Binary options “30 seconds”

What are 30 Seconds Binary Options?

The binary options market is gaining more and more popularity among those who would like to earn income by working on the Internet. In many ways, the number of traders is growing, because trading allows you to get the first income in 30 seconds. The activities of serious brokers are certified, which means that you can trust such companies. Express options trading is especially common today. Binary options “30 seconds” is a type of the fastest trading in trading, which allows you to earn real money in 30 seconds.

In another way, we can say that these are options, the expiration period (that is, completion) of which is 30 seconds, after this period you receive, in case of a positive outcome of the transaction, money for a deposit. This money is real, you can withdraw it to your account in any convenient way. Express options “30 seconds” are available from the following brokers: FinMax, uTrader, Verum Option. There are many reviews on the network about these trading terminals, on our website you can get acquainted with the ratings of brokers.

If you have experience trading options with a duration of 60 seconds, then you have a rough idea of what you can expect from 30-second trades. These are the same principles, but they pass twice as fast. Turbo options are common in high-frequency trading, which gives within a few hours the amount of income that you will receive at another expiration for a longer period (for example, month-long options).

Trading express options is very risky, but it attracts intense hard work and increased excitement. In many ways, quick transactions resemble a lottery, but you can try to predict their outcome using special strategies and indicators, which is usually resorted to by traders. To achieve the best result in “30 seconds” options, you need experience, speed of reaction, because for such a time period you must have time to correctly analyze the data of the instruments and make the correct forecast.

What time to trade 30 seconds options?

You can decide when to sit down at the computer and start trading. Perhaps this will be influenced by your strategy or tools. And yet, in turbo trading, it is not recommended to trade during periods of important news, during a flat market (with very slow movement), which occurs in the early morning and late evening (Moscow time).

Advantages of Express Options

  • The main advantage is the possibility of obtaining real income in 30 seconds.
  • This is the fastest way to easily earn good money with an unlimited number of trades.
  • Minimum cash investment.
  • The largest percentage of profits.
  • The ability to focus on one asset and work only with it.
  • Improving the trader’s experience in predicting price dynamics.

Disadvantages of Express Options

  • These are the riskiest and most unpredictable options, which is why they are called lotteries.
  • It is more difficult to predict the dynamics of the market than with long-term options.
  • It is almost impossible to use data from economic factors for forecasting.
  • Hard work, during which you have to keep track of the indicators and set the right forecasts.
  • There is a lot of market noise, false signals that interfere with working with high-quality signals.
  • There is a great chance to remain “in the red” if the trades are unprofitable.

Risk management during express trading

Risk management when trading turbo options are the rules that are aimed at minimizing your losses:

  1. Do not trade in a strong emotional state and force majeure,
  2. Work thoughtfully with a demo account
  3. Choose a reliable broker for work, based on ratings, because you trust your funds to the broker,
  4. Trade with a minimum of investment, always monitor the status of the account,
  5. The maximum percentage of loss of one transaction should not be more than 5% of the total deposit,
  6. Do not work with borrowed funds, it is psychologically more reliable to work with your capital,
  7. Do not trade during periods of important news or during a flat,
  8. Do not recoup in case of losing trades; exit the market after a losing series of three trades,
  9. Trade in the direction of the trend,
  10. Use hedging to insure risks (trading when, before the expiration of the asset, the trader buys another option in the opposite direction)
  11. Keep records of trades (trader’s diary), where you note results, profits and expenses.

“30 Seconds” Binary Options Strategies

  • Technical analysis. The use of oscillators that determine the dynamics of the trend. A common terminal for tracking signals is MetaTrader 4 (download), which is available to any trader, in addition to including a large database of tools, you can also install indicators and entire trading systems.
  • Financial betting. A strategy reminiscent of roulette. It allows you to calculate the mathematical advantage of profitable trades over unprofitable ones. The basis of the forecast is not the data of indicators or news, but the so-called “bet”, which resembles a casino game.
  • Scalping. Fast trading, which allows you to implement a large number of transactions in a specific time (for example, 2-3 hours) and get the income that you would receive by trading with long-term options. Within two hours, the trader makes an unlimited number of bets (for example, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, a minute) and receives income in case of a positive outcome of transactions. This is a stressful type of trading, when the speed and number of transactions largely pay for the costs.
  • Hedging. Such a trade, during which the trader makes one bet and, before it ends, buys another option, but in the opposite direction. If the first transaction turns out to be unprofitable, then the second will give income. If you work on such a strategy in fast trading mode, you can make an unlimited number of transactions and get a good income.

Rules for trading binary options “30 seconds”

  • Be aware of false signals and check the data with strategies and indicators.
  • Test strategies, learn new things. If a stable income from trading is important to you, insist on getting a new profession.
  • Trade only on the trend.
  • Put into practice the strategies that are recommended for express trading: hedging, scalping, etc.
  • Observe discipline, launching the terminal, you begin serious work.
  • Remember about money management.
  • Do not trade according to the “what if you’re lucky” method, make conscious decisions.

Trading binary options “30 seconds” with the broker Finmax

Broker Finmax is one of the few companies that provide the opportunity to work with options “30 seconds”. Express trade here is characterized by the most comfortable conditions. For quick technical analysis, you can add indicators to the chart. In addition, the terminal has a convenient personal account, the necessary tools for comfortable trading, a large selection of options, expiration dates. To start earning income with a broker, you need to prepare an option, on the site it will take a minimum of time.

To purchase a CALL option, go to the broker’s website and prepare the option, indicating: asset, expiration, rate, forecast of dynamics: up, click the “buy” button and wait for the result of the forecast in 30 seconds:

Trading binary options

To purchase a PCI option, go to the website and prepare the option by specifying: asset, expiration, rate, trend forecast: down, click the “buy” button and wait for the forecast result in 30 seconds:

Binary options


Express trading of binary options “30 seconds” is one of the most popular among traders today, because allows you to get real money in 30 seconds. And although such options are risky, they will always be traded by both professionals and beginners in trading. To get the most out of express trading, always try new strategies.



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