Binomo is a European binary options broker with a professional terminal of its own design. Quick withdrawal of funds and minimum bars to start trading: a deposit of $5 and a transaction of $1.

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Binomo is a new word in binary options. Analyzing Binomo, we can say that this broker is not like all other binary options companies. Because, unlike all other financial service operators, Binomo pays special attention to what is really important to customers. Hence its customer-oriented policy, excellent trading conditions and high-quality additional services.

Certificate CROFR RU 0395 AA Vv0120

The operator of brokerage services, Binomo, is a European binary options broker that has been offering its services in the Russian financial market since 2014. At the beginning of its career, the company became one of the most popular trading platforms for working with binary options. The reason for this was the high level of quality of professional services, the most customer-oriented policy of the operator, as well as the available starting conditions for binary trading. Today, the broker continues its active development and development of more and more innovative trading and auxiliary services for the effective work of traders.

Trading platform

The binary trading platform, which is offered on the resource of the operator Binomo, is a completely in-house development of a broker of the highest professional level. Here, the market operator took into account the requirements and preferences of traders to the maximum extent. As a result, the company has released the most efficient terminal for binary trading. Today, the Binomo platform offers the following set of technical services and trading tools:

  • A trading chart of the underlying asset, which has the most convenient format for forecasting and a wide range of technical settings – scale, timeframe, backlight, display of quotes, market history
  • Technical set of indicators
  • A set of graphical services for technical analysis – simple lines, figures, as well as semi-automatic tools for constructing Gartley, Fibonacci, Fork regression channels.
  • Market sentiment assessment service A set of 80 basic assets of various formats
  • Turbo Trading Rates and Classic Binary Options
  • Non-stop trading mode
  • The speed of placing bets is 1.7 ms
  • Expiration range from 60 seconds to a day
  • Direct access to additional services through a special menu

Reviews about the Binomo trading terminal

Broker Binomo is considered the best binary broker with a deposit of only $ 10. The rest of the competitors, who also have $ 10 for the minimum deposit, do not offer traders support of this level.

And, of course, it is necessary to note the most simple and convenient working interface of the trading terminal. For the simplicity of the trader’s work and the complete comfort of trading processes, as well as for the maximum efficiency of the investor, the Binomo operator has created specialized technical and trading zones on its terminal that allow you to quickly understand the operation of the platform:

  • Zone (menu) for choosing the format of a trading rate and an asset for binary trading – here you can choose a variety of trading assets with an indication of the profitability of contracts, as well as access to a choice of bet formats: turbo or simple binary option

Reviews about the broker Binomo

  • Technical Tools Zone – this menu is located under the quotes chart on the left. Here the trader can access the settings of the working chart, as well as a set of analysis tools – indicator and graphic.

Binomo reviews of the binary options broker

  • Betting area – here the operator uses a simple logical technique that allows traders to place the necessary bet on the binary market without prompting. The procedure for concluding a contact is simple: selecting the contact amount, the expiration period of the bet, making a position by pressing the trading button according to the forecast:

Registration of a position on the Binomo platform

Taking into account the efficiency and professional level of technical services of the terminal of this operator, as well as the simplicity of trading operations, we can clearly say that this is the most effective and efficient terminal for binary trading.

Where do quotes come from in the Binomo terminal?
The broker’s liquidity provider is Thompson Reuters
, which means the most accurate market prices and super-fast updates, which excludes any fraud on the part of the company.

Demo account

Registration of a trading account

Binomo regulation of FMRCDespite the fact that the operator provides free access to its main services without registration, in order to conduct trading operations or training processes on a demo account, you will need to register the corresponding account on the broker’s platform. To do this, Binomo offers the simplest possible mode of customer registration, which consists in filling out an interactive form with a minimum set of necessary information: mail, password, account selection, choice of deposit currency and type of trading account:

Binomo Trading Account Registration

By specifying the list of mandatory information, and agreeing to the rules and requirements of the partnership agreement, you get access to the terminal within a few seconds.

The next step necessary for profitable trading is to transfer the start-up capital to the trading account. In this matter, the operator of brokerage services also offers the most convenient and affordable mode of conducting a financial transaction. To transfer funds, go to the “Cashier” section, where you will immediately be offered a choice of payment services and familiarized with the parameters of bonus products available at this stage of cooperation with the broker:

Crediting the start-up capital to the trading account

After choosing a convenient service for you to make a payment and specifying the direct amount of the transaction, you will be redirected to a specialized area of the site, protected by the most advanced security protocols, where you will be offered to fill out a special payroll, the format of which depends on the selected service:

Crediting money to Binomo

Video for new Binomo traders

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Demo account with Binomo broker

If you don’t have a lot of experience and decide to learn, or just want to test your strategy, you can open a DEMO ACCOUNT. Free account for tuition.

Open a free demo account

The Binomo broker is distinguished by fast withdrawals. The trader receives his money within only 3 hours without any commissions. The broker offers fast replenishment of the account, as well as fast withdrawals.

Bonuses broker Binomo

In its customer-oriented policy, Binomo does not stop at providing professional services and tools. The company’s clients note that an additional attractive point of the broker can be considered bonus products of the operator, which have a fairly wide range:

  • Classic bonuses for crediting start-up capital up to 100%
  • Promotions – periodic offers of the broker to insure the trading positions of clients, increased rates for crediting funds, gift options

Classic bonuses of the Binomo broker

  • Tournaments are professional competitions between traders with really large prize pools. Such an offer can not only increase the profitability of a trading participant, but also become a great opportunity to start a career without attracting your own investments

Bonuses broker Binomo

Training & Intellectual Support

Just above, we have repeatedly mentioned free trading signals. It’s time to tell you more about them. The broker’s team consists of professional traders who have created a mechanical trading system that shows a profitability of more than 72% of positive closes out of 100%. That is, out of 100 trades, 72 are closed in profit, and this is just a super-class! So, every client of the company can subscribe to such signals.

Also, every day the broker publishes analytical reviews of popular asset markets, with the help of which you can also trade quite decently, since the reviews contain trading recommendations – what, when and how to trade in order to get the maximum profit. If you have just started your acquaintance with binary options, then you will find a very decent tutorial at Binomo, with the help of which you can move from the “teapot” level to the “knowledgeable” level for free in just 1 hour, and this is quite enough to start independent trading.

Broker security

Binomo has a confirmed license from the market regulator CROFR, which confirms its safety for traders’ trading investments, in addition, the funds of the operator’s clients receive protection in the form of insurance from the regulator’s compensation fund, whose members include the Binomo broker. These indicators make it possible to classify the company’s platform as the safest for binary trading by online investors.

Check the license on the website of the FMRC

Binomo Mobile Apps

With the Binomo app for iOS and Android, you’ll be able to earn anytime, anywhere. Keep your finger on the pulse: instant information about closing deals, promotions and tournaments.

If you are currently browsing the site from a mobile device on the Android or iOS platform, then you can download the application using this single link, you will be automatically directed to the desired application.

Download the Binomo mobile app


To be honest, those few disadvantages of the broker do not spoil the main picture. Binomo has already entered the top three of the options market and there is every reason for this. Currently, the company is working on an even greater expansion of its own services and services. That is, trading with Binomo, you will be able to observe changes for the better every day. However, all that Binomo has is now quite enough to make his clients successful traders. Broker Binomo is a professional resource for trading binary options, which offers an optimal technical set of services and trading conditions with low starting indicators. This terminal can lead to the success of any ambitious trader!


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