Automated Binary Robot

What is a binary robot?

Binary robots are an automatic way to earn money, which today has already been able to establish itself as reliable and profitable. The robot, trading your money, uses only proven strategies and is designed to make money while you are busy. This is an ideal option for beginners in binary options, as well as those who cannot spend all their time at the computer.

Binary robots work for free and quite simply, you just need to configure the program, and it will trade taking into account the market situation – it is easy and really profitable. If you are not sure about the result of the program, most often it can be tested on a free demo account. A proven trading robot for binary options is the accuracy of work based on complex calculations that the machine does in a matter of seconds, the absence of emotions during trading, the ability to work 24 hours a day – all this is impressive and, perhaps, the future of options is behind automated trading.

What is Automated Binary?

Automated Binary is one of the popular automated binary robots for mechanical trading. The system has a number of advantages that make options a really productive process. Thanks to the availability of a free demo account, you can test the system and its settings for correctness and effectiveness, choose the most productive strategy. The company works with popular brokers. When working on a virtual account, you are provided with $ 50,000, which is enough to fully understand the principle of the system.

Automated Binary Robot

Quick Registration of Automated Binary

How do I get started with Automated Binary?

The registration procedure in the system is simple, for this you just need to open an account and select a trading option. In order to register, you need to go to the main page of the site, click on the “Open a demo account” button and enter the required data:

What is Automated Binary?

Unlike the main page of the site, here the material is presented in Russian language, which is very convenient for traders. After you click on the “Register” button, you go to the main page where automatic options trading takes place. In order to use the demo account mode, click on the “Start demo mode” button:

How do I get started with Automated Binary?

By opening a demo account, you can test the capabilities of the system for free, for this you are credited with $ 50,000:

Binary robot Automated Binary will allow you to test the system for free

These funds are enough to find out the effectiveness of all strategies, to check the operation of indicators. The virtual account is completely identical to the real one, all system settings and reporting are available to you. Also in the system you can choose a broker from the list (PlusOption,, UTRADER, BDSWISS):

Working with the Automated Binary robot, you can choose a broker

In the “Settings” section, you can set the expiration, strategy (Classic, Martingale, Fibonacci), indicators (CCI, RSI, Stochastic, Williams, MACD), the type and value of the option and the system will start working. The process of launching and setting up the program is simple, reminiscent of standard manual trading. In paid mode, traders can copy successful transactions of system participants that brought the best results:

In the

After setting all the necessary settings, start trading in demo mode by clicking on the “AUTO-TRADING HA” button:

Start trading on the demo mode of the Automated Binary robot

The binary robot, the reviews of which are more positive, will start trading based on your settings, and you can always change them. It is also conveniently located up-to-date information about your virtual account, the progress and result of transactions:

Information about your virtual account with the Automated Binary robot

Try Automated Binary for free

Despite the fact that the main page of the binary robot is available in a foreign language, the system has the ability to work in Russian language. You also have access to technical support, which is carried out in many languages.

In order to start trading, you do not need to download the program and install it, everything happens on a convenient web platform, and for convenience there is a mobile version that will allow you to track trading results from anywhere in the world at any convenient time, as well as change the settings of the robot. The program is ideal for both inexperienced and professional market players, facilitating the work several times. By setting up Automated Binary, you can do other things, and the system will begin to bring maximum profit.

How much can you earn using Automated Binary?

The amount of your income in the system largely depends on the fine-tuning of the trading robot and the choice of strategy. The developers of the service talk about an average income equal to about 85% of profitably closed deals.

How Much Does the Automated Binary Options Robot Cost?

The program is used completely free of charge. In order to earn real money, you need to pay the deposit of the broker with whom you work in the system.

At the same time, the minimum recommended deposit amount is $ 250.

Which brokers does Automated Binary work with?

The program works only with proven and popular brokers, the list of which is available to you in your personal account in the “Broker” section: PlusOption,, UTRADER, BDSWISS. You can always choose any of the companies provided.
Free Auto Trading Automated Binary

Advantages of the Automated Binary Robot

  • The program is provided free of charge,
  • The program does not need to be downloaded to your computer, you work in the web interface,
  • Free demo account,
  • Security protocol support,
  • For convenience, there is a mobile version,
  • Functional personal account,
  • The service supports the Russian language,
  • The ability to use technical support in Russian language,
  • A large selection of assets, tools and profitable strategies,
  • High profitability.


The free binary robot Automated Binary is considered to be one of the best mechanical binary options trading systems. The program is convenient and easy to set up, suitable for beginners and professionals of the exchange. You can also download the mobile version of the binary robot in order to be able to work in the system when it is convenient for you.

Thanks to advanced functionality, work with trusted brokers, flexible settings, a choice of profitable strategies and tools, as well as the ability to test the system on a demo account, this free trading robot will allow you to achieve the maximum in trading.

Try Automated Binary for free



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