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Our society lives in the conditions of modern capitalism, when the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. This is largely due to the fact that the more money a person has, the more opportunities he has to earn more money. But here we are not talking about the rich – they already have their own personal capital, and they not only continue to successfully accumulate it, but also increase and preserve it. There is also the middle stratum of the population, whose income is enough not only to meet the necessary needs, but also there is a surplus.

There is also a category of poor people who are just beginning to delve into the concept of personal finance and are also trying to somehow get out of the swamp of financial distress. They begin to save hard, as a result, they also have free money. People are faced with a natural question: what to do next with money in order not to lose it, but on the contrary, to preserve and increase it? The answer to this question is different for each person, depending on what his life priorities, goals and opportunities are. In this article, we will look at the most popular options for investing your personal finances. 

Precious metals

It has always been believed that the surest way to preserve and increase your capital is to invest in precious metals. If, with a shortage of paper money, the government of almost any state can turn on the printing press and print them as much as you like, then this cannot happen with precious metals, since their volume is limited, and the increase in circulation is due to their production. It is believed that those who invest in precious metals are protected from inflation. On the other hand, the value of precious metals is due to their unique  chemical and physical composition and the size of the demand for them in industry. But now is the time of high technology, and the previously irreplaceable precious metals are being replaced by new alloys that are similar and even superior in their characteristics to precious metals. The price of them is currently  very volatile and depends on many factors, so this type of investment can only be considered as one of the options, and even then not the main one. 


Investing personal finances in securities is a well-known and popular way to quickly increase your capital, although it is highly exposed to financial risks. It is also necessary to take into account the important fact that the securities market is a closed system: if one participant in this system acquired some amount, then the other lost exactly the same amount. In order to successfully engage in such investments, you need certain knowledge and a lot of time to monitor the situation on the securities market. If you decide to engage in this type of investment because you just read the advertisements and decided to earn quickly and a lot, then you have the opportunity to lose all your money.

The most popular type of investment today is BINARY OPTIONS. The main advantage is the minimum deposit, to high profitable trading

Deposit account in the bank

Opening a deposit account with a bank is a very convenient way to preserve and increase your personal capital. You need to choose a reliable bank and insure your deposit, although in times of crisis, a reliable bank may become unreliable tomorrow, and the percentage of profitability of such a deposit is often less than inflation.  So there are financial risks here too. 

Study. Upgrading

A good way to invest personal finances is considered if a person directs them to study, to acquire a specialty or improve their skills. Qualified specialists are needed always and everywhere, and if you choose this method of investment, you can count on a higher salary. But there is one “but”. The salary of any specialist, even the most highly qualified, will eventually hit the ceiling. He will keep his finances, will work for the employer and increase his personal finances, but he will not be able to increase his own. To do this, he will need to retrain as a manager, and the acquisition of relevant knowledge will again require  further investment. 

Your business

If you have initial capital, and you are not afraid of possible failures, then you can try to invest in the development of your business. Here you have the opportunity to choose the project you like and start working not for someone, but for yourself. Under good circumstances, this method of investing will not only preserve personal capital, but also increase it. True, the risks are also rather big.

Real estate

An initial capital will be required to invest in real estate. This method of investment is considered one of the most stable and reliable. He is not afraid of inflation, devaluation or crisis. Real estate is a source of albeit small, but quite stable income. If you rent it out, you will receive cash, if you live in it, you will save on rental housing. That is, by investing your capital in real estate, you can not only save it, but also increase it.
To gain financial independence, it is necessary not only to accumulate your initial capital, but also to be able to preserve and increase it. Many of those who join the race for financial freedom understand this and try to do something to change their lives for the better. They  begin to save and save money in order to invest it profitably.   But few survive this race. The economic crisis, inflation, devaluation, rising prices devalue the deferred funds, and people are returning to where they started.  

The thing is that the economy is controlled by cash flows, and the rich is the one who takes control of them. The more money a person has, the more such cash flows he will be able to control. It is almost impossible for an ordinary person to take control of existing cash flows in order to have passive income from them in the form of interest. This requires special knowledge,  a lot of time and patience. But creating new cash flows and taking them under control is a more realistic way to preserve and increase personal capital. Options for investing in your business and real estate create your own cash flow, and a person can personally control it. For example, you have your own apartment where you live with your family. You have accumulated the necessary amount of money (you can take a mortgage) and bought a second apartment. You have the opportunity to rent it out (the rental market is very developed) and have passive income.

The next apartment or some kind of property will already be much easier to buy, and so on. Buying apartment after apartment, you will save your capital, and by renting them out, you will increase it, that is, create and control  your small cash flow. In other words, investing in real estate will provide stability, insurance and profitability to your personal capital. The same is true of investing in your business.
Regardless of which investment option you choose, you will definitely need to educate yourself, increase your level of financial literacy. Take the time and be patient – and you will succeed: accumulate the initial capital, save it and increase it.


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