Medium-term binary options “1 day”

What are medium-term binary options “1 day”

Trading today is becoming commonplace, options trading attracts an increasing number of those who are looking for additional income on the Internet. The profession of a trader, thanks to the Internet, is available to everyone and in order to succeed in this area, you just need to know the theoretical information, as well as the basic tools of the trader: reliable indicators and profitable strategies.

In addition, it is important to choose the right trading platform that will increase your opportunities and make trading as comfortable as possible. Use the current rating of brokers to choose the company that is right for you.

Medium-term options “1 day” – a type of expiration that will bring you income in at least 24 hours; This is a trade that you can choose to do for a few days or a few weeks. The advantage of such options is that you risk your funds less, and before making a prediction, you can use technical analysis, indicators and strategies. Often it is this expiration that is called optimal and more balanced for the trader, since the risk of losing funds is reduced several times.

Medium-term trading is available to most market participants, it will help you get a good stable income. This is an ideal type of trading if you don’t have much time to trade. Being one of the most reliable, this expiration is common for both beginners and market professionals. Unlike the increased risk of turbo options (30 seconds, 60 seconds, for example), you can safely trade based on informed decisions.

What time to trade options “1 day”

The advantage of binary options is that you can choose the time that suits you to trade. The timing can be influenced by the features of your strategy, the choice of trader’s tools. The schedule of the trading day will also help you choose a profitable time for trading options:

  • The beginning of the day takes place in the eastern hemisphere (02:00-12:00Moscow time)
  • Asia joins trade (04:00-13:00Moscow time)
  • Europe continues to trade (09:00-17:00Moscow time)
  • The trading day ends in the USA (17:00-02:00Moscow time).

So, a more productive period for making transactions will be: 09:00-13:00, 16:00-18:00 Moscow time.

Advantages of medium-term options

  • A significant advantage of such trading will be minimizing the loss of funds. You will be able to use different tools to predict the state of quotes.
  • The opportunity to get income from one trade is higher than with turbo trading.
  • This is a more relaxed type of trading, unlike express options.
  • It is necessary to open trades only with the trend, which allows you to get a confidently positive result from trading.
  • There is no need to open many positions continuously. By opening one trade, you can get much more income than when trading intraday.
  • A fairly small amount of time for trading, unlike, for example, scalping, where you need to sit at the monitor for hours in a tense state.
  • It is easier to work in medium-term trading, it is much easier to understand and predict the movement of the market.
  • For forecasting, you have more opportunities to study the market, as well as external factors, prepare more carefully before placing a bet.
  • An ideal type of trading for traders working with fundamental analysis, for those who always try to keep abreast of events affecting the global economy and use them in trading.
  • Medium-term trading allows you to use non-standard strategies.
  • The ideal type of trading for traders who are confident and always act prudently.
  • It is also suitable for experienced market players, who will be offered calm trading and a decent income from the transaction.
  • It is also suitable for novice market players who are just trying their hand at fundamental analysis.
  • Guarantees a stable profit.

Disadvantages of medium-term options

  • A relatively long wait for the result of the forecast.
  • It is necessary to have a significant balance on the deposit, because. When switching overnight, most platforms charge a fee, which can end up with a large amount, especially if you trade multiple assets.
  • It is necessary to clearly plan your deposit, follow the rules of money management, and control your risks.
  • To participate in such options, you need more money on deposit than with express trading.
  • Such trading is not suitable for those who need instant income in the very near future.
  • Such trading is not suitable for those who like to take risks and feel excitement, traders who are against measured trading, which seems boring and very long.
  • Such trading is not suitable for those who are impatient in anticipation of results.
  • Medium-term trading still requires minimal experience in analyzing the market situation.

Risk management during long-term trading

Here are the rules that will help reduce risks in medium-term trading:

  1. When starting a trade, it is recommended to exclude any emotions that can usually interfere with work; making a decision based on accurate data,
  2. Before using a new strategy in real conditions, check its effectiveness on a demo account,
  3. Trust your funds only to a trusted broker, check out the ratings of brokers,
  4. Do not trade options with borrowed capital, because you will feel much calmer with your funds,
  5. When trading medium-term options, always remember about money management, monitor the status of your account,
  6. Try to collect information about your trading results (trader’s diary), where be sure to record income and expenses, which will allow you to feel the dynamics of work, adjust it,
  7. When predicting market dynamics, use fundamental and technical analysis data to help you make the right decision.

Binary options strategies “1 day”

Trading with the help of functional analysis. Such an analysis will allow you to accurately predict the dynamics of the market due to the presence of economic shift points, which will become the prospect of a change in the trend. Macroeconomic data will help market players identify such points: i.e. news, speeches of top officials, political situation. Thanks to this analysis, you will get the most positive effect in trading.

Trading with the help of technical analysis data. Such an analysis will demonstrate the dynamics of the market by studying the mechanisms that directly affect price changes. Working with such an analysis, most traders choose the MetaTrader 4 terminal (download), which allows you to test and use the information of any instruments for free. Methods of breakdowns of channels, zones and so on are used for work. One of these strategies is using the Inside bar, the highs and lows of which work in conjunction with the previous bar. This tool gives a high probability of obtaining high profits due to the generation of clear signals for entering the market. Thanks to this analysis, you can get rid of the use of lagging tool data.

Trading with a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. Such an analysis will provide a more complete picture of market dynamics. The combination of these serious types of analysis is one of the most advantageous moments. Such a strategy will have a positive impact on the outcome of trading, because In this case, twice as many facts are used to make your decision.

Trading with the help of indicators. Such trading will allow you to see the dynamics of the market based on the data of indicators and trading strategies. Following the signals of the instruments, the trader may not even think about the process. So, this is one of the easiest ways to trade options. Generating signals, indicators do the main job, you just have to have time to open deals. Especially common in medium-term options is the
Ichimoku indicator
, which generates entry point signals using a cloud chart, providing trading in profitable trades. It is used not only by trading professionals, but also by beginners. And yet, applying this strategy, it is worthwhile, to minimize risks, to combine it with other types of strategies.

Rules for trading binary options “1 day”

  • Always try to improve yourself, test new tools, try non-standard strategies.
  • Take trading seriously, devote most of your time to study and practice.
  • When starting medium-term trading, think about the deposit in advance: remember that brokers charge an additional commission for each night; You must have the required amount of funds.
  • Remember the rules of money management that will help save your capital.
  • You can’t trade without thinking, according to the “what if you’re lucky” method.
  • Always use the maximum of your capabilities to predict market dynamics: technical and functional methods, high-quality strategy signals , reliable oscillators.
  • It is worth testing and double-checking the results of your analysis and indicator data; To do this, use a free demo account.
  • Prefer to work with trusted trading platforms, always get acquainted with the ratings of brokers.

Trading binary options “1 day” with the broker Finmax

If it is important for you that medium-term trading helps you bring you maximum income, we advise you to entrust your capital to a reliable Finmax broker. Being one of the most modern and convenient, this terminal has a convenient personal account, a set of tools, analytics data, and training materials necessary for successful trading. Also, a large selection of options, the ability to apply any of the available expiration dates will help in the work. To get the first income from the broker, you need to prepare an option, it will take a minimum of time on the platform.

To purchase a CALL option in the Finmax terminal, go to the website and prepare the option, indicating: asset, expiration, rate, trend forecast: up, click the “buy” button. That’s it, now wait for the results of the forecast:

Trading binary options

To purchase a PCI option in the Finmax terminal, go to the website and prepare the option, indicating: asset, expiration, rate, trend forecast: down, click the “buy” button. That’s it, now wait for the results of the forecast:

Buy a PCI option in the Finmax terminal by going to the broker's website


Medium-term binary options trading (1 day) is one of the most optimal and convenient for the trader. You will receive a decent income, and will be able to minimize possible losses. In order to get the most out of medium-term trading, study the impact of macroeconomic data on the market, study and test new strategies and indicators.



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