The broker offers instant withdrawal of funds without verification, high payouts from assets, fine-tuning risk management, etc.

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A few years ago, a new broker INTRADE appeared on the market . BAR. It is owned by the Scottish firm Mr. Axiano. The main vector of work is aimed at Russian-speaking investors. The developers created a unique product and entered the market with it. In this platform, it is very easy to make money on trading, because it has a flexible interface and convenient settings, so it is comfortable when downloading through all browsers.

In our review, we decided to figure out what INTRADE is. BAR is a scam and a scam for traders or an honest and transparent assistant that allows you not only to make money in the field of binary options, but also to withdraw it (rating of binary options brokers).

Review of the broker INTRADE. BAR reviews
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Trading rules with INTRADE. BAR

The company of creators, seeking to cooperate with traders on favorable terms, created the possibility of using the demo version. Beginners will be able to get acquainted with the platform’s functional offers with the help of demo trading . Withdrawing funds, you will receive them literally within fifteen minutes. Delays are extremely rare, the reasons may be non-working hours – at night or on weekends. If the application is sent outside working hours, the received document is considered on the next working day. Also, the key to a positive attitude towards guests is the absence of account blocking. In addition, there is a system of fixed payments:

  • three minutes – 80%;
  • more than three minutes – 77%;
  • A random asset consistently yields 97%.

INTRADE. BAR does not call its customers. If the trader needs help, then it is worth writing to the interactive chat. The answer comes immediately, literally in 1 min. during working hours and days (9.00-17.00 hours in Moscow). In order not to increase the risk of trading, the broker does not provoke users with additional deposit bonuses. You are not required to document your identity. Although, if the withdrawal card does not match the deposit card, you will be asked for documents.

On the platform in question, an important and necessary function called “Risk Management” is implemented. It is a limitation of the maximum amount of loss and profit. When making the first transaction, the window opens automatically, but guests are not required to use it. If you have entered values, you can change them only at the end of the trading day. This feature imposes restrictions for especially gambling customers, however, it will benefit any trader. Intrade Bar has a highly competent support service, one of the best in the entire territory of the former USSR. The pledge is a strict system of punishment – the employee who gave the wrong advice will transfer five dollars from his salary to the account of the guest who applied.

InTrade Bar Advantages
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intrade.bar Trading Platform

The platform uses Thomson Reuters estimates and TradingView charts. The service gives the trader a chance to limit the value of loss and profitability by setting their extreme points (how to trade binary options). INTRADE. BAR allows you to trade in different modes, there are three most significant:

  • The classic version gives 77% profitability and consists in the regular completion of expiration – five minutes.
  • The sprint option closes the expiration in the interval from three to five hundred minutes, while the profitability changes – up to 3 minutes. – 80%, more – 77%.
  • The random variant with a yield of 97% uses a random number generator, closes the expiration in the interval of 3-500 minutes in 24/7 operation.

The mechanism for making a transaction is as simple as possible:

  • choose a pair of currencies;
  • indicate the amount of the transaction (the minimum value is 50 rubles or 1 dollar);
  • choose expiration;
  • determine the vector of movement (up CALL, down PUT).

The site intrade.bar also implements tools for technical analysis. On the left side of the terminal there is a panel of auxiliary tools – resistance / support lines, indicators (the list can be viewed at the top of the terminal). It is also possible to collapse the chart with specific methods of technical analysis, such as MT4, NinjaTrader or TradingView. At the same time, in place of the minimized chart, quick access to the assets of interest to the user is easily established.

The developers came up with the first tool among financial trading that allows you to make deals at the time of the release of a particular news – this is the clicker “News Clicker intrade.bar v2.1”. A deal is opened in just 1 tenth of a second and you have the opportunity to use the tool not only on this platform, you can set several coordinates. The product is configured in such a way that the broker does not see it. The free version is available for three days. The paid version for one computer will cost 69 dollars. USA, and for an unlimited number of cars – 666 dollars. United States. The range of applications is not limited only to binary options, it is also possible to trade on CME, Forex and NYSE.

Registration intrade.bar

The company provides an opportunity to choose between a demo and a real account. Demo trading allows you to feel all the nuances of the system. By moving the cursor at the “Demo-Real” mark, it becomes possible to switch to real trading. A real account makes it possible to trade profits and withdraw them. However, initially you need to fill out a registration form, indicating the address of the e-mail box and username. Next, a confirmation letter is sent to your e-mail containing information for your personal account (tip: if the letter is not there for a long time, look in the “Spam” folder).

Personal account

The creators of this platform have come up with several sections for your personal account:

  • Profile. Here is the slider for switching “Demo-Real”. There is also an alternative to choosing a currency between dollars and rubles. The “One-Click Trading” feature eliminates the need to confirm completed trades. This section offers a choice of colors for the interface, as well as the scale of the graphs.
  • Deposit or withdraw funds. At the time of writing, there are 9 different ways to withdraw funds without verification.
  • Statistics. This section has an informative function – analysis of transactions for profitability of assets, expirations, accumulation of information on performance for the purpose of adjustment in the future. It is possible to reset the data.
  • News from the broker.
  • FAQ – frequently asked questions and ready-made answers to them.
  • Security.
  • Affiliate program. Everyone can use the link to engage partners in order to increase income: either one percent of the user’s turnover, or 53% of the broker’s own income.

InTrade Bar Quotes

The broker tries to provide its service only with high-quality data and information. The provider of liquid data is the global firm Thomson Reuters, which has up-to-date accurate information about the price of assets and provides them to trading participants. Following the development trends, INTRADE. BAR, starting in June 2018, offered to keep its own random schedule. These quotes are created using a random number generator, they have nothing to do with stock exchanges, while access to the chart is open around the clock and daily.

Demo account

To create a demo account, you need to register a demo account in free mode. It allows you to learn more about the opportunities provided by the trading platform. After completing a certain number of transactions, the guest will get acquainted with the functionality of the terminal, test the operating mode, and evaluate the quality of the service offered by the broker.

Terminal for mobile devices

The developers do not plan to create a mobile version of the INTRADE platform. BAR, so it cannot be downloaded from the broker’s official website. It is more logical for traders to get used to trading in web mode.

Bonuses from InTrade Bar

The intrade.bar website reports that the organization can provide bonuses, like other market brokers, in the amount of 150% under normal conditions. However, the provision of bonuses is extremely unprofitable due to the loss of deposits. Therefore, distinguishing itself from other competitors, INTRADE. BAR does not provide customers with bonus programs.

Account replenishment and withdrawal of funds

According to the terms of the Intrade Bar service, withdrawal requests received during business hours are processed by the financial department in fifteen minutes. Regular customers in the reviews claim that this period is only five minutes. The time from 9 am to 5 pm Moscow time is considered to be a worker. Appeals received during non-working hours are processed no later than the next working day. Withdrawal and deposit are possible using the following cards and payment systems: credit / debit cards VISA and MasterCard, Qiwi, Yandex.Money, Webmoney, etc.

Intrade Bar payment systems

Traders’ reviews about INTRADE. BAR

There are both negative (for example, on the lack of regulation or any difficulties that have arisen with the platform) and positive reviews (for example, about the fast withdrawal of funds, the professionalism of the support service, a convenient terminal or favorable conditions). Great confidence in the site is caused by the fact that there are few negative reviews on the Internet, and each of them is accompanied by a professional comment from representatives of the brokerage company. On the official website of intrade.bar, you can also get acquainted with the reviews of traders who praise the service for a number of advantages:

  • fast withdrawal of funds;
  • high quality of services comparable to VIP status;
  • positioning the company in the market as honest, fair, not chasing universal fame.

Activity Regulator Intrade Bar

At the brokerage company INTRADE. BAR does not have a license certificate. The management of the company, together with regular customers, came to a common opinion that there is no need to invest a sufficiently large amount of money in the purchase of a license (its cost is 4 thousand US dollars). They considered that the license does not carry benefits and security guarantees. The money saved is planned to be distributed as gifts to its users. The company is much more attentive to positive customer reviews than the availability of official paper.

The authority issuing the certificate is the Center for Regulation of Relations in Financial Markets. This is a non-profit organization created to control the level and quality of services provided by brokerage and dealing centers. At the same time, it does not have any other function, just as there is no stabilization fund in case of resolving conflict situations between traders and brokers. Also INTRADE. BAR informs that when the company was established, a letter was received from the FMRC confirming the company’s compliance with the requirements for obtaining a certificate.

Rules for cooperation with intrade.bar

The user agreement is a document indicating the list of services that are provided to the customers of the site. In addition, it highlights a number of subtle points and questions that traders have in a given situation in the process of working with the platform. Let’s take a look at the most important issues of the Agreement. In the case of a broker’s request for identity verification, it is carried out within one working day from the date of the request. However, the maximum period is three business days and, at the discretion of the security service, you may have withdrawal limits imposed on the verification period (the limit is equal to the amount of deposits in the last 30 days).

InTrade Bar identity verification
An application for withdrawal of funds is made in electronic form in the form proposed on the website. The minimum amount is 350 rubles or 7 dollars in foreign currency. At the same time, payments on completed applications cannot be challenged or appealed. The maximum withdrawal period is 6 days, in fact, no more than 15 minutes when submitting an application during business hours.

InTrade Bar Withdrawals
The advantage of InTrade Bar is a very low entry threshold – the minimum amount of replenishment of the account is 500 rubles or 10 dollars in foreign currency. At the same time, if employees see in the client’s actions the intention to carry out exchange transactions, then transactions are blocked. Replenishment, as well as withdrawal of funds, cannot be made from the account of a third party.

intrade.bar replenishment and withdrawal of funds
If there are signs of fraud in the user’s actions, the company reserves the right to block the account and cancel financial transactions.

Intrade Bar has the right to block an account
The commission is not subject to withdrawal amounts from 7,000 rubles or 100 dollars in foreign currency. By default, withdrawals are made to the account from which the replenishment took place. However, the client has the right to specify the details of another account when filling out the form. In this case, all responsibility for the correctness of the details is shifted to the user. In the event of technical errors of the site, operations for withdrawing funds and replenishing the account are reset.

InTrade Bar Reset Financial Transactions
The only completely reliable source of information about the flow of quotes is the main server of the company, working with real clients. At the same time, the quotes of the trading platform may be unreliable due to a weak connection between the server and the platform. At the same time, the modern graphical version classifies as unprofitable trades closed at a price equal to the opening price.


Trades opened during a period of technical failures in hardware or software, as well as at the time of hacker attacks or suspension of trading on the world market, are invalid. In the event of a failure that negatively affected customer accounts due to the fault of the company’s representatives, the broker is ready to cover the losses of traders.
The organization reserves the right to change the percentage of payment on assets, expiration periods and types of options. In view of the most attractive indicators at the moment, this does not carry any significant risks.

Intrade Bar change in interest payments on assets
The conditions prescribed in the agreement cannot be changed more than 1 time per month.
Intrade Bar relies on free withdrawal of funds and tries to avoid data verification. However, in rare cases, the site reserves the right to request personal data and confirm it with identity documents.

INTRADE. BAR the right to confirm personal data

InTrade Bar Support Service

The broker is open to resolving any controversial issues in a dialogue mode through correspondence. An official appeal is only a letter sent to the email address specified in the agreement, other options for communicative correspondence do not have the status of an official appeal. In this case, the following data must be indicated:

  • login;
  • Full name;
  • e-mail address to receive a response;
  • the time and date of occurrence or discovery of the dispute;
  • A detailed description of the situation itself.

According to reviews of the platform, all controversial issues are settled quickly and without long official correspondence. If the trader or organization expresses a desire to terminate cooperation, after the payment of all funds from the user’s account, the relationship will be terminated. No later than 1 calendar month before its own closure, the company is obliged to notify customers of the decision. Funds from accounts are paid on the day of closing.

INTRADE. Is BAR a scam and a scammer?

INTRADE. BAR has been quite successfully operating in the field of binary options since 2016 (binary options platforms). The team offers its guests a unique service of its kind. When creating an innovative product, the experience of competitors was taken into account, which helped to eliminate the moments that hinder free trade and multiply what has a positive effect on performance. Among the obvious advantages that attract the attention of traders are the following:

  • instant execution of transactions;
  • high percentage of payments on assets;
  • almost instant withdrawal of funds;
  • competent support service;
  • risk management system;
  • news clicker;
  • user-friendly interface and more.

The presence of our own developments in the software only confirms the seriousness of the intentions to occupy their niche in the market, which indicates the absence of fraudulent ideas to collect more money from traders and disappear. Special attention should be paid to the extraordinary position on verification, bonus programs, regulation and the availability of a mobile version. This bold point of view creates more favorable terms of trade. The effectiveness and effectiveness of these innovative methods in the work is confirmed by positive reviews on the Internet. The main target audience is the Russian-speaking population, mainly from Russia. Favorable conditions have been created for them – the site is in Russian language, the terminal is adapted for the Russian-language version. Taking into account the described opportunities, innovative approach and favorable conditions, we can say with confidence that InTrade Bar is not a scam and fraud.


Brokerage company INTRADE. BAR has been operating in the binary options market for more than three years. Its entry into the market has had a strong positive effect. The platform offers its clients a unique approach to trading. One of the best platforms in the CIS allows it to be such advantages as the lack of verification for the withdrawal of funds, instant transactions, consistently high payments from assets, highly qualified support, risk management, and the absence of unnecessary communication with managers.




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