Best Bonuses in Binary Options

The best binary options bonuses are aimed at attracting attention, so that a trader who is looking for a trading platform chooses it based on a profitable bonus. There are many brokers on the market and sometimes it is difficult to choose something suitable from them, then it is the information about bonuses for those who choose a broker that comes to the rescue.

The best broker bonus is a kind of incentive that market participants are in a hurry to take advantage of. Such special offers are aimed at increasing interest in the broker, increasing the number of registrations; The trader, on the other hand, always benefits from special offers that give him advanced features.

Bonuses in options are an opportunity for a successful start in trading

Why do you need broker bonuses?

And do you need these bonuses at all. Let’s figure it out.

Profitable. Bonuses are an opportunity for a broker to express himself by offering interesting offers, favorable terms of cooperation, promotions and gifts for any actions. For you, this is an opportunity to enter trading on favorable terms.

Cost savings. Most often, the essence of bonuses comes down to receiving funds that a trader can use by fulfilling the necessary conditions – register on the site or bring a friend. These funds allow you to save your personal money, start trading and get real money for it. It is beneficial, comfortable psychologically, especially if you are a beginner.

Additional income opportunity. You can invite interested persons to the system and receive funds for this, depending on the conditions of the referral program. If you are an active and sociable person, you have a lot of friends, the income from participating in a special program can be decent.

Risk minimization. Some brokers offer as a bonus a refund of a certain percentage of funds in case of loss. So, you get an additional opportunity to recoup, while saving your money.

Do you need bonuses and should you pay attention to them when choosing a broker? If you are determined to work seriously in trading, a bonus is an opportunity for profitable trading, an opportunity to earn additional income or minimize your losses. Some brokers allow you not to use the bonus, you can take this into account when choosing a trading platform.

In general, bonuses should not scare you away, on the contrary, when you start the first steps in options trading, the broker’s conditions and special offers are what will allow you to save or benefit. By competently using the bonus and knowing the terms of use of the bonus, you can earn more and start trading more confidently.

Types of Binary Options Bonuses

  • Upon registration (“welcome bonus” or no deposit bonus). It is issued at the very beginning of working with a broker. This is an additional amount of money that increases the amount of the deposit.
  • For replenishment of the account. The amount of remuneration here is always different, it can be a specific amount or it is a percentage of the amount of the first replenishment.
  • Refund of part of the funds in case of loss. This type of remuneration is valid when a loss is received, often it is about 10-25%.
  • For an invited friend (referral). Referral programs are common for brokers, when a trader receives a reward for inviting new faces to the system. Here, accruals can be in the form of an amount for the registration of attracted traders, or in the form of a percentage of the amount that he will enter into trading.

Best Broker Bonuses

Bonuses of the Binomo broker

100% Mega Deposit Bonus with Special Coupon

A lucrative bonus that doubles the deposit amount twice. To take advantage of the promotion, you need to enter a special coupon in a special field when paying a deposit. The promotion can be combined with other bonuses.

Binomo broker bonus: 100% on a deposit with a special coupon

Use Binomo Bonus

Up to 9000 rubles for the first deposit

A special bonus for newcomers to the platform. In order to receive a gift, you need to deposit funds into your personal account. So, you can replenish the deposit and receive gift deals in the amount of up to 9,000 rubles.

A special bonus for newcomers to the Binomo

Use Binomo Bonus

Tournaments from Binomo

Weekly tournament on a demo account: get $150

This is a great way to trade on Binomo profitably. The free tournament is held weekly, every Thursday. Any owner of a demo account with a broker can take part in it and receive real money as a gift, regardless of trading experience. The main prize that Binomo awards to the winner who has reached the largest deposit amount during the tournament is options in the amount of $150.

Weekly Binomo tournament on a demo account: get $150

Take part in the Binomo tournament

Weekly Standard Tournament: Get $1000

A special tournament, which takes place on a real account, serves as a broker’s support for traders. The winner, who makes the maximum turnover during his participation in the tournament, will get a prize of $ 1000. To participate in the tournament, you need a STANDARD account.

Start of the next tournament: 03.07.2017 10:00 MSK (07:00 UTC)

End: 09.07.2017 23:00 MSK (20:00 UTC)

Binomo Standard Weekly Tournament: Get $1000

Take part in the Binomo tournament

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OptionBit Bonuses

Welcome bonus up to 100%

The Optionbit broker gives a special bonus to newcomers to the trading platform. The promotion will increase the deposit up to 100% depending on the amount of the deposit. The bonus is automatically credited after payment of the deposit.

It is not possible to withdraw this bonus to the card, but you can withdraw the income received from trading with the bonus.

Broker Optionbit gives a special bonus to newcomers to the trading platform

Use OptionBit Bonus

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uTrader Bonuses

Up to 120% for recommending a broker to a friend

A special broker bonus for active traders. To get the bonus, you must recommend the platform to a friend who will work on it by transferring funds to the deposit. The bonus allows you to choose from one of the following bonuses:

  • Money up to 20% of the deposit amount to the account,
  • Bonus up to 120% of the deposit amount to the account.

uTrader bonus up to 120% for recommending a broker to a friend

Use uTrader Bonus

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Olymp Trade Bonuses

100% to the account at the first replenishment of the deposit

A profitable starting bonus of the Olymp Trade broker for newcomers to the terminal with the ability to double the deposit. The size of the bonus depends on the amount of the account (according to the terms of the promotion), which the trader must deposit within an hour after registering with the broker.

Profitable start-up bonus of the Olymp Trade broker for beginners

Use Olymp Trade Bonus

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Bonuses from FinMax

Tournament on demo accounts from FinMax

FinMax broker tournament for owners of demo accounts with a broker. So, you can get real money without replenishing the deposit and depositing your personal capital. The main condition for participation in the tournament is the availability of a demo account. A trader can join the competition at any time and test himself in options trading.

FinMax Broker Tournament for Demo Account Holders

Take part in the FinMax tournament

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Bonuses from Binarium

100% deposit bonus for new customers

Binarium gives a special welcome bonus to beginners at the first replenishment of the deposit, regardless of experience in trading. To receive a bonus, you need to register on the broker’s website and then replenish the deposit in the amount of $ 30 or more. After that, you need to write about it to the support service and the trader will receive his bonus.

Binarium welcome bonus for beginners at the first deposit replenishment

Use Binarium Bonus

Access to the Binarium trading room with a deposit of $100 or more

An interesting solution from the Binarium broker is a convenient trading platform, access to which gives a lot of opportunities to the trader: to see the work and use the recommendations of a professional Binarium trader in the chat, which will help to open profitable trades and earn income. The investor is completely immersed in the trading process, sees not only his screen, but also the analyst’s screen. To get access to this unique project, you need to make a deposit of $ 100 or more. To take part in the promotion, you need to register on the company’s website and make a deposit.

Access to the Binarium trading room with a deposit of $100 or more

Use Binarium Bonus

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What to look for when choosing bonuses?

When choosing the best options broker bonuses, pay attention to:

Reviews about the broker. If the reviews are only negative, and the name of the broker is unfamiliar to you and is absent in the ratings of brokers, you should refuse to work with such a site, no matter what profitable bonus you are attracted.

Reviews of the broker’s bonus. Often, traders also write reviews about the broker’s bonuses, indicating whether the conditions of the bonus have been met, whether the amount of money has been transferred for a specific list of actions. This information will make it possible to understand how honest the broker is with you and whether it fulfills the obligations given to you as a bonus participant.

Conditions for participation in the bonus. Deadlines and a list of required actions for activation. Under what conditions the bonus is valid, what you must do to get a bonus – you must clearly know this, and a trusted broker puts forward the conditions for receiving a bonus quite rigidly.

Availability of support service and bonus documentation. With a reliable broker, you can always clarify information about the bonus, about what you need to do to get it. Also, the site must clearly indicate the conditions for participation in the bonus.

How to properly use bonuses in options?

  • Treat the bonus carefully. You earned this money, perhaps it was not easy for you.
  • Don’t risk the entire bonus at once. Start trading with inexpensive options, do not buy expensive options, because funds may be needed in order to recoup.
  • Bonus as a control of the level of risk. If there are more funds on your deposit, it will increase your opportunities in trading in the options market.
  • Bonus for the growth of your profits. A bonus can provide a great opportunity to increase the volume of trades, which will increase your chances of earning a decent income.
  • Use the bonus to get acquainted with the trading platform and broker. Psychologically, it is easier to work with funds that are not personally yours and you got a relatively easy way. Let the bonus funds help you work out a strategy, refine your weaknesses.
  • Bonus as an opportunity to exit from the negative value of the deposit. Additional funds can change the state of your account to positive, and then you can recoup and get a good income.

In general, you should not be afraid of the bonus, first of all, for you it is a great opportunity for a successful start in a trader’s career. Work with the bonus thoughtfully, control the risks of transactions and the results will not be long in coming.


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