SuperBinary is a scam that should be avoided!

The problem of withdrawing money from SuperBinary (website:, this supposedly binary options broker, was faced by many gullible traders. The reputation of this brokerage office is such that almost all reviews that relate to it are negative. For example, you can read such reviews on the website here and here.

With a small number of positive reviews (clearly paid or made by the employees of the “company” themselves), all users who have encountered this broker claim that SuperBinary is a real scammer and scammer (blacklist of brokers). In the activities of this so-called “broker” there is a full toolkit of scammers:

  • tempting promises at the beginning;
  • inability to withdraw from the account at the request of the client;
  • impudent and rude support after it is no longer possible to lure money from the client;
  • purposeful draining of deposits, etc.

SuperBinary is a scam and a scammer

As numerous complaints from traders about SuperBinary show, the company always operates according to the same scheme. It allocates several “brokers” for one trader and he works with them personally. Such work means that the trader provides the financial advisor with all the data, and by signing the documents, allows him to perform transactions on his own behalf. This is important to know, since the further history of the trader, which we will talk about, eloquently confirms the fraudulent actions of the broker (rating of reliable brokers).

How SuperBinari throws: the real story of the client

“I was just robbed. Instead of wanting to earn a little, I took out a loan, which I will pay for 3 years and got a microinfarction. This is the end of cooperation with SuperBinari for one of its clients. Working with the company lasted about 8 months, during which time the person managed to lose 6,000 USD.

Initially, after seeing an ad on the Internet, the client registered on the site and was contacted by a broker. First, at the request of the broker, in February 2018, 250 USD was transferred via Western Union in the name of Arutyun Malkhosyan, and then in the name of Anatoly Sheremetyev. Some time later, the manager Alexander called her several times and there was silence. After the client had already come to terms with the lost money, Alexander called her with the news that he had earned $100 for her, and on the platform it was now possible to see 350 USD in her account. Here is what the deceived woman herself says about this:

“I had already come to terms with the loss of money and blamed only myself for it. I did not carry out any operations, since no one explained to me how this is done. One day, Alexander called me again and said that he had earned me $ 100 in a day. On the platform, I saw $350. That’s it, after that there is complete silence” (Is it possible to get a refund from the broker?).

SuperBinary is a scam! Beware of it!

The beginning of the main scam of SuperBinari began from the moment the client received an e-mail message that $ 15,000 had been transferred to her account. Without delay, Alexander Bestuzhev called and confirmed the transfer of money. He advised him to transfer $10,000 to the account and pay $1,000 for it. $5,000 (1%) that remained, the client should have received if she sent 1,500 USD (3%). The scammers acted without delay – every 30 minutes there were calls with persuasion to do everything as they say. And the client, succumbing to persuasion, did everything.

On October 17, 1,500 USD was transferred to the name of Anatoly Mikhailovich Krylov, and after October 22, $ 1,000 was sent to the name of Akhmat Arturovich Vartanov through the Western Union system. Arguing that it was impossible to send money to the client via Western Union, Alexander again convinced the trader to send 1,500 USD via Ria once again in the name of Viktor Vladimirovich Makarov and assured that he would be able to get back 6,500 USD. And again, nothing happened, allegedly due to an error in the details during the transaction:

SuperBinary: the broker delays the withdrawal of money for the trader, finding problems in the withdrawal request

The client doubted that she had incorrectly indicated the details when she sent the transfer at the branch, which she reported to the swindler in a response message. But, in order to make sure that this is not an oversight on the part of the branch employee, I decided to find out it again and take a picture of the monitor, where the details were fixed, where the transfer was made:

In response, the SuperBinary trader takes the initiative into his own hands and tries to understand the withdrawal request

Thus, the client’s money went “nowhere”, which was explained as a translation error. This time, the broker offered to transfer the money again, but in a different name. According to the broker’s assurances, thanks to the next transfer, the client will be able to receive the entire amount back. A desperate woman once again “bought” the tricks of a swindler. The scheme was repeated at first, the client again sent $ 1,500 in the name of Fedorishcheva Ekaterina Ivanovna, but this time through MoneyGram. And as a result, she sent 5,500 USD:

SuperBinary: the broker gives the trader new hope, offering to make a withdrawal request again

Later, from a certain Alevtina Tsareva, a letter from which came to the mail, the client found out that Alexander “went on a business trip”, and Alevtina herself also disappeared after the client asked about her money:

SuperBinary: then the broker again finds some reasons to defraud money from the trader

SuperBinary: the trader finally realizes that the broker has

Thanks to the fact that the client has saved correspondence and receipts, now the public can learn about the machinations of SuperBinary. As a result, the woman was left without money and with undermined health. Superbinary shamelessly deceived its client for a large sum, which is probably in the accounts of the company’s employees or its directors. Therefore, before trusting someone with your money or contacting companies with a dubious reputation, think carefully, because there is a high probability that the same thing can happen to you (chargeback instructions for

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