Mobile earnings on mobile devices: earnings without a computer

Mobile earnings on mobile devices

Mobile trading is a real breakthrough, because You can trade anytime and whenever it suits you. Very often you need to go somewhere, go away, and you can’t use the computer. But even a minimum period of time can bring you income, it is enough to have a terminal application for your phone at hand.

Today, in the age of dynamic development of technology, many opportunities are simplified: everyone has smart smartphones in order to be connected, laptops for working at a computer and tablets for reading books and newspapers, watching TV shows and everyone’s favorite toys. Everything is aimed at making you comfortable.

Did you know that with the help of your favorite phone you can also earn real money: for a vacation, for the realization of dreams and just for yourself? Earn money lying on the couch, sitting on the beach or by the fire. Trading does not stand still and also keeps up with the times, offering you the opportunity to comfortably earn real money – anywhere and anytime, the main thing is that it is convenient, simple and understandable for you.

Mobile applications for trading binary options meet all modern requirements: this is a convenient personal account with statistics of your transactions, a simple work process, the presence of indicators, useful tips, and the ability to quickly withdraw funds. The application does not differ in the set of functions from the web version of the terminal, it has all the necessary functions for trading and you do not need to additionally turn on the computer. Usually, the broker provides an application for all popular phone software: Android, AOS, Windows, which greatly simplifies the work.

Download the 24option app

Trading in a mobile application allows you to make the process much faster and more convenient: you do not need to turn on the computer and download programs while sitting at your desk. You just need to sit or lie down in a comfortable position, tune in to work and you can start. This approach is undoubtedly a positive thing for the trader.

In order to become a truly modern and mobile trader, you only need to choose a broker and install the proposed application for the mobile platform.

Advantages of mobile trading

  • A mobile device is a familiar and convenient gadget, it always accompanies you, and you can open the application and place a bet at any free moment.
  • Thanks to the Internet, you are mobile, available on the network and at any time you can carry out any operations with the account and terminal.
  • Comfortable work, adapted to the features of the screen display, nice design, intuitive interface.
  • The ability to study at any convenient time.
  • In a mobile device, absolutely all the necessary operations for work are available: analysis, reading news and trading.
  • The ability to choose a broker that offers a convenient application for working from your phone.
  • Most often, brokers, releasing mobile applications, focus on all operating systems of phones at once: Android, iOS, Windows.

MetaTrader 4 mobile app

MetaTrader 4 (download) is one of the most popular trading terminals in binary options. This is a flexible and modern platform that offers the trader advanced features: a convenient trading space, the ability to trade, conduct technical analysis, add indicators, including the installation of oscillators that are not included in the standard set of tools.

It is thanks to the easy installation of indicators and entire trading systems (read the instructions for installing files in MT4 here) that this program is considered one of the basic ones for a modern market player. The company strives to be in trend, providing its user with a set of modern tools, including the ability to install a convenient mobile application.

MetaTrader 4 Mobile Platform

Mobile version of the MetaTrader 4 terminal is a full-fledged trading platform that is in no way inferior to the web version: you can choose from indicators, quote charts, training materials, trading orders, 3 types of charts (bars, candlesticks, line), 9 timeframes (from a minute to a month), news, you can also easily control the funds on the account, the history of transactions, trade in one touch. So, your mobile trading is fully functional.

To install the free MetaTrader 4 mobile application, versions are available for such popular operating systems as iOS and Android.

The main trading space is made in colors familiar to the trader, it looks compact on a smartphone. You can add additional indicators and shapes to the main chart:

MetaTrader 4 Mobile Platform

As in the web version, you can choose from three ways to display the main chart:

MetaTrader 4 Mobile Platform: 3 Ways to Display a Chart

You can also add indicators to the price chart at any time: both to the main chart and to the auxiliary one (“Indicator Window1”). Thus, the mobile platform allows you to implement the possibility of convenient technical analysis:

MetaTrader 4 Mobile Platform: The Possibility of Technical Analysis

If you double-click on the screen, then all the basic settings of the trading terminal are available “in one click” (choosing a timeframe, type of price chart, the ability to add an indicator or objects) and, by clicking on, say, one of the options for the expiration time, you will immediately see that it is added to the chart. In the image below, the expiration has been changed to M30 in this way and the display of the main price chart has been changed to bars:

MetaTrader 4 Mobile Platform: Settings Available

In the “Trade” window, you can track the dynamics of the market, work with indicators, in the “History” department, you can track the history of transactions at any time.

The process of installing the indicator is very simple. After downloading the file, open the indicator window on your phone, select the account option. Please note that it is possible to work on the site without registration:

MetaTrader 4 Mobile Platform: You Can Work Without Registration

If you want to open a “Personal Account”, a window will appear in which you must fill in the required fields and you can immediately start working. The advantage of the mobile version is that you can use it at any free time, anywhere in the world, while on the road, on a trip.

Download the free mobile version of MetaTrader 4 for Android here.

Download the free mobile version of MetaTrader 4 for iPhone here.

Mobile application Olympus Trade

Olympus Trade is one of the most popular Russian binary options brokers, which is aimed specifically at the Russian audience. The advantage of the company is that traders can get high-quality support in Russian language, all the material on the site is available. The broker’s trading platform is distinguished by a modern user-friendly system and a simple interface.

The Web terminal is the company’s own development. For work, the necessary tools are presented: a personal account, analytics, a set of indicators, market reviews, an economic calendar. To work, you can choose any expiration (from a minute to an hour), use a live chart, test strategies and trade very comfortably.

Check out the full review of Olympus Trade here,

Go to the Olympus Trade website here.

Mobile platform Olympus Trade

Broker Olympus Trade, following modern trends, offers traders a convenient mobile platform for trading, which will allow you to trade anywhere at any convenient time. It doesn’t matter what kind of account you have, training or real, by installing the application on your phone, you will feel the convenience and functionality of working with it. The mobile terminal is available for popular operating systems such as iOS and Android.

Mobile platform Olympus Trade

Download the Olymp Trade App

The platform does not differ from the capabilities of the web version, you have access to all charts, types of assets, an identical trading process, a personal account, transaction history, technical analysis and training capabilities. It is especially worth noting the design of the platform, it looks more attractive than on the broker’s website. On the right, you can easily select the type of asset you need:

Mobile application Olympus Trade: types of assets

On the left, you can select indicators, information about the account status, chart type, expiration, open and closed trades:

Mobile application Olympus Trade: information about the state of the account

Olimp Trade Mobile App: Indicators

Mobile application Olympus Trade: the history of your transactions

To trade, you just need to select an asset, expiration, indicate the amount of the transaction and the forecast of market dynamics (higher or lower), that’s it, it remains to wait for the result. In case of a correct forecast, you will receive a profit of up to 90% on your account:

Mobile application Olympus Trade: a simple trading process

Olimp Trade Mobile App: Keep an Eye on Open Trades

Mobile application Olympus Trade: the system will show your winnings

The only downside is that only the SMA indicator is available in the app.

In general, the mobile version allows you to easily change the account option, replenish it, withdraw funds, get acquainted with the trading history and undergo training:

Mobile application Olympus Trade: replenish your deposit

The process of installing the indicator is very simple. After downloading the file, open the indicator window on your phone, go through a simple registration procedure (or log in if you already have a username and password), that’s it, you can study the system and trade:

Mobile application Olympus Trade: simple registration

Download the free mobile version of Olympus Trade for Android and iPhone here.

Binomo Mobile App

Binomo is one of the most popular Russian binary options brokers, characterized by favorable trading conditions and high-quality service. The broker pays special attention to the development of innovative services that make the work of traders more efficient. The trading terminal of a high professional level is the company’s own development, where the broker has taken into account all the preferences of traders as much as possible. It is one of the most effective trading platforms today.

The platform has everything you need for comfortable trading: a user-friendly interface, a central chart for forecasting the market, the ability to use any settings (scale, timeframes, assets, quotes, indicators, graphic elements, etc.).

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Go to the Binomo website here.

Binomo Mobile Platform

Binomo continues to develop the service, offering its user a convenient mobile platform. This application is no different from the capabilities of the web version of the broker, it makes it possible to earn money on options trading at any convenient time in any convenient place. The following features are available in the mobile platform: trading in the central window, tracking quotes, instant transactions, choosing an expiration from 60 seconds to 1 hour, simultaneous trading on 4 charts. Thanks to its excellent design and functionality, it is convenient for both professionals and beginners to trade here:

Binomo Mobile Platform

Download the Binomo app

For comfortable trading, you can choose an asset, expiration time:

Binomo Mobile Platform: Choose an Asset, Expiration Time

For convenience, you can choose to display the data of the main chart:

Binomo Mobile Platform: Chart View

In addition, you can always add an indicator (at the moment there are three indicators in the mobile version) and make the necessary settings:

Binomo Mobile Platform: Indicators

Binomo Mobile Platform: Customize the Indicator

You can also see the history of transactions:

Binomo Mobile Platform: Transaction History

To learn about all the features of the platform, you must click the “More” button in the upper right corner:

Binomo Mobile Platform: Features

In order to use the broker’s mobile application, you only need to download it and log in. If you are not yet a client of the company, by downloading the application, you can go through a quick registration and start trading.

Download the Binomo mobile app for Android and iPhone here.

FinMax Mobile App

FinMax is one of the most reliable modern brokers. Trading with a broker is carried out on a convenient and comfortable platform created by traders for traders. The terminal has a nice design, an intuitive interface allows even beginners to trade. It has everything you need for work. You can add assets, indicators, expiration (from 30 seconds to six months) to the main price chart. Also, the terminal has a convenient personal account with a history of transactions, the ability to deposit and withdraw funds in a convenient way for you. The protection of personal data is ensured by unique security protocols. After registering on the platform, you can trade from any convenient device.

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Go to the FinMax website here.

FinMax Mobile Platform

The broker offers its users a convenient mobile platform for trading from the phone. By installing it on your phone, you will be able to study market opportunities and bets when it is convenient for you. The platform runs on popular iOS and Android operating systems.

The FinMax mobile application is convenient and comfortable, has a nice design:

FinMax Mobile Platform

Despite the fact that the capabilities of the web version are wider than the mobile application, here you can carry out convenient trading. To place a bet in the application, you just need to select the type of asset, expiration time, specify the investment amount and click on the up or down button:

FinMax Mobile Platform: Price Chart

You can also work with the settings of the main price chart, select the type of chart (display in the form of a curved line or bars is available):

FinMax Mobile Platform: Set Up a Price Chart

The disadvantage of the application is the lack of indicators for technical analysis. In the application, you can go to your personal page, track the status of your account, the history of applications and work with money.

In order to try the possibilities of mobile trading, download the broker’s application to your phone and enter the data required to enter. If you do not have registration with a broker, you can complete it quickly and easily from the mobile application. Further, you can trade both from the web device and the version on your phone:

FinMax Mobile Platform: Quick Registration

Download the FinMax mobile app for Android here,

Download the FinMax mobile app for iPhone here.


Binary options trading is an activity that instantly responds to the trends of modern technologies. Most of the leading brokers try to follow the novelties of the market and offer their users the opportunity for comfortable trading in the web version.

Also, today almost all major platforms offer a mobile version of the terminal, which allows you to work in any convenient place and at any convenient time. Install a convenient mobile version in order to try all the possibilities of dynamic trading.



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