Overview of Expresmoney and Daxum projects

Expresmoney is a company that has been successfully engaged in the provision of intermediary services between domestic or English microfinance organizations for several years. This project allows its participants to invest in the most reliable and well-known microfinance organizations. On the official website of the organization you can find more detailed information about its partners.


In this article, we will try to understand the legality of the activities of this company, what are the risks of investing money in this financial project and whether it is worth becoming a participant.

Rules for investment injections with Expresmoney

On the official website of this investment project, information on the beginning of activities, principles and conditions of cooperation is in the public domain. The investment project began operating at the end of March 2019 The company is engaged not only in intermediary activities between Russian and British microfinance organizations, but also contributes to the growth of income of private investors. It should be noted that for the convenience of customers, the company provides insurance for all types of financial injections.

Undeniable advantages of participation in this investment project:

  • insurance of all financial contributions;
  • 100% information security;
  • guarantee of timely payments;
  • round-the-clock support of the company’s specialists;
  • compliance with all business standards at the international level;
  • long-term cooperation;
  • up-to-date information on the situation in the market of microfinance organizations;
  • Highly qualified specialists are involved in the project.

The company provides two ways of cooperation:

  • making financial injections into extended packages of MFI services (assuming an income of up to 624%);
  • attracting new project participants (income from each new client will be 25% of the amount contributed by him).

For participants in the investment project, the following ways of making investments are provided:

  • financial calculator on the official website of the company;
  • making investments in one or more projects presented in the “Invest” section.

If you decide to use the service of a financial calculator, then you should know that by entering this section you have to make a choice:

  • type of service package;
  • the currency in which financial transactions will be made (ruble or US dollar);
  • the amount of injections (the participant is given 3 options for the fixed amount to choose from).

Simple rules for registering on the project website:

  • you need to come up with and enter your future login in the required fields, then come up with a password and specify a working email address;
  • click on the “Registration” field;
  • You can register several accounts, for each of which you have the right to make an unlimited number of deposits.

In the event that you are an authorized member of the project, you can easily log in to your personal account by entering your username and password.

Expresmoney Reviews

Experienced and qualified employees of the company provide round-the-clock support to the participants of the investment project on:

  • hotline;
  • Email;
  • chat on the official website of the company.

The procedure for starting participation in investment projects:

  • you should go through a quick and easy registration on the company’s website;
  • Next, you need to open one or more deposits for an acceptable period and amounts, from this moment the amounts you have invested will begin to bring you tangible profits;
  • At the end of the life of investment projects, the client has the right to withdraw profits and previously made investments for personal use, or re-invest the existing money supply in a new project.

Cryptocurrency trading is very similar to the regular foreign exchange market. But due to the lightning-fast change in the value of virtual currency, there are some peculiarities in this type of trading, which to a greater extent provide high profitability. The continued growth in the popularity of virtual currency will ensure the development of this market for a long period of time.

The Daxum company (attention, at the moment there are problems with the project!) is engaged in cryptocurrency trading. The company invests in large tranches, and then transfers most of the profits to investors’ accounts, which is 85%. But it is worth noting that the official website of the company does not provide information about those exchanges and markets where trading takes place. In addition, it is absolutely impossible to learn more about the traders who carry out this trade and implement strategies that allow you to buy/sell cryptocurrency.

The most popular cryptocurrency trading platform is Metatrader. It is there that there is a great opportunity for independent trading. There are several versions of Metatrader, but the leading position is occupied by the 4th. Due to a number of significant advantages, most people prefer this particular platform:

  • a huge number of technical tools;
  • indicators and oscillators, trading robots and scripts allow you to make adjustments when trading cryptocurrency;
  • Quite simple functionality that is understandable even for a beginner.

Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to independently conduct trading operations on the Daxum platform. The company is suitable only for high-yield investments on one of the tariff plans announced by the company or a long-term partnership with Daxum. The rest of the work is done by professional staff. The client only needs to register on the official website of the company, then choose the option of placing funds and receive a daily profit.

How is interest calculated in the company?

Daxum allows you to place your own funds as profitably as possible and receive a relatively high income every day, subject to a quick withdrawal of money, if necessary. Experienced traders, constantly improving their own professional skills, provide a steadily growing income. The amount of profit depends on the tariff plan chosen by the client.

There are several such tariff plans in the company. For example, Trader Bill will allow you to get 10% profit in 3 days with a minimum investment of $ 10 (thus, 3.3% of the invested amount will be credited daily). Trader Toni allows you to get the biggest profit – 6000%. For more information on the tariffs offered, please visit the Daxum website.

How much is needed to start investing?

One of the main advantages of the Daxum platform is the rather low threshold of the initial investment amount. So, with only 5-10 dollars, you can start your own investments and receive daily passive income.

Daxum App

Mobility is quite an important criterion when trading on the foreign exchange market. Therefore, several ways of carrying out such activities have been developed. This can be work through brokerage companies that are connected to a VPS server and trade in real time through mobile applications.

The presence of a special application allows you to enjoy several significant advantages:

  • mobility is a great way not to be tied to a desktop computer and office, but to trade from anywhere;
  • The small size of the smartphone. Having an app dismisses the need to carry a laptop with you, which is quite convenient;
  • More time to work in the market. The smartphone is always somewhere nearby, and the application will notify you with a sound signal when it is worth entering the stock market.

Daxum, which was formed relatively recently, is most likely developing a platform for independent trading. In the meantime, you can not waste time thinking about all the nuances of the cryptocurrency market, but simply receive income from the invested funds.

Increasing the size of investments and withdrawing your own funds

A fairly large number of payment systems will help investors deposit and withdraw funds on the Daxum platform: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, Ethereum, etc.

Before you start working with a particular electronic payment system, you should carefully read the rules for opening an account and replenishing it. It is important to note that the broker does not withhold interest on the movement of funds: input-output. Funds are transferred every day to the account from which the investment was received. As soon as the period prescribed in the tariff plan has ended, the entire amount is transferred to the investor’s account. Replenishment and activation of deposit funds occurs simultaneously. Only in Bitcoin and Ethereum payment systems can time be spent on verifying the client’s order for payment.

Criticism of Daxum

It is worth noting that the investment project has been on the market for a long time, since April of this year. Therefore, as such, there are no complaints about the company’s work on the Internet. But after a thorough analysis of the official Daxum website, the following can be attributed to significant flaws:

  • lack of phone numbers of managers. Yes, communication with them is quite possible through chat and e-mail, but still having an additional means of contact would not hurt;
  • There are no analytical reviews on the company’s website. This may not be the main drawback, but the company claims highly professional employees in the state, so the placement of such reviews should be, and I would also like to see minimal data on the analysts themselves.

All these disadvantages, as well as the lack of the ability to independently carry out trading, do not have the best effect on the reputation of a young company. Investors are urged to literally blindly trust funds, there is no data on the ways and mechanisms of making a profit, and there is no real information about the risks.

Licensing of the company

The reliability of the company can be confirmed by the presence of its license. This is quite an important point when choosing an investment project. It is the presence of a license that can ensure the resolution of conflict situations between the company and the client, if any. Any company that expects long-term work must obtain a license. This document can be considered a guarantor of the honesty and decency of the organization.

Unfortunately, the license is not available on the official website of Daxum. This may indicate both its absence and the non-refinement of the site itself. The section “Terms of Cooperation” provides information on the registration of a company in England. But there is no official registration address or other supporting documents on the site. Therefore, you should not count on the conflict regulator, there is no one to complain to. This is a rather serious drawback that negatively affects the attraction of new investors.

User Agreement

As in the case of working with any other investment company, Daxum has a user agreement. It is quite easy to find it on the official website in the section of the same name. This is a contract that details the rights and obligations of the client. And before you start investing, it is worthwhile to study this information in detail, given the relatively short period of the company’s work. It is worth noting that Daxum has fewer clauses of the contract than similar projects.

The contract describes in detail the rules of investment:

  • minimum and maximum investment amounts;
  • conditions for calculating profits;
  • a clause stating that the company has the right to unilaterally change the terms of investment, but is obliged to notify the client at least two weeks before the entry into force of the amendments;
  • A list of payment systems with which the company works is presented, and some other information, you can familiarize yourself with it on the official website of the company.

In paragraph 3 there are details about the withdrawal of funds: withdrawal mode, withdrawal fee (equal to 0).

Further, a rather controversial point about the obligations of the investor. It is said that it is the client who is responsible for the results of all operations performed with his account. Although the work of the investment project does not even involve informing the investor about the operations carried out:

  • the client is fully aware that the protection of personal data necessary to gain access to the account is solely his responsibility;
  • the client is fully responsible for the results of all transactions personally performed from his account;
  • the client undertakes to unquestioningly comply with all clauses of this Agreement.

Questions are raised by the second point of responsibility, because the client simply transfers funds for use, and he does not know at all what operations are carried out by the company’s employees in the future.

The company itself is liable only in case of force majeure, which is resolved with the support of an independent audit company. But if we take into account registration in England, then for the Russian investor, the resolution of the dispute will be quite problematic:

  • The company disclaims responsibility for the damage caused to the client in the event of circumstances that fall under the category of “force majeure” (natural disasters, strikes, military actions and other incidents that may affect the integrity of infrastructure and communications);
  • the length of the period of suspension of the entity’s liability in the event of force majeure shall be determined by the independent auditing company hired by Daxum;
  • The company is not responsible for damage caused as a result of data loss due to system errors provoked by customers.

The last point also casts doubt on the literacy of the specialist who drew up this user agreement. After all, it is not at all clear how an investor is able to provoke a system error. After all, apart from the transfer of funds, there are no other mechanisms for interacting with customers in the company.

Is Daxum a hoax?

Cryptocurrency and its trading are increasingly gaining popularity. And created on this rising wave, the new investment project is quite interesting with proposals for high profitability. But if we take into account the time of creation of the company – 04/17/2019, then you should not blindly trust it. In addition, the lack of registration of Daxum in the Russian Federation does not guarantee a full-fledged partnership and cooperation. Any client of a company that operates under the jurisdiction of another country seriously risks its own funds.

Daxum actively positions its activities as risk-free. But in the foreign exchange market, this is simply unrealistic. And it is not possible for the investor to objectively assess the degree of risk, due to the lack of transparency of trading mechanisms.

A number of tariffs, especially Trader Toni with a total profit of 6000%, attract attention, but the lack of a license and incomprehensible mechanisms for regulating its work significantly reduce the degree of trust. In addition, the company claims a serious and professional staff, but the site does not present their analytical work and market overview at all.

The investment project offers transactions in the amount of up to 100 thousand dollars, but it is unlikely that a serious investor with such funds will take the risk.

Therefore, if we analyze the information that is presented on the official website of the company, it is worth considering Daxum as an ordinary divorce of the population. By entering into cooperation with this company, customers are at great risk of losing the money invested. But each trader and investor decides for himself whether to associate his work with Daxum. Maybe, starting with the minimum amount, it is worth making sure from personal experience of the reliability of the company.

Is it worth investing with Daxum?

Daxum offers the most attractive rates for investing money and receiving passive income. But the lack of licensing of the company, proper analytics in the public domain, a platform for independent trading in the cryptocurrency market, casts serious doubt on the honesty and reliability of this company.



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