Advantages of the binary broker Binomo

Broker Binomo

Binary broker Binomo (Binomo broker review) today very successfully provides binary options trading services, it is one of the modern, strong and dynamic companies, a confident forward in the market. However, what is the reason for such success and popularity of the broker? Is this the result of a well-planned marketing policy, some kind of exaggeration, or is it the result of the professionalism of the company’s specialists and the high quality of services?

Advantages of the binary broker Binomo

In today’s article, we will analyze the company’s advantages over the main competitors of the market and will be able to determine why the broker is so popular with traders. We took a standard list of the main technical and financial parameters of trading in the terminal of the Binomo broker and established the advantages and disadvantages for each indicator.

Registration of a personal account

Let’s start our analysis with the process of registering a trader’s account, which is necessary for every private investor starting his journey on the binary options exchange. The broker offers the simplest registration procedure, which is based on simply filling out a small interactive form on the official website of Binomo:

Registration of an account on the official website of Binomo

This is a standard type of online account registration procedure that is available from almost any similar company. However, here, as an undoubtedly positive point, which is convenient for investors, it is worth noting the absence of a complex verification procedure, which is increasingly common in the binary market today.

Starting work on the Binomo platform, the trader does not need to somehow immediately confirm his identity, which causes separate confidence among users, greatly simplifies the work process. We can say that already at the first stage of work, the Binomo broker implements the principles of customer focus, modern and comfortable methods of work.

Registration with Binomo

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Broker’s trading conditions

To start trading in the broker’s trading terminal, a potential investor will need to replenish his deposit in the amount of at least $ 10 (500 rubles). Not every company provides such loyal trading conditions and this attracts users to the broker.

In addition, the official website of Binomo offers an investment of only 1 dollar or 100 rubles as an indicator of the starting value of binary options. This also allows us to talk about the maximum comfort of work, the balance of the parameters of binary trading, it will help the trader in the matter of competent and effective money management. So, any trader can achieve impressive results in the binary market, which should be considered a great advantage of the company.

Broker’s trading terminal

The terminal of the binary options broker Binomo, as the main trading space, is unique, but at the same time it is simple and functional. The company is the undisputed leader in the development of high-quality software for private binary options trading.

It is Binomo that is the first broker to offer its user a trading terminal for online trading! Despite the fact that during the launch of the broker’s platform in 2015, a real revolution took place in the field of trading, the company did not plan to stop there, continued to improve its service. Today, the terminal is deservedly called one of the most functional and comfortable for binary trading, it provides the following technical and analytical functionality:

  • The optimal size of the quotes chart with settings that contribute to improving the effectiveness of trading: the history of quotes, the choice of timeframes, scaling, setting a comfortable backlight mode;
  • A whole range of services for high-quality market forecasting: indicators of a truly professional level, additional graphical services for technical analysis;
  • Large selection of assets to work with (80 units);
  • Contracts with a high level of profitability (up to 87%);
  • Different formats of options: standard (binary), turbo options;
  • Expiration from 1 minute to a day;
  • Simple and intuitive for a beginner interface of the broker’s terminal.

Binomo Binary Options Broker Terminal

It should also be noted that the terminal has created comfortable working conditions that will allow the trader to achieve consistently high financial performance in binary options trading.

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Financial calculations

Quick deposit and withdrawal of profits from a trading account is an urgent issue when working in the binary market, this is a serious problem that significantly complicates interaction with brokers, is the reason for negative reviews of traders about brokers. On the Binomo platform, this problem has been solved with dignity, in order to ensure comfort in financial calculations, a large selection of payment systems for conducting transactions is offered.

For any trader, the timing of transactions is also important: deposit funds are credited to the personal account of the Binomo client instantly; Withdrawal of capital to the trader’s bank account also takes place in the shortest possible time: depending on the status of the account, it ranges from 4 hours to 3 days. Similar indicators are difficult to find on other binary broker platforms (the current rating of binary options brokers is here).

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Real reviews about Binomo

High security of the broker

On the Internet, most traders speak positively about options trading with the Binomo broker (Binomo broker review), many of the company’s clients call the platform one of the safest on the market. The company has the regulation of the FMRC, uses modern security protocols to ensure the protection of customer data, and the support service also works well. All this ensures the safety of work, allows customers to trust their broker.

Binomo Mobile Platform for Android and iOS

Internet trading is an area of activity that does not stand still, is constantly evolving and offers market participants innovative solutions. Mobile applications of brokers for trading allow you to simplify the trading process, turn to the market when it is convenient for the user. Such an option is not offered by all companies on the market, it is on the website of the Binomo broker and is quite popular among the company’s clients. Next, we will tell you about the possibilities of an investor working with the mobile terminal of the Binomo broker.

Binomo Mobile Platform for Android and iOS

Customers can use the free Binomo mobile platform (iOS and Android). The application is equipped with decent tools for market analysis and full-fledged trading.

Download the Binomo mobile app

Binomo Mobile Platform: How to Register an Account?

If you have an account with a broker, then you do not need to open a separate account for the mobile application. It remains only to download the application, log in to it and you can work:

Binomo Mobile Platform: How to Register an Account?

If you are a new user of the broker, in order to try the capabilities of the mobile terminal, download it from the official website of Binomo and go through the procedure for registering a trading account. Please note that the broker offers a simple and convenient account registration form, after filling out which you can immediately start trading options:

Binomo Mobile Platform: How to Get Started with the App?

What are your options in the Binomo platform?

The mobile terminal of the Binomo broker will significantly expand the capabilities of the trader, it is equipped with standard functionality, which, although it has fewer options than the web version of the platform, will allow you to carry out full-fledged trading from a mobile device. The Binomo mobile platform has the following options:

  1. Convenient quote chart,
  2. Displaying quotes in the form of candles and lines,
  3. Non-stop trading mode,
  4. An indicator that assesses the sentiment of bidders,
  5. More than 40 assets,
  6. Choice of expiration from 1 minute to 24 hours,
  7. The ability to monitor your positions on the chart,
  8. Training, analytics, and customer support opportunities are available.

Trading binary options in the mobile terminal of the Binomo broker, traders get a really high-quality tool, here you can conduct technical analysis, work with binary strategies.

The mobile terminal of the broker Binomo is convenient

What are your options in the Binomo broker platform?

In addition, the platform is equipped with convenient tools for conducting transactions. In the “CASHIER” section, different payment systems are available that will allow you to quickly transfer funds to your account and withdraw them within 24 hours.

How to conduct transactions in the Binomo platform?

Quick withdrawal of money in the mobile platform of the broker Binomo


The trading conditions of the Binomo binary options broker are seriously ahead of other companies in the market in terms of technical and functional parameters (the current rating of binary options brokers is here). This is undoubtedly the reason for the company’s popularity among modern traders.

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