Connecting emotions with your financial problems

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The problem with finances and irrational spending in people is often caused by hidden emotions and psychological attitudes. 

Nowadays, people are increasingly interested in how to learn how to plan and manage personal finances. And this is not surprising. Who doesn’t want to forget about the constant lack of money and become a financially independent, rich person? Information on this topic is now quite easy to find. It is enough to go to the Internet, and there you will find articles, courses and special programs that explain in detail how to make a family budget, plan your income and expenses, invest money, and so on.

In the end, you make the right decision – to take control of your finances. But this does not mean that you will immediately stop spending money irrationally and become economical. All your hopes that you will put your personal finances in order and direct them in the right direction can be destroyed by emotional blocks and other features of your psyche. People’s emotions are very often strongly related to money, but they rarely realize it. To get rid of such a binding, you must first realize it.

Your family budget can be negatively affected by psychological factors.

A family curse. What to do about it

From early childhood, the child has an attitude towards the norms of behavior, morality, the world around him and money. So your current attitude to finances directly depends on how money was treated in your family. For example, money issues led to constant scandals or caused a tense situation in the family, then this could well leave a negative imprint on the psyche.  The man has grown up, and it’s time to take care of his own finances. Years later, he endured the fear of quarrels and conflicts related to money. A negative imprint laid down since childhood can cause stress every time you need to deal with financial issues, so most often everything is left to chance.

If you decide to start planning personal finances, and you can’t take control of your expenses, it’s time to remember and analyze the attitude to money and expense planning in your family while you were growing up. It is possible that your parents’ conversations about money have formed some of your erroneous beliefs, and the roots of the problems lie in your childhood. 

Money has become a cure for heartache. What to do about it

Money for mental wounds can often act as a temporary painkiller. Someone seizes their stress, unpleasant emotions, someone goes to the store and buys a bunch of unnecessary, often expensive things. This causes a sense of superiority, emotional uplift, for a while helps to forget about troubles. But this behavior does not eliminate problems, but on the contrary, exacerbates them even more. After all, after an emotional uplift, which passes very quickly, in addition to the unresolved problem, there is also a feeling for wasted money.

If you suddenly have a desire to spend money on something unplanned, try to concentrate and assess your emotional state. If you were upset at the time of making the decision to buy something, then most likely you need the purchase to relieve stress.

Money and resentment. What to do about it

Having money is a serious means of self-affirmation. This is how it happened in society. Money and resentment are interconnected with each other if in the family where a person grew up, there was a constant shortage of money, or he was not given it in the desired quantities. In such a situation, there may be resentment against money and everything connected with it. Resentment is a very unpleasant and dangerous feeling. It spoils relations between people, destroys all the positive. And if money is at the heart of resentment, it interferes with the reasonable resolution of personal financial issues.

Remember if you have a money-related grudge, and find the strength to reconsider your attitude towards it, even if you then had reason to be offended. Get the resentment out of your head – it now interferes only with you, and no one else.

 Money as an expression of love. What to do about it

If you have the opinion that a person’s love can be measured by the money spent on him, you have a serious psychological problem. The substitution of real love with money and expensive gifts can be the beginning of the collapse of not only your financial well-being, but also your relationship. This does not mean that you do not need to give gifts. They are an integral part of relationships between people. It’s just that the amounts spent on them should not exceed your financial capabilities. If you buy gifts with the last money, and your loved one is well aware of the real state of your finances and allows you to do it, then it’s time to think about how real his feelings are.

People like to both receive and give gifts. They evoke a sense of celebration,  a lot of positive emotions and cheer up. But this does not mean that gifts have to be necessarily expensive, especially if there are financial problems.  If people have a serious relationship, then care and attention cannot be compared with any expensive gift.

The connection between money and emotions

Think about how thoughts and habits related to your finances now may have been influenced by past experiences with money. It is worth starting to plan and manage personal finances, think about how to form your budget and where  to invest money by researching your emotions related to money.

Whether we like it or not, our lives are governed by emotions. Positive  emotions help to achieve unprecedented success in life, negative emotions destroy everything. Therefore, before any endeavors, you should first deal with your emotions.


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