Complaint against the broker BnB markets

BnB markets scams

BnB markets and the chain reaction have been going together for a long time. We often receive complaints against both this broker and the Chain Reaction scammers. Here is another trader who fell into the trap of scammers. Both the broker and the chain reaction. 
Read the complaint carefully and learn how to identify scammers.

From: Vitaliy

Subject line: BnB markets and chain reaction

Hello. I want to tell you BnB markets, as they write above, a young but promising scammer, I will write with dates so that my condition is clear. I went there by accident through the site “chain reaction”, i.e. registered in the reaction, but it turned out to be BnB markets, then the manager Julia began to spin me on a deposit and not 250 dollars, as they said from the beginning, but for 1000 dollars, my explanations that there is no money were not interested, take it, says a loan at any interest in 2 days, we will return it. it was not possible to send it through the Sberbank card, I transferred the money to Yandex again together with Julia and did it from here Deposit 19.05.16. Then Alexander Starkov appears in the arena and says that there is nothing to do with 1 thousand, another 2 thousand is necessary, otherwise it is dangerous to trade and he will not guarantee the integrity of the deposit, after long disputes about the fact that there is no money and I need to find it, I tried to convince him that it is possible to disperse the deposit with small bets with me as a beginner. I made transactions myself in + so I turned off the machine and started writing to Alexander, he didn’t know anything, it’s their own fault, I’m not responsible for them, I decided to withdraw the balances of 833 dollars 23.05.16 here Alexander offered (to disperse the deposit) canceled the withdrawal  and so 2 times 23.05.16 earned 40 dollars put on withdrawal 870 dollars 28.05.16 canceled 30.05.16 made three long-term transactions they were in + and I got a deposit of 1332 dollars 03.06.16 I put on withdrawal cancel 13.06.16 (10 days of waiting) they write that I have not yet passed verification, I send them checks from Yandex money, screenshots, passport data they write that there should be a card, I send them a number cards scanned more and more from them there are no requirements. I think I still need to give them money, I drain 32 dollars and put 1300 dollars on the withdrawal 13.06.16 they write, we cannot withdraw, cancel the withdrawal and put it in a new way, then they change the manager to me On Viktor Serov (responsive, young, but experienced broker) 16.06.16 I put the viscous of correspondence with the manager and the support service until 30.06.16 (and creditors cannot wait, delays have gone, collectors are hammering, threatening) Victor withdrew money to me on 30.06.16 I wait 3 days there is no money every day I write on Skype about the news, I write, let the financial department provide me with a check or invoice where the money was withdrawn, complete ignorance by the financial department, as Victor and the support service say. Until now, I haven’t achieved anything, they haven’t withdrawn the money, or they’ve taken it out of the office to my card, disappeared, and haven’t returned to me. For those who are interested, I can provide all the correspondence in screenshots as proof. This is still in short. The withdrawal does not pay, do not be led to their persuasion  Let me be the last loshara  who fell for their bait. Rating -minus 5

As you can see, this is a real review, from a real trader, not bought. We are waiting for your feedback on this broker.

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