Binary options signals for September 06

Good morning fellow traders. Let’s perform an indicator analysis and make a list of events that can affect the market today. 
The main news of the day
We check the economic calendar at the following time:

  • Eurozone: 09:00; 12:00.
  • Switzerland: 10:15 a.m.
  • South Africa: 12:30 p.m.
  • USA: 4:45 p.m.

Do not forget that the release of news is one of the most unfavorable moments for entering a position. 
Let’s move on to technical analysis. 

Signals on EURUSD

Let’s analyze the indicator data on the four-hour (H4) timeframe. 

  • BB: stripes in neutral position. The price has approached the middle line and is ready to break through its border. 
  • MACD: the bars are not fixed in the negative zone and are approaching the zero state. 
  • RSI: the line has performed a reversal and resumed growth. This indicates the potential strength of the upward movement.  

Possible pivot points
Support:  1.1140; 1.1100; 1,1089.    
Resistance:  1.1170; 1.1190; 1,1205.
Recommendations: buy after fixing the price above the resistance lines. 

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Signals on GBPUSD

Let’s analyze the data of indicators on H4. 

  • BB: The bands are in an ascending state, but the distance between the boundaries begins to narrow. The price has accumulated near the center line. 
  • MACD: the bars have moved to the negative zone. This indicates the gradually increasing strength of the downtrend. 
  • RSI: the line is rising, but approaching the overbought area. 

Possible pivot points
Support: 1.3320; 1,3300 1,3260.    
Resistance:  1.3375; 1.3395; 1.3400.
Recommendations: sell from resistance lines. 

Signals for USDJPY

Let’s analyze the indicator data on the four-hour H4. 

  • BB: the bands are narrowed and parallel to each other. The price has broken through the middle line and is ready to move to the lower border. 
  • MACD: the bars have moved to the negative zone. 
  • RSI: the line is pointing downwards. 

Possible pivot points
Support:  103.18; 102.95; 102,70.
Resistance:  103.80; 104.00; 104,32.
Recommendations:  sell after breaking through the support levels. 
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Choose trusted binary options brokers and never violate the compiled algorithm. 
Have a good day!


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