist of. In passing, Arina asked about my family’s financial condition and promised that we would make it better. I left her phone: +7 (945) 178-41-27. Now I had to register and verify on the website. The link was sent by Arina in advance. I sent my photo with my passport and registration in my hands, and everything was successfully passed. After 10 minutes, I received a call from an unknown person from the number +3 (716) 609-02-22. He congratulated me on the completion of the operation and said that now their platform is open to me. I will also write other numbers from which I received calls during the period of our cooperation:

  • (495) 285-15-57;
  • (495) 285-17-88;
  • (495) 285-15-59;
  • (495) 285-14-64;
  • (495) 144-64-92;
  • (495) 285-14-63;
  • (496) 285-16-92;
  • (495) 285-14-53;
  • (495) 285-14-55;
  • (495) 285-14-57;
  • (495) 285-16-83.

On January 17, I received an email from Arina with her contacts and a link to The consultant wrote from the address of the [email protected]. To start trading, I had to download the AnyDesk program to my gadget. It made it possible for other people to perform transactions through my phone remotely. When the download was complete, Arina said that I was now the owner of an account with Deutsche Bank. Then I walked into my office for

By launching AnyDesk, the consultant showed how the betting mechanism works on the platform. Soon I mastered it myself. The first attempt went well. We took $20 each, placed a bet for 30 seconds, and then played on currency pairs. This fraud was repeated 3 times, having $ 10 from each. Then Arina became interested in the turnover of funds on my card. When the profit becomes large, the State Bank can impose a lock on the card. Since it can be mistaken for money laundering. But nothing will happen if the turnover occurs earlier. Arina carried out the entire operation herself. She took out a loan of 325,000 rubles, and we started. The consultant bought bitcoins with all these funds on the website. She invested $5,090 in them. She did the same thing with my credit card. $1300 was spent there. And then you had to wait for a refund. On January 20, we continued our studies. I learned how to withdraw money to my account. For the sake of verification, I transferred $50 (3000 ₽) to the card. The money arrived in a few minutes. According to Arina, the amount I invested will come as bonuses from the hedge fund. By increasing the bet to $100, we earned $300. And in the evening I had to do the trade on my own. I won several times, lost a few.

On January 21, the case continued. Arina said that soon we should expect money invested in ensuring turnover. Our bid went up to $300 with a profit of $1300. But the money was never transferred to me. According to the consultant, the transfers were blocked by the State Bank. The problem may disappear if you make a mirror translation. You can spend it when 325,000 rubles are on my card again. This amount was transferred by my daughter, who also took out a loan. While everything was being prepared, Arina taught me how to make money on other currency pairs. And then she asked if the required amount had already appeared. I replied in the affirmative, showing the balance of my card. We moved on to the transaction. But then the money had to stay with me, and Arina re-purchased bitcoins for, and everything was gone. I was indignant and began to pester the consultant with calls, asking when to return the funds. “Exactly,” she kept saying.

On January 22, an employee of the finance department contacted me. He called with an offer to make another transaction on my credit card, since the money was not returned because of it. After that, it was necessary to register an electronic wallet, and everything comes to it in 2 hours. I found another $1320, and Arina bought bitcoins with them again. When the fraud was completed, the company banned me from accessing the site. It turned out that I was forbidden to place bets until the funds arrived. But I never got them. Arina pretended to be surprised and went to find out everything in the hedge fund. And she stopped picking up the phone. I got in touch only by e-mail. She sent her last letter on January 24. And the money, she said, was supposed to come on the 27th. On January 25, I stopped expecting anything from them. I thought about how to get my money back. The broker no longer responded. payment receipt

Gleb, the total amount of loss is 1,344,315.98 rubles

In July, I decided to change my job, so I was looking for something new. To this end, I went to the Internet and accidentally stumbled upon the website of the company Quantum System. She promised a lot of money to her clients, and that got me interested. I started working with the company on August 5, 2019. On this day, I registered and invested 12,000 rubles. For the first time, the transaction was called “QWALONLINE purchase”. I no longer planned to transfer money, because I thought that with this amount the income would be good. I was contacted by a manager who identified himself as Sergey, and said that I had to fulfill all his requests. The specialist demanded to download the TeamViewer program. I installed it on my laptop.

In order to quickly start earning more, Sergey announced a bonus of 2-3 thousand dollars, which the company provides for several days. Before agreeing to receive it, I asked: what would happen if the transactions went into the red, and I suffered losses. The manager convinced me that the trade is accurate, so there will be no monetary losses. I decided to take advantage of this opportunity. The only banking organization with which the brokerage company cooperates is Sberbank. At least, that’s what the specialist told me. He asked to open Sberbank Online and not click anything. With the help of the remote access program, Sergey was doing something there. I don’t remember what exactly and where I clicked, because then I didn’t understand anything. I only told him the passwords that came in messages to my phone.

Sergey opened deals, which as a result turned out to be successful and brought me money. I rejoiced that my score was gradually increasing. To increase the income, I decided to replenish the balance of the trading platform. So, from August 5 to August 8, I transferred funds. One day I opened my personal page on Paladium Trade and saw $13,500 in my account. Sergey, without my permission, credited a large sum, although before that they agreed on a couple of thousand dollars. I asked to return everything as it was. For further trading, he left $ 3500, opened a couple of trades that turned out to be successful.

A day passed. The manager called and said about the need to issue a loan in the amount of 225,000 rubles from the bank. This money was required for confirmation, and Sergey was not going to withdraw it. I went to Sberbank Online and saw a loan. Then I began to guess that the specialist wanted to deceive me. He transferred $3,000 from the card. I decided to record the conversation with Sergey in order to have evidence that he had deceived me. But the program did not work, although everything worked out with other interlocutors. I argued with the specialist, but he convinced me that the entire amount would be credited to the account. To my demands to return the money, he asked me to pay a commission to the broker.

I wrote a statement to the police and reported it to Sergei. He said that all this was in vain, and I would not succeed. He also promised to block me. The only way to withdraw funds is to pay a fee. I did so, but the specialist informed me of the new conditions. I had to do them. One day I decided to contact Sergey, but no one answered my calls. Previously, communication was one-way, I called his number, the secretary answered and gave the manager a request to contact me.

I didn’t meet anyone from the company in person. For verification, he sent only one photo of the main page of the passport. The loan was received on a MasterCard card. My account on the trading floor is blocked, or I’m just watching a fake picture of the exchange. I tried several times to contact a specialist, but I did not wait for an answer. After some time, I deleted the account and TeamViewer. If you are still thinking about whether to cooperate with the company, then read reviews about Paladium Trade and make sure that they only deceive their customers. At the beginning of cooperation, I was sure that I would make money on trading, but, on the contrary, I lost.

PaladiumTrade bank statement

Ilya, total losses of $6400

I want to leave an honest review about Paladium Trade. I was convinced from personal experience: this company is not a broker at all, but an office created to take money. I hope I will help close this shop or at least save other people from making mistakes. So, first things first. I needed some extra income. Therefore, in November 2019, I was browsing the Internet for exactly this purpose – to find something suitable. I was interested in advertising the program “Common Cause”. After watching the video to the end, I followed the link and filled out the feedback form: full name, email address, phone number. Almost immediately I was given a new link, it was the address of the Paladium Trade trading platform. I went to the resource and was surprised: it turned out that I was already registered on the portal as a trader, I have a personal account and a trading account, however, it is still empty. They explained to me that as soon as the first installment is transferred to the balance sheet, you can start trading. So on 11/28/2019, I transferred 13,000 rubles from my bank card there.

Immediately I received an incoming call. A man named Timofey Alexandrovich Malinovsky said that he was an employee of Paladium Trade, his duties were to supervise my transactions and teach me the intricacies of trading on the stock exchange. Such support is provided to all new customers. Malinovsky presented a broker’s license issued on 09.11.2009 (document number – 177-02739-100000), gave the e-mail address: [email protected]. Then, on the advice of my consultant, I downloaded a remote access application called AnyDesk. Timofey briefly explained the basic techniques of trading, showed how to open and close deals. In addition, the consultant connected a robot to my account.

We engaged in trade, and we were successful. All open operations were closed with a profit, the robot also traded skillfully, increasing the amount on the account. This went on for about two or three days, I was very pleased, noticing how the deposit was growing. Of course, this lulled my vigilance, I was ready to do everything to earn even more. My consultant also pushed me in this direction, he constantly reminded me to replenish the deposit. But at first I was in no hurry, I said that I was afraid of problems with withdrawing funds from the account. Malinovsky immediately offered to make a test, to get a small amount. On 11/29/2019, with its help, I withdrew $34 from the platform, everything went smoothly, the money immediately fell on my card.

The analyst increased the pressure, constantly insisted that now (before the New Year) there is a very favorable situation on the stock exchange, you can get a significant income if you add money. In addition, I made sure that trading is profitable, there are no problems with withdrawals. In addition, I dreamed of closing the mortgage, so every ruble was useful. As a result, I took a loan from VTB, hoping that I would be able to repay it within a month. Malinowski insisted that I use the BTCBIT exchange service to transfer money to the trading platform. So I did, created an account on the exchanger, the consultant actively helped, connecting via AnyDesk. On 5.12.2019 we sent 2 payments of $1,000 each to the company, on 6.12.2019 – 4 more payments of $1000 and 1 of $200. Total for 2 $6200. Then we continued trading, still always profitable. And on 7.12.2019, Malinovsky called with the following request: it is necessary to help transfer money to a new trader for a deposit, otherwise he does not succeed. You need to do this through my card and account on the BTCBIT website. I received a transfer 2202 **** 9898 in the amount of 492 000 rubles from Alexander Vladimirovich T. Next, the remote access consultant transferred all the funds to the account of that person. At least, that’s how I understood.

On 10.12.2019, history repeated itself, again I received a transfer on my card, this time from Vladimir Vladimirovich P. (operation number – 4276 **** 8874) for 140,000 rubles, and then – the second for 350,000 rubles. A minute after the receipt of funds, I saw an e-mail message from Roman Zotov, head of the financial department of Paladium Trade. He also called back and voiced a request: to use my account on the exchange site to bring the client’s funds to the broker’s platform. Everything went according to the established scheme using AnyDesk. Then Zotov said that the company wants to provide insurance for my account and at the same time expand opportunities for trading. Therefore, I will now receive $ 3000 on my balance, which must be left there for a month. The money arrived almost immediately, less than 30 minutes later.

Everything would be fine, but in the meantime, my consultant disappeared somewhere, he stopped communicating. I made several attempts to call him, but I got to the operator, he transferred the calls to Malinovsky, and he dropped them. I decided to get some of my money on my own. On December 13, 2019, I bet $4200 on withdrawal from the trading deposit. On the platform, the amount was displayed as withdrawn, but there was no crediting to my card. 2 days passed, and the head of the brokerage department of the company got in touch. He informed me that my counselor was having some problems on the family front, but he would be calling me soon.

Indeed, Malinowski showed up, and I immediately asked him my pressing question about the withdrawal of $4200. The consultant did not reassure me, he said that the operation was blocked by the Blockchain system. For “unfreezing” you need to credit the same amount to the platform, this is called a mirror transaction. I resolutely opposed unnecessary spending, then asked to return the money back to the exchange account. Malinovsky said that it is possible to do so, but you will have to wait 3 months. Later, he tried several times to persuade me to deposit additional money. And after another refusal, the consultant no longer began to get in touch. That is, he did not respond to calls and messages that I wrote on the platform. Meanwhile, I still have $7300 on deposit with the company, as well as $4200, supposedly locked in the Blockchain.

I sent a message to e-mail: [email protected]. I thought that Roman Zotov, who had previously communicated with me about account insurance, would help me. He called back, but did not say anything new. I repeated the same thing: to unlock the operation, a mirror transaction is needed, if this does not suit you, wait 3 months. I asked at least to describe in detail the conditions of this procedure, and at the same time to change the consultant. Zotov did not answer and also disappeared from the radar. That’s when it became clear to me that these guys are crooks, they profit from deceiving customers. I never returned my money transferred to the fraudulent company. The employees of the false broker no longer get in touch (usually they called from the Moscow phone 8 (931) 009-13-20). I want to believe that my review of Paladium Trade will teach others discretion. My “cooperation” with this office cost me $ 6400.

Paladium Trade Deals deposit history

Oksana, the amount of loss is 211,700 rubles

In the last month of 2019, I came across an ad that talked about Paladium Trade, I had not seen any reviews about it before. I clicked on the advertising link, left a statement, attached a phone number and waited for the result. A little later, I received an email in which I found a link. I clicked, logged in to the company’s website and the 1st stage of verification was completed automatically.

Paladium Trade Terminal Broker

Representatives of the broker often called from the numbers: 8 (495) 178-40-58, 8 (499) 226-65-73. We agreed on payments: the first installment to replenish the deposit was sent to the card 5469 6200 1489 2721 (belonged to Olga Yurievna Zaitseva). Prior to that, there was a translation option 4276 3000 1153 569 (to Sergey Kononov). Continued verification. To do this, I sent a selfie with an unfolded passport in my hands, its data, a photo of a receipt from the utility service. Then we talked a lot with Lika Stoch. The woman became my analyst. She kept trying to persuade me to deposit more money into the account. A certain amount was supposed to be taken on credit. I designed it. In total, I received 211,700 rubles and sent all this to the company: 11.12.2019 and 23.12.2019.

The joint activity was organized using the AnyDesk software. Lika now has the opportunity to remotely log into his personal account, work, simultaneously explaining what he is doing and why. I was embarrassed by the detail: the button with the inscription “Withdraw funds” was not activated in any way. I drafted and sent a claim to the company’s address. I indicated the following facts: the card is verified, the deposit is 3346.5 US dollars, I want to leave only 46.50 there, withdraw the rest ($3300). I didn’t wait for an answer. I sent a letter for the second time, tried to activate the widget for a refund. I received a ban on withdrawal due to exceeding the number of requests. The third appeal had no effect. There was no more talk of cooperation. I publish a review of Paladium Trade here, I hope it will be a warning for others. trader's claims

Paladium Trade Withdrawal Request

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