Binary options “60 seconds” or how to trade turbo options

What is 60 Seconds Binary Options?

More and more people are interested in the binary options market. Prospects, the opportunity to get instant profit and unlimited income – this is what, first of all, attracts in trading. There are several types of options in binary options trading. One of the most popular, especially among beginners, is a binary option with a duration of 60 seconds, it is also called a “turbo option” (express option). This is an option, the expiration (i.e. completion) of which is one minute. In other words, you buy an option and receive income for 60 seconds in case of a positive trading outcome.

Turbo options are used in high-frequency trading, which can give income in a few hours, which another expiration will give in a week or longer. Working with this type of option will allow you to make transactions for short periods of time: from 60 seconds to 2 minutes. Option payouts are usually around 80%. The main advantages of such an expiration: to participate in the auction, you need a minimum amount on the deposit, as well as the opportunity to get a quick profit within one minute.

Trading turbo options is quite risky, but many traders like intensive work and increased excitement on such an interval. Such options are also popular with experienced market players. Despite the fact that such fast trading is similar to a lottery, its outcome can be predicted using special strategies, using indicator data.

Many traders prefer to make money on Forex and options using scalping. Beginners are not recommended to work with such expirations, as it is important to be able to make very quick decisions and instantly respond to the market situation, which is available to professionals.

What time to trade 60 seconds options

In many ways, you decide when to sit down at the computer and trade, this is influenced by your strategy, the choice of tools. Most traders, based on their experience, do not recommend trading express options during the release of important news, during periods of a flat market (that is, it is a market with a very slow movement), which is observed in the early morning and late evening (Moscow time).

Advantages of Express Options

  • The main advantage is a quick way to easily earn decent money with the help of an unlimited number of transactions (lasting from 60 to 120 seconds)
  • Minimum investment
  • The largest profit percentages that give the biggest profit (up to 92% depending on the conditions of brokers)
  • Payments are made instantly (after 60 seconds)
  • Focus on one asset, no need to monitor the prices of several assets at once
  • Improving the trader’s experience, especially in terms of predicting price dynamics.

Disadvantages of Express Options

  • It is these options that are the most risky and unpredictable, they are rightly compared with the lottery
  • It is difficult to predict the dynamics of the market
  • For the forecast, it is almost impossible to use data from the main economic factors
  • A large amount of market noise that makes it difficult to see high-quality signals
  • A great chance to stay “in the red”.

Risk management during speed trading

Risk management in options trading is the rules aimed at reducing losses:

  1. Exclusion of emotions and force majeure during trading
  2. Start your acquaintance with trading by working on a demo account
  3. Work with a reliable broker, relying on ratings
  4. You should start trading with a minimum of investment and monitor the status of the account
  5. The maximum loss of one transaction should not be more than 5% of the deposit
  6. Capital cannot be borrowed, it is psychologically safer to work with your own funds
  7. You should not trade during the release of important news (if you do not have such experience)
  8. Do not try to recoup in case of losses
  9. After a losing series of three trades, it is recommended to leave the market
  10. Work in the direction of the trend
  11. Use hedging as risk insurance (a method of trading when, even before the expiration of an asset, a trader buys another option, but in the opposite direction)
  12. Keep a trader’s diary where you describe your results, profits and expenses

“60 Seconds” Binary Options Strategies

  • Use of technical analysis. That is, the use of these oscillators to determine the dynamics of the trend. Most often, traders work with the charts of the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal (download), the advantage of which is accessibility and a large database of tools.
  • Use of news strategies. This binary options strategy is based on the analysis of market dynamics through the influence of economic events and news on it. Traders, relying on the data of the calendar of high-profile events and economic news, determine the price movement.
  • Using financial betting, which is more like roulette. Its peculiarity is in calculating the mathematical advantage of profitable options over unprofitable ones. As a forecast of price dynamics, the trader does not use indicator data or news release materials, but a “bet” resembling a casino game.

Rules for trading binary options “60 seconds”

  • Be aware of price noise and check the data with indicators.
  • Test new strategies and always learn new things. If you want to earn a stable income from trading, set yourself up for the fact that you are mastering a new profession.
  • Trade only on the trend.
  • Observe discipline and self-discipline. By launching the trading platform, you seem to start your working day.
  • Remember the rules of money management: trade with investment minimums, do not trade for the entire deposit, exclude emotions.
  • Do not trade impulsively (according to the “what if you’re lucky” method), which will eliminate risks.

Trading binary options “60 seconds” with the broker Finmax

For productive trading of express options, we recommend choosing a reliable broker Finmax. It is convenient and comfortable to work on the broker’s site. You can see what the terminal workspace looks like by going to the website:

To buy an express CALL option in the Finmax trading terminal, you need to do the following:
1. Go to the broker’s website and prepare an option, indicating:
2. Type of asset
3. Expiration
4. Bet size
5. Forecast of quote movement: UP
6. Click the “buy” button and follow the results.

Trade Express Options with the Trusted Finmax Broker

To buy an express PCI option in the Finmax trading terminal, you need to do the following:
1. Go to the broker’s website and prepare an option, indicating:
2. Type of asset
3. Expiration
4. Bet size
5. Forecast of quote movement: DOWN
6. Click the “buy” button and follow the results.

Binary options trading 60 seconds with Finmax broker


Binary options trading “60 seconds” is considered the fastest and most profitable. And yet, it is worth remembering the main risks that will await with such an expiration. To get the maximum income from express trading, you need a strategy, the use of oscillators as filters, and the ability to make quick decisions. In addition, the effectiveness of such expiration will depend on which broker you work with.



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