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We appeal to the users of our portal! We have prepared for you a training newsletter on binary options trading. We admit that we do not pretend to be unique in the material, but by removing water and all unnecessary, we tried to collect in the mailing list only what will really be useful for you. While reading, you will gradually immerse yourself in the world of trading, get acquainted with its basics and learn how to successfully apply knowledge in practice.

We’ll tell you about proven tools, productive strategies, and reliable indicators. In the wake of our recommendations and advice, you will make more than one profitable trade and get real money. Which you can spend on what you have wanted to do for yourself or your family for so long.

What exactly you will get:

  • 10 reviews of the basic concepts of trading in simple and understandable language
  • 10 reviews of tools necessary for trading (indicators, oscillators, robots, etc.)
  • 10 Instructions for Simple Profitable Trading Strategies
  • 9 reviews of brokers with up-to-date ratings from portal experts
  • 10 Recommendations for Your Learning: Books, Tips and Tricks from Experts
  • Market news

Tools for you:

  • Detailed strategy instructions
  • Software for your trading (indicators and trading systems for installation; trading terminals and mobile applications)
  • Transaction diary

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How will my training take place?

We will send you training materials by mail. You will receive them within two weeks, each day with a new letter. You will then be able to receive trading news and recommendations 1 time per week if you are interested. If you don’t need it, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Will I receive all the study materials at once?

For your convenience, we will send you one email per day. You will be able to focus on the material and not be distracted by other information. You will need to devote 30 minutes of time during the day to read the material.

What will I get from the training material?

You will get acquainted with the fascinating world of trading. You will learn how to trade profitably and without risks. You will be able to earn your first real money. The course is aimed at beginners, and this material will be enough to start trading.

Why is the newsletter free? What will you get for it?

Our portal was created by traders for traders, including beginners. We ourselves were once newcomers. We are well aware of the importance of reliable information and the support of experienced mentors. By sending you a newsletter, we just want to gain your trust. We do our best to ensure that your first steps in trading are confident and bring you income.

You won’t send spam?

We oppose spamming and guarantee that your email will not be shared with third parties. We carry out activities in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. You can always unsubscribe from our newsletter.

Author’s word

My newsletter is an opportunity to conduct a dialogue with you. I want to help you achieve better results. And I’m genuinely curious to know when and how you get your first real money. Now tune in to win and turn on your patience. I know you will succeed and still worry about you.

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