Eric Nyman – “The Small Encyclopedia of the Trader” download the book for free

Small Encyclopedia of TradersBook by E. Nyman “Small Encyclopedia of the Trader” is the best choice for novice brokers and professionals. Along with a detailed and understandable presentation of the theory, the reader is presented with the main points of practice that need to be studied in order to start trading forex successfully. Thanks to this data, you will not only save your savings, but also learn about how to increase them.

Also, Eric Nyman in his book “The Small Encyclopedia of the Trader” describes all the qualities that should be characteristic of a broker. The author even offers several ways to check whether you are a potential participant in the forex market.

After reading the book, many forex traders switched to binary options trading. The reason is that if you trade on strategies, then the chance of earning is higher than on Forex.
The whole point of trading is
to predict the trend, the direction of the market
. In binary options, it is easier to do this for many reasons. So, for example, the reason for blocking scalpers is on Forex. After all, the binary options market is designed specifically for trading for short periods of time.




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