“Titanium” Trading Strategy

To obtain a stable performance of trading processes in the market, traders need an instrumental approach that is able to quickly assess the current indicators of trading quotes and generate forecasts with a high level of probability. It is for these purposes that we provide the Titanium trading system, the technical architecture of which is based on a combination of high-tech automatic analysis tools. This system of tools allows you to effectively and with a high stable result to use term positions to make a profit.

“Titanium” system – technical requirements

To use the technical means of the trading strategy, as well as to obtain the most accurate quotes of the underlying assets, we will use a professional high-tech service with a wide range of technical tools tradingview.com. It is necessary due to the exclusivity of the indicators included in the template of the Titanium trading system. To generate the technical markup of the chart, use the online library of indicators of this service, from which you need to take the following indicator services:

  • Arnaud Legoux MA – the work of the tool is based on the use of a specific algorithm for calculating the moving average, which opens up the possibility of obtaining smoothed data on the direction and possible development of the trend. Thus, we get an effective indicator for the formation of trading forecasts.
  • Stochastic is a classic service for generating forecasts based on the assessment of critical zones of market price movement, as well as possible levels of price reversals to form a new trend
  • Insync Index is a resource that also refers to the oscillator type of indicators that actively generate signals in volatile markets. In this case, the tool is used as a system for identifying false trading signals for trading in the market

Install this set of technical analysis services on a technical chart with a liquidity period of M1:

Since this information service is not a trading platform, it is impossible to conduct operations on the derivatives market. For this reason, it is necessary to register an account on a specialized terminal, which provides safe trading conditions, as well as a platform with a set of highly professional and technological services. In this matter, we recommend a platform for working with over-the-counter contracts from Binomo. Traders here have every opportunity for stable earnings in the safest mode for investment.

In addition, we draw your attention to the fact that the system is designed for highly dynamic trading in the derivatives market, so you need to clearly select the underlying assets for trading and the time of financial transactions. As optimal trading instruments, we recommend using cryptocurrency pairs, a set of major fiat currencies with the maximum level of volatility of price movements, as well as commodity instruments that are characterized by an extremely high level of trend stability.


Strategy Trading Signals

To open a trading contract on the market with a forecast for the growth of quotes, apply the following set of system indicators:

  • The quotes chart crossed the level of the Arnaud Legoux MA indicator service with an upward trend
  • The Stochastic lines have crossed upwards below the overbought level, indicating a continuation of the uptrend
  • The dynamic trend line of the Insync Index service made an upward reversal from the technical oversold level

Strategy Trading Signals

Having identified such a set of indicator indicators, it is necessary to open an UP position on the trading platform.

To open trading contracts on the market with a forecast for a drop in quotes, apply the following set of system indicators:

  • The quotes chart crossed the level of the Arnaud Legoux MA indicator service with a downward trend
  • Stochastic lines have crossed down below the overbought level, indicating a continuation of the downtrend
  • The dynamic trend line of the Insync Index service made a downward reversal from the technical overbought level

open a position DOWN on the trading platform

Having identified such a set of signals, it is necessary to open a DOWN position on the trading platform.



The above set of technical indicators of the trading strategy toolkit identifies trend fluctuations lasting up to 15 minutes on the working chart, therefore, when trading, we use positions whose redemption is within the specified range. At the same time, you can use single contracts with a maturity of 15 minutes or a series of contracts, each of which will have an expiration of 5 minutes.


Money management

To work on the strategy in a safe mode for trading contracts, it is necessary to apply the classic risk management restrictions. These trading rules will minimize the indicators of trading risks and losses:

  • When working on a minimum trading account ($10), use contracts with an initial cost
  • With the growth of capital, increase the volume of trading funds to a maximum level of 5% of the volume of equity



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