A few examples of how you can save your money

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Most likely, everyone has heard this expression: a penny saves a ruble. Although today this smallest monetary unit is not so valuable, but the principle of saving is still the same. It is impossible to have more without saving on small. This article will help you understand what you can save on to save your money

Savings on purchases

  • You can significantly save money if, instead of well-advertised well-known brands, you buy analogues of goods of other brands. Remember that in a branded product, the lion’s share of its price is the value of the brand itself, not the product. Unadvertised analogues in their composition, quality and characteristics are often not inferior to brands, while an order of magnitude cheaper. This applies to literally all goods, from clothing to medicines. Comparing an analogue with a brand is now quite simple: go to the Internet – there you can find all the information about the product you are interested in.
  • Now the vast majority of people pay their salaries to a bank plastic card, and almost all stores use cashless payments when paying for purchases. Of course, it is very convenient. There is no need to go to the bank, withdraw cash and carry a wallet with money with you all the time, it is more reliable and hygienic. But there is a downside. If a person constantly uses a bank card when shopping, then he gradually begins to lose control over expenses. Studies show that it is psychologically more difficult for people to part with real cash than just with numbers on a card. And yet progress is progress, and plastic cards are gradually replacing ordinary paper money. Therefore, you need to develop the habit of carefully studying the check after shopping. You can also install a mobile application and use it to control your expenses.
  • Do you often withdraw money from someone else’s bath or ATM? Please note that transactions for transfers and cashing out of money between banks are subject to interest. Although they seem small at first glance, if you do it regularly, then the amount will not be so small. In addition, it turns out that you made some effort to earn this money, and then took it and just gave it to someone. Do you need it?
  • Now a lot of purchases are made through online stores that constantly hold promotions and make personal discounts to their customers on certain types of goods. It’s hard to overcome such a temptation and not buy a product with a coupon. But remember that a coupon should not be a reason to buy something that may not be useful to you. The reason for buying something is the need for it. Prices for goods in online stores are an order of magnitude lower than in regular stores. And this is their clear advantage. In addition, now a new direction has appeared – used clothes without socks, that is, previously bought by someone, but not worn, having all the tags. You can buy unique things at bargain prices.
  • Learn how to plan your purchases. Before going to the store, get into the habit of making a list of necessary things and buy everything in accordance with it. Take just enough money with you to make pre-planned purchases. So even if you want to buy something not so necessary in addition to the list, then you simply will not have money for it.


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Saving on the house

  • As a rule, heating and electricity supply occupy the main percentage of utility bills. Air conditioners are turned on in summer, heaters in winter. If you calculate how much you overpay for electricity, it will be cheaper to put good energy-saving windows. When buying electrical appliances, opt for high-end energy-saving equipment. You may pay more, but this money will pay off quickly.
  • Buy all-purpose cleaning products. The fact that you need to buy an individual cleaner for each surface or piece of furniture is just a marketing ploy.

Saving on food

  • You should not go to the supermarket for groceries in a half-starved state. Then it seems to you that you are ready to eat everything that is on the shelves, and make purchases in reserve. Make a list of the products you need in advance and limit yourself to a time limit. So you will not needlessly walk between the counters, and there will be less temptation to buy something else besides the list.
  • Don’t be tempted to sell perishable products at half price. Buy as much as you can eat. Since you may have to throw them away tomorrow. The markdown of products in itself indicates the imminent expiration date. By buying such products in large quantities, you run the risk of not saving money, but losing it.
  • By evening, prices in food markets usually decrease. All sellers want to go home, having sold out all their goods. Learn how to use it, and you will significantly reduce the cost of food.

Saving on habits

  • Everyone is well aware of disease prevention, that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Everyone knows, but few do. Teach yourself to eat right, give up unhealthy eating habits, alcohol – otherwise you will have to spend large sums on treatment in the future.
  • Almost everyone once forgot small things on the train, or slammed the doors of the house, car along with the keys. This indicates the disorganization of a person. Before you go somewhere, make sure that all the wallet, phone and other necessary things are in place. Keeping you organized will save you time and money.
  • If you can’t manage your finances, then transfer the right to dispose of them to your more skillful half. Give up consumer loans – they only pump your money out of you. After all, before you could do without this thing, did it suddenly become so vital to you that you are ready to overpay for it with such a lot of money?
  • As practice shows, if a person has a dimensionless wardrobe, then most of the things in it remain unclaimed. Then why do you need them? Follow the rule: if you buy a new thing, you throw away the old one. So it’s easier to refuse to buy new unnecessary things.
  • Learn to value your time, do not waste it. Even when you are traveling in transport, listen to something educational instead of music. Knowledge will always come in handy. Remember: time is money.



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