MaxiServices LTD: how a broker deceived a trader for 10 thousand dollars

The official page of the site is almost empty. There is no history of the emergence and development of the organization. Since July 2018, the broker has not done anything meaningful: neither participation in programs, nor the publication of interesting articles. The head of the board is a certain Stephen Barlow. If this is the same person who works as a conductor, opera director and member of the US House of Representatives, then pertinent questions arise regarding the quality of the broker’s work.

A check of MaxiServices LTD on the website (broker evaluation service) showed that the company was not recorded there (rating of binary options brokers). Even in this high-risk market, there was no rightful place for MaxiServices LTD. The broker itself has not received an Extended Validation (EV SSL) SSL certificate, which financial companies need to have in order to protect themselves and customer data. It is worth noting that brokers who are in the TOP-10 of the best have such a certificate. Why is MaxiServices LTD not eager to get a document at all? And all because the certification authority carefully checks the company, its Internet resource and managers. Scammers do not want to shine, spend money. It’s better to launch an intrusive, aggressive advertising campaign and get a few dozen gullible customers.

MaxiServices LTD is a scam and scammers

Site Quality & Domain Registration

The quality index of the MaxiServices LTD site according to Yandex X is 1300. Not so little, but this figure is the norm for advertising agencies, while brokerage sites should have an indicator in the range of 2000-2500. Why do the numbers fall short? The thing is that the broker does not publish reviews, articles, news, does not provide information support to customers. It imitates work without investing in really useful and necessary things. There is also a problem with the domain, judging by the data of the WHOIS service, the information is classified. Contact details and e-mail address are not indicated. Such secrecy is not to the face of a respectable company.

MaxiServices LTD Regulator

The company was registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the famous offshore zone. The legislation of this region allows not to publish information about the regulator of brokerage companies in the public domain. At the same time, MaxiServices LTD does not have the right to provide financial services on the territory of Russia, since it is not listed on the website of the Central Bank. The client agreement, published on the pseudo-broker’s website, indicates that the company is not responsible for violating the law – all the blame lies with the trader (binary options scammers).

MaxiMarkets license and regulationAs you might expect, there are no regulatory licenses or other documents from inspection bodies on the site. In case of disputes, the trader will have nowhere to turn, because the broker actually works on its own.

Client Agreement

The document spells out monstrous, from the point of view of common sense, things. The company reserves complete freedom of action: it can delete, block the account without prior notice. The broker does not track transactions, but it can do so at any time and not be held responsible.

MaxiServices LTD TransactionsFor some reason, it is separately stated in the client agreement that the user does not have the right to cause concern to the company’s employees. What is meant by this? Can you not call, communicate, write or otherwise contact brokers? Does this mean that any desire for contact with workers will be evaluated as interference? Interesting position. contact with customersThis is only a small but important list of problematic issues. Before cooperating with a broker, it is necessary to read the document in order to determine for yourself exactly whether it is worth starting work or looking for another, more responsible, intermediary.

Reviews about the pseudo-broker MaxiServices LTD

There are a lot of negative reviews on the Internet about the broker’s work (complaints about binary options brokers). The accusations mainly relate to the refusal to withdraw money and the drain of the deposit. The refusal to pay is argued in different ways. Most often, the broker gives the trader bonuses that the latter must spend, and only then request a withdrawal. Another popular way is to request verification, that is, identity verification, which is usually carried out after registration, but pseudo-brokers specifically postpone it for later. The drain of money from the deposit is as follows: MaxiServices LTD managers try to gain access to the account under various pretexts, after which, if possible, they close the transactions themselves, and transfer the amount to their bank accounts (black list of binary options brokers). Testimonials from those affected speak for themselves:

MaxiMarkets reviews

MaxiMarkets reviews

The real story of the client

The victim had family problems that required a lot of money to solve. The man decided to look for earnings on the Internet and immediately got to the website. The resource had a presentable appearance, information about quick enrichment and trading training caught my eye. It was captivating. In February 2018, the man registered on the site. He was quickly contacted by the senior manager of the company, Alexander Egorov, who offered to engage in trading, described the conditions and the newly minted “trader” agreed.

Then a girl contacted the man, calling herself Sweet Crow. She suggested that the victim install the Any Desk program and open remote access to his computer. After receiving a username and password, I went to my personal account on the platform. Then she took matters into her own hands: she generated a new username and password, provided them to the client, told the man not to work independently with the account, because he did not understand the functioning of the exchange.

Mila argued that in order to really make money, you need to invest a lot. The naïve client believed and did not resist. Next, Mila Crowe asked the man to pass verification. To do this, he had to provide a copy of the first page of his passport and registration, as well as a photo of his bank card. “Analyst” offered to work together with the trader for confidence and at the same time invest a significant amount in the account – 10 thousand dollars each. The man did not feel the catch and agreed.

For a whole month, the trader and his personal “analyst” Mila Crowe worked together on the site. From 18.05.2018 to 20.05.2018, the man transferred more than 10 thousand US dollars to the account through the Western Union payment system. At the end of the period, the amount in the account was equal to 40 thousand dollars. Inspired by the success, the “trader” decided to withdraw the money, but Mila stopped him (chargeback instructions on the In early February 2019, the client saw that the balance was no longer $ 40000, but minus $ 748. All transactions were made by Mila, that is, it is she who is responsible for all the consequences. The next day, the victim was unable to log in to his account on the login to your personal account
Mila’s manager’s phone did not answer. After that, it was possible to find out that all the money went to the accounts of individuals registered in Israel:

  • Yulia Shpilberg – payment via Western Union, My WU membership number – 265589885;
  • Dina Khoroshilova – via Western Union, My WU member number – 283051457;
  • Ovinova Valentina Pavlovna transfer via Western Union.

The victim decided not to give up. In February, he sent a claim to Maximarkets, in which he described the inability to log into his personal account. Unfortunately, the man did not wait for an answer. In total, the losses amounted to 10378.74 US dollars (is it possible to return the money from the broker?). Maximarkets managers took advantage of the client’s inexperience, gullibility and personal problems to lure money. We strongly do not recommend contacting such offices, no matter what life situation you are in.

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