Trader’s stupor and how to avoid it in binary trading

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You’ve probably heard of “Author’s Stupor”, a state where writers can’t go on or produce something new. The possibility of understanding and creating something new is lost.
The author’s stupor may be due to intensity. It can come for a few minutes, hours. Sometimes book authors lose the ability to write for years.
Everyone can go into this state, it happens to the best. For example, the author of the famous Harry Potter book, J.K. Rowling, claims that during the writing of the last book, she seemed to be paralyzed. She couldn’t write for five weeks.

Stupor in binary options trading

The same stupor happens to traders in binary trading. This painful state can occur after big wins or loss of a deposit. Someone who suffers from this condition cannot find an entry into a trade. Or, when making a deal, he immediately understands what he did wrong and cannot understand why.
This condition can lead to the fact that the trader is afraid to enter the trade, from past failures.
When there is a trader’s stupor in trading, you are paralyzed and you cannot trade. And you’re looking for the perfect deal that doesn’t come.

How to cope with the Trader’s stupor.

When a trader has identified a state of stupor, he usually puts a lot of effort into returning to trading as quickly as possible. This brings more damage and loss of normal psychological state for binary options trading. This stupor is like a swamp, the more you make an effort, the more you drag yourself down.

Instead of bidding to put a lot of effort into nothing, we advise you to return to the foundations of trading. Review your binary options trading strategy, risk management. Make adjustments based on your past experience.
An important point is to study the psychology of binary options trading. By reading articles or books, you will learn how to identify the problem, the types, and how to deal with it.

After you’ve done all that, look back at the charts. Try to find a signal according to your proven binary strategy, ignoring your emotions. Force yourself to make a trade that meets all the conditions of your strategy, even if you don’t like it.
The first step will be difficult, but I believe that your “reset” will find the best way to overcome the stupor.
Once you are able to open and start trading, you will be able to return to your normal trading, without emotions and mistakes.


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